Top 10 Boys & Girls Baby Names: Opinions ?

I LOVE: Halle Ariana Leighton Olivia - reminds me of actress Leighton Meester Kassidy Joy Blair Sierra - I can tell you're a fan of Gossip Girl ;) Karissa Elizabeth Shia Caiden Chace Oliver Tyson Edward I like: Avah May Morganne Grace Madisyn Marie Kassandra Shea Calsen James Camden Jakob Ryder Jayson Nice names! And I like your avatar - Matt Barr <3 Hope I helped, and good luck !! x

How many Governing Body members Jehovah's Witnesses have had to date?

They don't have to date any most of them are married...sorry Nina Couldn't resist. I think there are 7 now I will get the names of all of them to make up for my funny comment These are the current officers of the Watch Tower organization as of 11/27/06: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (Incorporated 1884) President Don A. Adams Vice Presidents Robert W. Wallen, William F. Malenfant Secretary/Treasurer Richard E. Abrahamson Directors Danny L. Bland, Philip D. Wilcox, John N. Wischuk Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. (Incorporated 1909) President Max H. Larson Vice Presidents George M. Couch, Lonnie R. Schilling Secretary/Treasurer Gerald F. Simonis Directors Gerald D. Grizzle, David G. Sinclair, Robert M. Pevy Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (Incorporated 2000) President William L. Van De Wall Vice Presidents Charles I. Woody, Leon Weaver, Jr. Secretary/Treasurer William H. Nonkes Directors Harold K. Jackson, Merton V. Campbell, Stanley F. Weigel Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses (Incorporated 2000) President Patrick J. LaFranca Vice Presidents Peter D. Molchan, Ralph E. Walls Secretary/Treasurer Joseph D. Mercante Directors Marvin G. Smalley, Kenneth J. Pulcifer, Eugene D. Rosam, Jr. Kingdom Support Services, Inc. (Incorporated 2000) President Harold L. Corkern Vice Presidents Alan D. Janzen, Robert L. Butler Secretary/Treasurer Alexander W. Reinmueller Directors James F. Mantz, Jr., Thomas Kalimeris, Alan G. Browning Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New Jersey, Inc. (Incorporated 1955) President Charles V. Molohan Vice Presidents James L. Bauer, J. Richard Brown Secretary/Treasurer Alan K. Flowers Directors Allen E. Shuster, David L. Walker, Vernon C. Wisegarver Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Florida, Inc. (Incorporated 1986) President Leonard R. Pearson Vice Presidents Alejandro G. Rodriguez, Maurice C. Turcot Secretary/Treasurer Mark L. Questell Directors Jim Moody, Sr., Anselm J. Packnett, Donald R. Krebs Valley Farms Corporation (Incorporated 1987) President Charles J. Rice Vice Presidents Kent E. Fischer, Robert L. Rains Secretary/Treasurer Albert L. Harrell Directors John R. Strandberg, Samuel D. Buck, Louis A. Travis UPDATE (10/3/99) Four new Governing Body members Speaking of working alongside, four new members have just been added to the Watchtower's Governing Body this year (1999) All claim to be of the anointed. In contrast to the other eight, they are presumably fairly young. They are: Samuel Herd - former district overseer, living at Bethel this past year, also the first African/American on the GB. Guy Pierce - former circuit overseer, living at Bethel this past year, Steve Lett - (our) former circuit overseer, living at Bethel this past year, David Splane - was missionary in Canada, Bethel for some years, graduated from the 42nd class of Gilead September 1966. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE (8/25/05) Two new Governing Body members Anthony Morris raised a family and then went into the traveling work. Later they were called to Patterson Geoffrey Jackson is an Australian who was a missionary and a branch committee member before being going to Patterson. HTML clipboard Carey Barber (deceased April 2007) Albert Schroeder (deceased March 9, 2006) Daniel Sydlik (deceased April 19, 2006) HTML clipboardHTML clipboard Governing body members (current as of 04/27/09): John Barr Samuel Herd Geoffrey Jackson (new 8/25/05) Theodore Jaracz Steven Lett Gerrit Loesch Anthony Morris (new 8/25/05) Guy Pierce David Splane

Can you help me find more about the play Sweeny Todd?

This is all the information of the most recent Broadway production: Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Eugene O'Neill Theatre, (11/3/2005 - 9/3/2006) Preview:Oct 3, 2005 Total Previews:35 Opening:Nov 3, 2005 Closing:Sep 3, 2006 Total Performances:349 Category: Musical, Thriller, Revival, Broadway Setting: The 19th Century. London. Fleet Street and environs. Awards and nominations Songs in this Production by opening date Opening Night Production Credits [see more] Theatre Owned / Operated by Jujamcyn Theaters (Rocco Landesman: President; Paul Libin: Producing Director; Jack Viertel: Creative Director) Produced by Thomas Viertel, Steven Baruch, Marc Routh, Richard Frankel, The Ambassador Theatre Group, Adam Kenwright and Tulchin/Bartner/Bagert Originally produced on Broadway by: Richard Barr, Charles Woodward, Robert Fryer, Mary Lea Johnson and Martin Richards; Originally produced on Broadway in association with: Dean Manos and Judy Manos; This production was originally produced by: The Watermill Theatre, U.K. Music by Stephen Sondheim; Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Book by Hugh Wheeler; From an Adaptation by Christopher Bond; Music orchestrated by Sarah Travis Directed and Designed by John Doyle; Originally Directed on Broadway by: Harold Prince Costume Design by John Doyle; Scenic Design by John Doyle; Lighting Design by Richard G. Jones; Sound Design by Dan Moses Schreier; Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Associate Set Designer, Broadway Production: Ted LeFevre; Associate Costume Designer, Broadway Production: Patrick Chevillot; Make-Up Design by Angelina Avallone; Assistant Costume Design: Rosemary Lepre; Associate Lighting Designer, Broadway Production: Paul Miller; Associate Sound Designer, Broadway Production: David Bullard General Manager: Richard Frankel Productions and Jo Porter; Company Manager: Sammy Ledbetter; Associate Co. Mgr: Jason Pelusio Production Stage Manager: Adam John Hunter; Production Manager: Showman Fabricators; Stage Manager: Julia P. Jones; Assistant Stage Mgr: David Redman Scott Musical Supervisor: Sarah Travis; Resident Music Supervisor: David Loud; Musical Coordinator: John Miller Casting: Bernard Telsey Casting, Inc.; Press Representative: Barlow-Hartman Public Relations; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Photographer: Paul Kolnik and Nigel Perry Opening Night Cast Michael Cerveris Guitar, Orchestra Bells, Percussion Sweeney Todd Patti LuPone Tuba, Orchestra Bells, Percussion Mrs. Lovett John Arbo Bass Jonas Fogg Donna Lynne Champlin Accordion, Keyboard, Flute Pirelli Diana DiMarzio Clarinet Beggar Woman Manoel Felciano Violin, Clarinet, Keyboard Tobias Ragg Alexander Gemignani Keyboard, Trumpet The Beadle Mark Jacoby Trumpet, Orchestra Bells, Percussion Judge Turpin Benjamin Magnuson Cello, Keyboard Anthony Hope Lauren Molina Cello, Penny Whistle Johanna Standbys: Benjamin Eakeley (Anthony Hope, The Beadle, Tobias Ragg), Merwin Foard (Judge Turpin, Sweeney Todd), Dorothy Stanley (Mrs. Lovett, Pirelli), Elisa Winter (Beggar Woman, Johanna). Display replacement and/or transfer information This is for the first Broadway production: Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Uris Theatre, (3/1/1979 - 6/29/1980) Preview:Feb 6, 1979 Total Previews:19 Opening:Mar 1, 1979 Closing:Jun 29, 1980 Total Performances:557 Category: Musical, Thriller, Original, Broadway Setting: The 19th Century. London. Fleet Street and environs. Awards and nominations Songs in this Production by opening date Opening Night Production Credits Theatre Owned / Operated by The Nederlander Organization and Gerald Oestreicher Produced by Richard Barr, Charles Woodward, Robert Fryer, Mary Lea Johnson and Martin Richards; Produced in association with Dean Manos and Judy Manos; Associate Producer: Marc Howard Music by Stephen Sondheim; Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Book by Hugh Wheeler; Based on a version of "Sweeney Todd" by Christopher Bond; Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick; Musical Director: Paul Gemignani Directed by Harold Prince; Dance and movement by Larry Fuller Production Design by Eugene Lee; Costume Design by Franne Lee; Lighting Design by Ken Billington; Hair and Wig Design by Lyn Quiyou; Make-Up Design by Barbara Kelly; Sound Design by Jack Mann; Assistant to Mr. Lee: Darrell Keister; Associate to Ms. Lee: Karen Roston; Assistant to Ms. Lee: Carr Garnett; Assistant to Mr. Billington: Marcia Madeira General Manager: Gatchell & Neufeld, Ltd.; Company Manager: Drew Murphy; Management Associate: Douglas C. Baker Production Stage Manager: Alan Hall; Stage Manager: Ruth E. Rinklin; Assistant Stage Mgr: Arthur Masella; Technical Director: Arthur Siccardi Music published by Tommy Valando; Music Preparation: Mathilde Pincus and Al Miller Assistant to Mr. Prince: Ruth Mitchell; Assistant to the Producers: Jerry Sirchia and Sam Crothers; Press Representative: Mary Bryant; Dance Captain: Duane Bodin; Casting: Joanna Merlin; Advertising: The Entertainment Group of J.W.T.; Logo Design by Fraver Opening Night Cast Len Cariou Sweeney Todd Angela Lansbury Mrs. Lovett Victor Garber Anthony Hope Ken Jennings Tobias Ragg Merle Louise Beggar Woman Edmund Lyndeck Judge Turpin Sarah Rice Johanna Joaquin Romaguera Pirelli Jack Eric Williams The Beadle Duane Bodin Member of The Company Walter Charles Member of The Company Carole Doscher Member of The Company Nancy Eaton Member of The Company Mary-Pat Green Member of The Company Cris Groenendaal Member of The Company Skip Harris Member of The Company Marthe Ihde Member of The Company Betsy Joslyn Member of The Company Nancy Killmer Member of The Company Frank Kopyc Member of The Company Spain Logue Member of The Company Craig Lucas Member of The Company Pamela McLernon Member of The Company Duane Morris Member of The Company Robert Ousley Jonas Fogg Member of The Company Richard Warren Pugh Member of The Company Maggie Task Member of The Company Swings: Robert Hendersen, Heather B. Withers. Understudies: Walter Charles (Sweeney Todd), Cris Groenendaal (Anthony Hope), Skip Harris (Tobias Ragg), Betsy Joslyn (Johanna), Frank Kopyc (Pirelli), Pamela McLernon (Beggar Woman), Robert Ousley (Judge Turpin), Richard Warren Pugh (The Beadle), Maggie Task (Mrs. Lovett). Display replacement and/or transfer information

How many masked/facepaint wrestlers can you name?(the one with the most wins)?

Aldo Montoya (WWF) PJ Walker / Justin Credible Arachnaman (WCW) Brad Armstrong Arachnoids (WWF) The Headbangers Assassin #1 Jody Hamilton Avatar Al Snow Avenger (Calgary) Owen Hart Awesome Kong (GWF, USWA) Dwayne McCallaugh Badstreet (WCW) Brad Armstrong Battle Cat (WWF) Brady Boone Beetlejuice (WCW) Art Barr Big Machine (WWF) Blackjack Mulligan Big Van Vader Leon White Black Blood (WCW) Billy Jack Haynes Black Knight (WWF) Jeff Gaylord Black Knight and Red Knight Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi Black Scorpion (NWA) The Angel of Death, Al Perez, and Ric Flair Black Tiger (New Japan) Eddie Guerrero Blackhearts (Calgary) Tom Nash and David Heath Blue Blazer (WWF) Owen Hart Blue Blazer (Mexico) Phil Lafond Fake Blue Blazer (WWF) Steve Blackman, Koko B. Ware, Tom Pritchard Blue Knight (WWF) Greg Valentine The Bullet Bob Armstrong Captain USA (World Class) Big John Studd Checkmate (World Class) Les Thorton Cheetah Kid Rocco Rock Christmas Creature (USWA) Glen Jacobs The Conquistadors (WWF) Jose Estrada and Jose Luis Rivera The Conquistadors (WWF, 2000) Edge and Christian The Conquistadors #2 (WWF, 2000) Matt and Jeff Hardy Cobra (New Japan, WWF) George Takano Cyberpunks (USWA) PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D) Dark Patriot (GWF, SMW) Doug Gilbert Deadeye Dick (WCW) Randy Colley Ding Dongs (NWA) Jim Evans and Richard Sartain Dink (WWF) Tiger Jackson Dirty Yellow Dog (Florida) Barry Windham The Original Doink (WWF) Matt Borne Doink II (WWF) Steve Kiern Doink III (WWF) Steve Lombardi Doink IV (WWF) Ray Apollo Doink V (WWE) Nick Dinsmore Doom (WCW) Butch Reed and Ron Simmons Doomsday (USWA) Glen Jacobs Dos Hombres I (WCW) Ricky Steamboat Dos Hombre II (WCW) Brad Armstrong Dos Hombre II (WCW) Tom Zenk Dr. Death Steve Williams Dr. Feel Good (Mid-South) Terry Taylor Dr. X (WCW) Randy Colley The Eagle (All-Japan) Jackie Fulton El Gran Luchador (WWE) Paul London El Samurai (New Japan) Osamu Matsuda The Eliminators Perry Saturn and John Kronus The Executioner (ICW) Randy Savage The Executioners (WWWF) Killer Kowalski, John Studd, and Nikolai Volkoff The Executioners (WWF) Duane Gill and Barry Hardy The Falcon (All-Japan) Steve Armstrong Fantasia (WCW) Brad Armstrong Jimmy Jack Funk (WWF) Jesse Barr Galaxians (Memphis) Dan Davis and Ken Wayne Giant Machine (WWF) Andre The Giant Gobbledygooker (WWF) Hector Guerrero The Grappler (World Class, PNW) Len Denton The Grapplers Len Denton and Tony Anthony Great Wizard (WCW) Kevin Sullivan Handsome Stranger (GWF) Buff Bagwell The Halloween Phantom (WCW) Rick Rude The Hood (PNW) Ricky Santana The Hood (World Class) Jeff Gaylord Hulk Machine (WWF) Hulk Hogan Humongous (USWA) Randy Lewis Juicer (WCW) Art Barr Kane (WWF) Glen Jacobs Kato (WWF) Paul Diamond Kendo The Samurai (SMW) Tim Horner, Bobby Blayze, Brian Logan, and Scotty Riggs Killer Bees (WWF) Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell Masked Confusion (UWF) Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell Kim Chee (WWF) Steve Lombardi Kowabunga the Ninja Turtle (SMW) Mark Curtis Kwang The Ninja (WWF) Savio Vega Lazer Tron (NWA) Hector Guerrero Leatherface (FMW) Mike Kirschner Leatherface (USWA) Mike Samples Leatherface (WING) Doug Gilbert Lord Humongous (Continental) Sid Vicious Lords Of Darkness (WWF) Duane Gill and Barry Hardy Los Espelicitos (WCW) Ricky Santana and David Sierra Mankind (WWF) Mick Foley Fake Mankind (WWF) Dennis Knight The Machine (WCW) Emory Hale Masked Destroyer (Florida) Killer Kowalski Masked Heel (WCW) Stevie Ray Masked Haito (WCW) Paul Diamond Masked Outlaw (NWA) Dory Funk Jr. Masked Superstar Bill Eadie Masked Superstar II (Mid-Atlantic) Big John Studd Master Of Pain (Memphis) The Undertaker Masters Of Terror (Memphis) Dan Davis and Ken Wayne Max Moon (WWF) Konnan Max Moon (WWF) Paul Diamond Great Mephisto (Memphis) Romeo Rodriguez Midnight Rider (NWA) Dusty Rhodes Midnight Rider (GWF) Sam Houston Minnesota Wrecking Crew II (WCW) Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos Mr. America Hulk Hogan Mr. JL (WCW) Jerry Lynn Mr. Madness (WWF) Randy Savage Mr. Olympia Jerry Stubbs Mr. Wrestling Tim Woodin Mr. Wrestling II Johnny Walker Nightmares (Continental, Alabama) Dan Davis and Ken Wayne The Outlaw Dory Funk Sr. The Patriot (GWF, WCW, WWF) Del Wilkes Pegasus Kid (New Japan) Chris Benoit Phantom (WWF) David Heath / Gangrel Prince Kharis (SMW) Rob Mayze Psichosis (AAA, WCW) Dionico Castellanos The Punisher (World Class) The Undertaker Red Knight (WWF) Barry Horowitz Red River Jack (World Class) Bruiser Brody Repo Man (WWF) Barry Darsow Rey Misterio Jr. Oscar Gonzalez Russian Assassin #1 (NWA) Angel of Death Russian Assassin #2 (NWA) Jack Victory The Screaming Eagles (WCW) Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin The Shadows (WWF) Randy Colley and Jose Luis Rivera Shanghai Pierce (WCW) Mark Canterbury Shinobi (WWF) Al Snow The Spider Randy Savage The Spider Lady (WWF) Fabulous Moolah The Spiders (USWA, WWF) The Headbangers The Spoiler Don Jardine Stagger Lee Junkyard Dog, Koko B. Ware Starblazer (NWA) Tim Horner Starship Coyote Scott Hall Starship Eagle Dan Spivey The Super Assassins (WCW) The Warlord and Barbarian The Super Destroyers (World Class) Bill and Scott Irwin The Super Destroyers (GWF) Bill Irwin and Gary Young Super Invader (WCW) Hercules Super Machine (WWF) Bill Eadie Super Olympia (Alabama) Arn Anderson Super Shockmaster (WCW) Fred Ottman Super Strong Machine (Japan) Junji Hirata Super Vader (UWFi) Leon White Super Zodiac #1 (World Class) Gary Young Super Zodiac #2 (World Class) Mick Foley Superfly (World Class) Kamala Sweet Brown Sugar (World Class) Skip Young Sweet Brown Sugar (Memphis) Koko B. Ware Tennessee Stud (Memphis) Ron Fuller The Terrorist (AWA) Brian Knobs The Thunderfoots (NWA) Joel and Dave Deaton Tiger Mask #1 Satoru Sayama Tiger Mask #2 Mitsuharu Misawa Tiger Mask #3 Koji Kanemoto X (NWA TNA) Carl Oulette Vader (WCW, WWF, Japan) Leon White The Viper (GWF) Mike Davis War Machine (NWA) Ray Traylor Who (WWF) Jim Neidhart Wild Pegasus (New Japan) Chris Benoit Yellow Dog #1 (WCW) Brian Pillman Yellow Dog #2 (WCW) Tom Zenk Yeti The Mummy (WCW) Ron Reis Masked Men Who Attacked Hulk Hogan In 1994 face painted Adrian Street Blue Meanie The Boogeyman The Demon Dink Doink Goldust GQ Money Hakushi Hugh Morrus Hurricane Jeff Hardy Kamala Kevin Sullivan Lord Zoltan Mantaur Mark Lewin Mighty Zulu Missing Link The MVP Mr. Fuji Nate Hatred Nova nWo Sting Papa Shango Pogo The Clown Raven The Renegade Rico The Shark Spellbinder Sting Tananka The Tazmaniac Ultimate Warrior Umaga Vampiro Zodiac Aja Kong Bull Nakano The Gladiator The Great Muta The Great Kabuki Jinsei Shinzaki Kendo Nagasaki Demolition ~Ax / Smash / Crush~ The Freebirds The Headbangers ~Mosh & Thrasher~ The Head Hunters Insane Clown Posse Legion of Doom ~Animal & Heidenreich~ Powers of Pain ~Warlord & Barbarian~ The Road Warriors ~Hawk & Animal~ Somoan Swat Team ~Fatu & Samu~

I need My Chemical Romance facts.?

*Band Members are Gerard Arthur Way, Frank Anthony Iero Jr, Michael James Way, Robert (Bob) Nathaniel Corey Bryar, Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz. * Bob is the only one from Chicago the rest are from New Jersey. * Frank was born on Halloween and has a tattoo on his knuckles that sez halloween. * Before mcr, frank was in 5 bands Pencey Prep and I Am A Graveyard, Hybrid, Give Up the Ghost & Sector 12. * Frank has way too many tattoos. * Gerard, Frank and Mikey are married. * Gerard has made 2 comic books, his first one was On Raven's Wings and his latest is The Umbrella Academy. * Frank went to Rutgers University but dropped out. * Frank used to smoke marijuana * Bob used to play in the band "The Used" as the sound technician * Mikey way is NOT asthmatic although people still think he is. People usually bring inhalers for him to sign. * Gerard's favourite animal is the Gazelle. * Gerard is afraid of needles and cows * Frank is Claustrophobic and is afraid of spiders * Other than mcr, frank is in a band called Leahtermouth and has his own line of clothing called Skeleton Crew. * Frank is a vegetarian * Frank has 3 dogs * I think all of them were bullied or ignored through high school * Frank’s first tattoo is a Jack-O-Lantern which he got on his 18th birthday * They have their own action Figures * The song "Helena" was written about Gerard and Mikey's grandmothers death. Her name was Elena Lee Rush but since her friend called her Helen they joined it together to make "helena". * Gerard played Peter Pan in the fourth grade. * Gerard used to stalk Christina Ricci after finding out that she lived close by. * Ray Toro is the most talented guitarist ever. * Gerard drew/painted the cover of 2 albums; Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade. * When they painted the set for the music video "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" Frank and Gerard got sick from the paint. *The original drummer's name is Matthew Pelissier, He drummed for their first two albums. * On the I'm not okay video they spelt franks last name wrong on the credits * Gerard used to work for Cartoon Network * Gerard has a cartoon called The Breakfast Monkey * Frank considers his Grandfather as a hero and he has a tattoo on his shoulder of him. * Gerard and Frank usually kiss on stage to put off Homophobes. * They are against Homophobia, Racism and Womanising. * They are not gay or bi they are straight. * They are NOT EMO!! * Gerard considers their music as violent Pop * Bob used to be obsessed with zebras. * Frank went to a catholic school where he learned how to tie a tie * Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Bob all smoke. (but most of them are trying to quit :P) * Frank Started Playing in bands when he was 11 * Mikeys favourite food is sushi * Ray loves chucks * Ray had acne as a teenager which resolved him into putting girls make up on * They bought the whole season of the twilight zone dvds for their first tour * Bob is obsessed with mr bean and has all the seasons. * Gerard loves Xmen. His favourite from the movie is Wolverine * Gerards fave comic is The Doom Patrol and his least favourite superhero is speedball. * They like Harry Potter * Franks fave super hero is Batman * Bobs fave super hero is The Incredible Hulk * Frank suffered from ear infections and at one stage had Bronchitis. He's also has Epstein-Barr virus. * Ray is Puerto Rican * Gerard and mikey are half italian half scottish * Gerards favourite band is Iron Maiden although he likes Misfits, Dresden Dolls and other punk bands. He even likes Tatu!! * Gerard got sober on August 11th 2005 * Gerard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts * They all like to tour in Japan * Marilyn manson accused mcr of copying his makeup style and called frank short :( This is not true except maybe frnak is a bit short xD * Frank was too short to carry the coffin in the music video Helena * Gerard has this weird thing where he brings feather boas to concerts and plays around with them * Gerards pants fell down one time at a concert and blamed it on the womens cut * Frank gets ill and sick easily because he has Epstein-Barr virus. Are you serious you want me to say more because ive got loads more facts.


The History of Herpes - where did herpes come from? The herpes virus has been around for a very long time, documented by the ancient Greeks as sores that seemed to 'creep' over the surface of the skin. In fact, the term "herpes" is derived from the Greek word meaning "to creep". It is also evident that two thousand years ago, Roman Emperor Tiberius attempted to curb an epidemic of herpes labialis (mouth herpes) by outlawing kissing during public ceremonies and rituals. The term herpes simplex was introduced in 1906 and included herpes labialis (cold sores) and herpes progenitalis (genital herpes) in the belief that both disorders were the same disease affecting different anatomic sites. Vidal (1873) first demonstrated herpes simplex to be infections caused by human inoculation. The origin of herpes in human history is unknown. HSV-1 has probably been around as long as anyone could diagnose the distinctive fever blisters. Studies of the elderly in Europe and the United States have shown that 90% have been exposed to the virus. The spread of HSV-1 has declined with the understanding that the herpetic sores shed the virus and that these can be spread with just a kiss. HSV-2 is primarily passed on by sexual contact between humans. Herpetic whitlow is a herpes infection in the fingers which occurred in dental personnel before the era of mandatory glove use. Like herpetic lesions elsewhere on the body, the herpes outbreaks are often painful and at times disabling. The herpes virus is related to viruses that cause chicken pox, shingles, infectious mononucleosis and Epstein-Barr. The Epstein-Barr Virus was discovered in 1964 by M. Anthony Epstein and co-workers in Burkitt's lymphoma cells. However, it wasn't until 1968 that Gertrude and Werner Henle discovered it was actually a herpes virus and, after one of their lab technicians came down with mononucleosis, discovered its link with the herpes simplex virus.

What is it? Rheumatoid? Fibromyalgia ?

Anthony, Should you be suffering from fibromyalgia, there is no test that will diagnose it. Sometimes it is referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome because of the myriad of effects it produces. It may cause pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints and is also characterized by restless sleep, awakening feeling tired, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression. However, it may be worth your while to have your thyroid checked out. Whilst some of the symptoms that you mention are noted with fibromyalgia, all the symptoms that you describe are included in those of hyperthyroidism, even including vertigo. Fibromyalgia would not affect the Rheumatoid factor, which you state was slightly elevated. The normal range of RF in the blood is 1:20 to 1:80 titres, or 14units/mL to 60units/mL. Levels smaller than or within this range are considered "normal.” A high RF does not only indicate the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis –RA, the rheumatoid factor may also be elevated in people with lupus, Sjögren's syndrome, or people who suffer from infections such as hepatitis, mononucleosis and tuberculosis. Cancer patients may also test high for RF. However, as your RF level was, as you report, ‘slightly elevated’ these may not be related. So, it looks like another visit to your doctor and a possible test to exclude thyroid disease. As “remote diagnosis” is a very inexact science, composed mostly of “guesstimates,” I shall stop this discussion at this point, for without tests and examinations and a more detailed history, there is not much more that is capable of discussion. I wish you well. (A quick edit to mention that Epstein refers to Epstein Barr Virus or EBV. which is a member of the herpesvirus family. The characteristic symptoms of infection with EBV include fever, fatigue, malaise, and sore throat.) ALL ANSWERS SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED, IN ANY FORUM AND ESPECIALLY IN THIS ONE. - MANY ANSWERS ARE FLAWED. It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Hope this helps matador 89

who wrote the script for Borat? Director:Larry Charles Writers (WGA):Sacha Baron Cohen (screenplay) & Anthony Hines (screenplay) ... more Release Date:3 November 2006 (USA) more Genre:Comedy more Tagline:Come to Kazakhstan, It's Nice! Plot:Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson. full summary | full synopsis Plot Keywords:Dildo | New York City | Ice Cream Truck Bear Attack | Gross Out Humor | Obesity more Awards:Nominated for Oscar. Another 11 wins & 12 nominations more NewsDesk: (78 articles) Baron Cohen's Bruno Crashes Anti-Gay Marriage Rally (From ReelzChannel. 3 November 2008, 6:29 AM, PST) Cohen In Fourth Fashion Show Disturbance (From WENN. 4 October 2008, 7:24 AM, PDT) Full cast and crew for Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) More at IMDb Pro » advertisement offers representation listings for over 80,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers, as well as company and employee contact details for over 30,000 companies in the entertainment industry. Click here for a free trial! Directed by Larry Charles Writing credits (WGA) Sacha Baron Cohen (screenplay) & Anthony Hines (screenplay) & Peter Baynham (screenplay) & Dan Mazer (screenplay) Sacha Baron Cohen (story) & Peter Baynham (story) & Anthony Hines (story) & Todd Phillips (story) Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Sacha Baron Cohen ... Borat Sagdiyev Ken Davitian ... Azamat Bagatov Luenell ... Luenell rest of cast listed alphabetically: Pamela Anderson ... Herself (uncredited) Bob Barr ... Himself (uncredited) Alan Keyes ... Himself (uncredited) Jean-Pierre Parent ... Kazakh Swimmer (uncredited) Create a character page for: Kazakh Swimmer Produced by Sacha Baron Cohen .... producer Peter Baynham .... co-producer Monica Levinson .... executive producer Dan Mazer .... executive producer Jay Roach .... producer

Lions mock draft your thoughts?

Honestly, I think it's way too early for mock drafts....

Which NFL draft players do you think are better: (10 PTS)?

I'll go with Ha Ha at safety TE. Is a very close one but I say Ebron(Safari runs 4.5 forty at 270 pounds amazing) QB Johnny Manziel all the way WR Sammy Watkins is a beast OLB I say Ryan Shazier his ability to move side line to side line and cover is amazing DE Louis Nix III My HM is CJ Mosley the best linebacker in the draft. And honestly I think 3 yrs from now he's going to be considered the best defensive player in this draft IMO.

Lions mock draft, your thoughts? (3)?

The season just finished. I think it's way too early to start talking mock drafts... We still have the combines, free agency, etc., etc.....

hey ladies, which of the following best describes / represents you / your personality???

i guess i would have to choose Erin brockovich i am strong and bull headed like her i have a good head on my shoulders and i work hard to get what i want and no one will stand in my way.

what's Kanye West's religion?

He practices Judaism He reads and follows the Kabbalah he is a Kabbalist Just like most Madonna, Britney Spear,Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Lucy Liu, Pierre Lewis, Alex Rodriguez, Rosie O'Donnell, Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Taylor, Mischa Barton, etc... Its not necessarily but there is good and bad in it just like all religions. Alot more are getting into it also like Drake , Lil Wayne, Rihanna

Severe Upper Left side Abdominal Pain?

Anthony - your need to put your mind at ease and stop stressing Do you have insurance? If not go to your ER and not for pain but to have them run tests on you - tell them you have intractable pain. Carol is right - you need to see a Doctor but I would really consider getting another opinion just to help relieve your stress about this pain. I would recommend seeing an Oncologist if at all possible - this is just my recommendation - In the meantime you can go to and click on symptom checker - this may help now and in the future

hey kings fans answer this?

Vlade Divac Mitch Richmond Mike Bibby Jason Williams Peja Stojakavic Chris Webber Kevin Martin John Salmons Brad Miller Francisco Garcia Bobby Jackson Spencer Hawes Donte Green Ike Diougu Rashad Mcants Andres Nocioni Jason Thompson Beno Udrith Kenny Thomas Cedric Simmons Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Tariq Abdul-Wahad Shareef Abdur-Rahim Michael Adams Rick Adelman Danny Ainge Lucius Allen Randy Allen Peter Aluma Nick Anderson Wally Anderzunas Nate Archibald Joe Arlauckas Jay Arnette Bob Arnzen Ron Artest Vincent Askew Matt Barnes Mike Barr Moe Barr Jon Barry Ron Behagan Ricky Berry Mike Bibby Bob Bigelow Otis Birdsong Tom Black John Block Arlen Bockhorn Anthony Bonner Ron Boone Bob Boozer Michael Bradley Mike Bratz Randy Breuer Price Brookfield Chucky Brown Randy Brown Joe Buckhalter Rodney Buford Tom Burleson Evers Burns Bob Burrow Don Buse Joe Chavez Rick Calloway Antoine Carr Sid Catlett Duane Causwell Len Chappell Pete Chilcutt Cal Christensen Doug Christie Keon Clark Mateen Cleaves Jack Coleman Steve Colter Marty Conlon David Cooke Tyrone Corbin Bob Cousy Terry Crosby Pete Cross Francis Curran Mike D’Antoni Erik Daniels Lloyd Daniels Bob Davies James Davis Ralph Davis Tony Dawson Archie Dees Terry Dehere Tony Delk Vinny Del Negro Ken Dennard Connie Dierking Bill Dinwiddie Ike Diogu Vlade Divac Quincy Douby Bruce Douglas Leon Douglas Larry Drew Dick Duckett Andy Duncan Ken Durrett Jim Eakins Jerry Eaves Tyus Edney Franklin Edwards Pervis Ellison Len Elmore Wayne Embry Maurice Evans Mike Farmer Robert Fitzgerald Ed Fleming Phil Ford Fred Foster Jim Fox Anthony Frederick Pat Frink Lawrence Funderburke Dave Gambee Kevin Gamble Francisco Garcia Gus Gerard Dick Gibbs Ben Gillery Herm Gilliam Drew Gooden Brian Grant Devin Gray Gary Gray Jeff Grayer Johnny Green Mike Green Sihugo Green Derek Grimm Ernie Grunfeld Matt Guokas Harold Hairston Alex Hannum Bobby Hansen Glenn Hansen Chris Harris Jason Hart Vern Hatton Michael Hawkins Tom Hawkins Mark Hendrickson Don Henriksen Carl Henry Conner Henry Fred Hetzel Art Heyman Mike Higgins Rod Higgins Darnell Hillman William Holzman Dennis Hopson Eddie House Byron Houston Bobby Hurley Greg Hyder Darrell Imhoff Byron Irvin Al Jackson Bobby Jackson Jim Jackson Michael Jackson Henry James Jerome James Les Jepsen Anthony Johnson Arnitz Johnson Eddie Johnson Ollie Johnson Reggie Johnson Steve Johnson Damon Jones Jake Jones Phil Jordon Rich Kelley Toby Kimball Stan Kimbrough George King Jim King Reggie King Greg Kite Joe Kleine Billy Knight Don Kojis Howard Komives Len Kosmalski John Kuester Sam Lacey John Lambert Eric Leckner Doug Lee Jim Les Andrew Levane Freddie Lewis Kevin Loder Brad Lohaus Art Long Bob Love Clyde Lovelette Jerry Lucas Lionel Malamed Ted Manakas Sarunas Marciulionis Thomas Marshall Darrick Martin Kevin Martin Al Masino Tony Massenburg Vernon Maxwell Don May Travis Mays Joe McBride Andre McCarter John McCarthy Rodney McCray Clint McDaniel Mike McGee Jon McGlocklin Gil McGregor Billy McKinney Jack McMahon Mark McNamara Joe McNamee Larry McNeill Don Meineke John Mengelt Joe Meriweather Larry Micheaux Ed Mikan Brad Miller Oliver Miller Cuttino Mobley Sergei Monia Otto Moore Boris Nachamkin Bob Nash Kenny Natt Eddie Nealy Louie Nelson Martin Nessley Andres Nocioni Paul Noel Bob Nordmann Mike Novak Mark Olberding Jawann Oldham Kevin Ollie Enoch Olsen Greg Ostertag Billy Owens Jim Palmer Med Park Jack Parr Charles Paulk Jerry Paulson James Paxson Anthony Peeler Mike Peplowski Jim Petersen Derrick Phelps Ed Pinckney Dave Piontek Scot Pollard Olden Polynice David Pope Vitaly Potapenko Harold Pressley Brent Price Ronnie Price Luther Rackley Ray Ragelis Kurt Rambis Sam Ranzino Mike Ratleff Frank Reddout Marlon Redmond Hub Reed Richie Regan Kevin Restani Mitch Richmond Dick Ricketts Ron Riley Arnie Risen Rick Roberson Oscar Robertson Ryan Robertson Chris Robinson Cliff Robinson Flynn Robinson Bill Robinzine Dave Robisch Guy Rogers Johnny Rogers Phil Rollins John Salmons Kevin Salvadori Jamal Sampson Ralph Sampson Frankie Sanders Frank Saul Frank Schade Steve Scheffler Dwayne Schintzius Sam Sibert Cedric Simmons Connie Simmons Lionel Simmons Doug Sims Brian Skinner Adrian Smith Derek Smith Don Smith Jabari Smith Kenny Smith LaBradford Smith Michael Smith Darius Songaila Rory Sparrow Marion Spears Andre Spencer Art Spoelstra Larry Staverman Brook Steppe Brook Steppe Wayne Stevens Michael Stewart Peja Stojakovic Greg Stokes Maurice Stokes Dane Suttle Norman Swanson Brian Taylor Fred Taylor Maurice Taylor Tom Thacker Reggie Theus Justus Thigpen Carl Thomas Kenny Thomas LaSalle Thompson

Some virus naming questions... (NOT computer viruses!)?

After location: * Ebola virus named after the Ebola River in Zaire where the first reported cases surfaced. * Ljungan virus named after the Swedish river valley where virologist Bo Niklasson of Uppsala University discovered it in voles in 1999. * Marburg virus named after Marburg city in Hesse, Germany, on the River Lahn. * Coxsackie virus named after Coxsackie, New York, where scientist Gilbert Dalldorf had obtained some specimens in his research in 1940. After Scientists: * Epstein-Barr Virus called Human herpesvirus 4 named after Yvonne Barr and Sir Anthony Epstein along with Bert Achong, in 1964

What's your reaction of a Runningback whose 6"5, 230lbs, and runs a 4.5 40yd dash?

I think a running back that big will be tough mentally and physically and really hard to take down.

Who is Troy Davis and What was he fighting for? details please?

Troy Anthony Davis (October 9, 1968 – September 21, 2011)[1][2] was an African American man convicted of and executed for the August 19, 1989, murder of police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah, Georgia. MacPhail was working as a security guard at a Burger King restaurant when he intervened to defend a man being assaulted in a nearby parking lot. During Davis' 1991 trial, seven witnesses testified they had seen Davis shoot MacPhail, and two others testified that Davis had confessed the murder to them. Although the murder weapon was not recovered, ballistic evidence presented at trial linked bullets recovered at or near the scene to those at another shooting in which Davis was also charged. He was convicted of murder and various lesser charges, including the earlier shooting, and was sentenced to death in August 1991. Davis pleaded not guilty at his trial and maintained his innocence until his execution. In the 20 years between his conviction and execution, Davis and his defenders secured support from the public, celebrities, and human rights groups. Amnesty International and other groups such as National Association for the Advancement of Colored People took up Davis's cause. Prominent politicians and leaders, including former President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Al Sharpton, Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former U.S. Congressman from Georgia and presidential candidate Bob Barr, and former FBI Director and judge William S. Sessions called upon the courts to grant Davis a new trial or evidentiary hearing. In July 2007, September 2008, and October 2008, execution dates were scheduled, but each execution was stayed shortly before it was to take place. In 2009, the Supreme Court of the United States ordered the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia to consider whether new evidence "that could not have been obtained at the time of trial clearly establishes [Davis'] innocence". The evidentiary hearing was held in June 2010. The defense presented affidavits from seven of the nine trial witnesses whose original testimony had identified Davis as the murderer, but who had changed or recanted their previous testimony. Some asserted they had been coerced by police. Several implicated one of the original prosecution witnesses, Sylvester "Redd" Coles, in the crime. The state presented witnesses, including the police investigators and original prosecutors, who described a careful investigation of the crime, without any coercion. Evidence that Coles had confessed to the killing was excluded as hearsay because Coles was not subpoenaed by the defense to rebut it. In an August 2010 decision, the conviction was upheld, and the court described defense efforts to upset the conviction as "largely smoke and mirrors", and found that several of the proffered affidavits were not recantations at all. Subsequent appeals, including to the Supreme Court, were rejected, and a fourth execution date was set for September 21, 2011. Nearly one million people signed petitions urging the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to grant clemency.[3] The Board denied clemency[4] and, on September 21, it refused to reconsider its decision.[5] After a last minute appeal to the United States Supreme Court was denied, the sentence was carried out on September 21, 2011.[6]

I'm looking to expand my book collection and am looking for new recommendations?

"The Shining", "Different Seasons", "11/22/63", "Cujo", "The Green Mile". All by Stephen King

LADIES!! Which Of These FAMOUS WOMEN.........?

Gretchen Wilson

what is the country of origin for mononucleosis?

The country of Origin for Mononucleosis cannot be traced that far back. However just so that you don't leave empty handed, the disease was discovered by a group of German Scientist back during the late 1880's. They named the disease "Glandular Fever" in response to the symptoms. The term "Mononucleosis" or rather "Infectious Mononucleosis" was coined in the year 1920. The actual virus responsible for the disease (which was not known at the time) was isolated in the year 1964 by a group of scientists (Michael Anthony Epstein, Yvonne Barr, & Bert Achong) who identified it as a "Herpesvirus". And finally in the year 1968 the link between the virus and the disease was identified when a "Lab Technician" supposedly contracted the disease while working with the virus. Hope this helps.

Who do you think are the top 5 LB's in this draft?

1. Jarvis Jones 2. Arthur Brown 3. Manti Te'o 4. Kevin Minter 5. Alec Ogletree @Ax: That was actually a good observation.

what does "syphilis sive morbus gallicus" mean?

1. Syphilis, or, the French Disease. 2. Great Pox was a name for syphilis. Small pox was a disease (eradicated 1979) caused by Variola major or V. minor. Chicken pox is a relatively mild childhood illness caused by Varicella zoster. 3. General paresis has one symptom in common with syphilis (psychotic episodes), but that's about it. 4. Epstein-Barr virus is named after M. Anthony Epstein and Yvonne Barr, who discovered and documented the virus. 5. Variola is Latin for pox. Varicella is little pox. 6. TPHA stands for Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay. 7. FTA (Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody) - Abs (absorption). 8. Actually, condyl- comes from a Greek word for knuckle and -oma means a growth. So a condyloma is a growth that resembles a knuckle.

What are these novel about?

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Study Guides: Features: Chapter-By-Chapter Summary and Commentary, Plot Summary, Character Descriptions, Study Quiz, Message Board SYMBOLISM / MOTIFS / IMAGERY / SYMBOLS The Scarlet Letter abounds with symbolism, which Hawthorne uses to unify the novel and add a deeper level of meaning to the story. How to get an "A" on your Scarlet Letter assignment

Inpsirational Women, Easy Essay? That i admire?

Rosa Parks, Susan B.Anthony, Marie Curie, Ruth ( from the Bible), Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller,Mother Teresa, Mary Wollstonecraft, Tina Turner,Christine de Pizan, Dana Reeves, and many others.

Can anyone tell me the names of those that are called the "Governing Body" of the Watchtower Society?

March 2009 - Theodore Jaracz John E. Barr Gerrit Lösch Samuel F. Herd M. Stephen Lett Guy H. Pierce David H. Splane Geoffrey Jackson Anthony Morris - from link 1 _______ some pices - link 2

You've just shipwrecked onto a deserted isle...only thing to wash up on the shore besides you are...?

Hmm mm, can you kill yourself with a plastic fork?

Which of the following have been implicated in human cancers?

* 1964: Anthony Epstein, Bert Achong and Yvonne Barr identify the first human cancer virus from Burkitt lymphoma cells. A herpesvirus, this virus is formally known as human herpesvirus 4 but more commonly called Epstein-Barr Virus or EBV. Achong, a Trinidadian of Ghanaian ancestry, is frequently forgotten for this work but was central to the electron microscopy that allowed detection. * Retroviruses that cause tumor growth include Rous sarcoma virus and Mouse mammary tumor virus. * It is thought that most of the people who come into contact with the hepadnavirus are able to clear the infection alone; however, there are some who cannot, and these patients progress to fulminant hepatitis. This condition causes severe liver damage and, in very rare cases, may also lead to primary hepatocellular carcinoma. * A Papovavirus is any member of the former virus family of Papovaviridae.[1] They are mainly associated with various neoplasms in mammals. Answer: e. all the above.

Is Jadeveon Clowney a great pick or a bust?

that big hit was overrated. hes just the dumb monkey who bought into the hype espn made it into. if anyone surmises the fact that a prospect should sit out a year due to injury and people agree (and he agrees) means that he isnt that great. if it were almost any other player, they would try to justify it and build off it to get better. football players shouldnt think about getting injured... thats how it happens.

What NFL players, active or retired, would you compare these college players to?

Clowney - LT Lee - Greg Jennings Thomas- Hester or Bush Barr - idk

Who should the Raiders draft with #5 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft?

Since it's the Raiders, I don't think it matters. But McGloin/Pryor are not the answer so if there's a QB worthy of the pick (Bridgewater?) it's probably a good pick.


You don't specify a genre, so I'll give you a few of my favorite authors and books. Authors: Jim Butcher (Dresden File series) J.D. Robb Piers Anthony Nevada Barr Diane Duane (so you want to be a wizard series) Angie Sage (Septimus Heap series) and of course Stephen King and Dean Koontz Books: Nonfiction: The Indianapolis The Murder of Tutankhamen Just to name a few off the top of my head. :)

Can Libs stoop ANY LOWER as Anthony Weiner rolls his wife out at press conf for NEW FOUL TEXTS?

Yes --- they could be Republicans. Mark Sanford. Newt Gingrich. Bob Barr. John Ensign. Rush Limbaugh. And dozens upon dozens of self righteous, flag spitting, moral perverted fake Christians. ..

Which is a good novel to read by Anthony Hope?

Sorry, I don't think you'll find that any of his other novels live up to The Prisoner of Zenda. The prequel The Heart of Princess Osra is really a collection of linked short stories, interesting only for the background they give to the other two Zenda novels you have already read. You might want to dabble in books written by some of his imitators. Probably the best are the Graustark novels of George Barr McCutcheon, set in the Ruritania-like fictional country of Graustark. Novels of royal intrigue and romance, like Prisoner, they were bestsellers in the early 1900s. The first four are available online through Gutenberg, but you can also find them in used/rare bookstores: Graustark (1901), Beverly of Graustark (1904), Truxton King (1909), and The Prince of Graustark (1914). There are over 800 copies of one or the other of these available from dealers listed in, with prices ranging from $1.00 to $1000.00, the latter of which is a first edition with two letters from the author included. When I was reading such books a good many years ago, I preferred The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy (sp?), and as I remember there are quite a few sequels to that one. Wish I could be more helpful. Good luck!

I need some character names!?

Last names: Williams Vane Meyer-Love Anthony Parker O'Barr Reynolds Snyder

Since we all know Oakland is going 4-12 this year...?

The Raiders might have to play worse than 4-12 to guarantee tham a shot @ taking Clowney though if they're in a position to do it, they definitely should, the Raiders gave up 27.7 points per game on defense last year & don't look to be much better this year. If Clowney is off the board & still want to go DE, Anthony Barr from UCLA, or Aaron Lynch from South Florida would make a good choice or they could go DT & take Louis Nix III from Notre Dame

What is SAS?

SAS Institute Inc., headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, USA, has been a major producer of software since it was founded in 1976 by Anthony Barr, James Goodnight, John Sall and Jane Helwig. SAS was originally an acronym for Statistical Analysis System but for many years has been used as an arbitrary tradename (for which the company has received trademark protection in the US and abroad) to refer to the company as a whole, its products having long since broadened beyond the statistical analysis sphere. Its main and original product was the SAS software package used in statistical analysis, consisting of numerous modules which ran on IBM mainframe computers. In addition to the usual mainframe practice of writing and submitting programs in batch, SAS offered the option, somewhat novel at the time, of a windowed programming environment, where the program being written or edited appeared in one window, the program output appeared in another window, and the program log appeared in a third window. Also A specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups) - Special Air Service

will troy anthony davis be executed?

Davis is presenting a free-standing innocence claim and that no court has yet held an evidentiary hearing on the exculpatory evidence of recanted testimony. With these prominent politicians and leaders, including President Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Presidential candidate Bob Barr, and former FBI Director and judge William S. Sessions have called upon the courts to grant Davis a new trial or evidentiary hearing. I believe that he will be granted a new trial as it was witness testimony that got him convicted and since the trial 7 of the 11 have recanted their testimony so I do not believe he will be executed

In your opinion who will the first 5 five picks in the NFL Draft be?

1. QB Johnny Manziel (Houston Texans) 2 OT Greg Robinson (St. Louis rams) 3. QB Teddy Bridgewater (Jacksonville Jaguars) 4 QB Blake Bortles (Cleveland Browns) 5 DE Jadevon Clowney (Oakland raiders) 6. OT jake Matthews (falcons) 7 OLB Anthony Barr (Buccaneers) 8 QB Derek Carr (Vikings) 9 ILB CJ Mosley (Bills) 10. WR Sammy Watkins (Lions) 11 OLB Ryan Shaizer (Titans) 12. DE Kony Ealy (Giants) 13 FS Hasean Clinton-Dix (Rams) 14 DT Louis Nix III (Bears) 15 CB Darqueze Dennard (Steelers) 16 WR Mike Evans (ravens) 17.CB Justin Gilbert (Cowboys) 18. WR Marquise Lee (Jets) 19. Taylor Lewan (dolphins) 20 OT Cyrus Kouandigo (cardinals) 21 CB Bradley Roby (Packers) 22 Calvin Pryor (Eagles) 23. TE Eric Eborn (Cheifs) 24 CB Jason Verrett (Bengals) 25 OT Zack Martin (chargers) 26 Allen Robinson (Browns) 27 FS Ed Reynolds (Saints) 28 WR Odelle Beckham Jr. (panthers) 29. TE Austin Serfrain-Jenkins (patriots) 30 OLB Kyle Van Noy (49ers) 31. CB Kyle Fuller (Broncos) 32. OT Antonio Richardson (Seattle) You said only 5 but I just did it all lol

Top 10 players for the 2014 NFL draft?

1. Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville 2. Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon 3. Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA 4. Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina 5. Jake Matthews, OT Texas A&M 6. Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan 7. Anthony Barr, OLB/DE, UCLA 8. Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M 9. Louis Nix III, NT, Notre Dame 10. Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Should the Texans take Mariota or Bridgewater?

Personally, I do not believe that the Houston Texans should take a quarterback in next spring's NFL Draft. I think Case Keenum will do just fine. The Texans should select either Jadeveon Clowney or Anthony Barr, to complement J.J. Watt, and make their defense even stronger.

Who should the Cowboys take in the first round?

Defensive line is the Cowboys biggest weakness right now, signing Melton and Anthony Spencer helps a little bit in that regard. There are 2 players that I really want Dallas to draft, Aaron Donald is my favorite player in this entire draft. His sheer athleticism will surely revamp the Cowboys piss poor D-line performance. Anthony Barr is another really good pass rusher that Dallas should be looking into.

What is Epstein Barr and how does it affect you?

Definitions of epstein barr on the Web: (noun) : a herpesvirus that causes infectious mononucleosis and is associated with Burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma -- called also EB virus Epstein, Michael Anthony (b. 1921) and Barr, YM (fl. 1964), British virologists. The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), also called Human herpesvirus 4 (HHV-4), is a virus of the herpes family (which includes Herpes simplex virus and Cytomegalovirus), and one of the most common viruses in humans. Most people become infected at one point with EBV, which is often harmless. It is named after M.A. Epstein and Y.M. Barr, who, along with B.G. Achong, discovered the virus in 1964. Individuals with EBV infections typically show some elevation in the white blood cell count and a noticeable increase in lymphocytes—white blood cells associated with the immune response of the body. IM is a time-limited infection that usually lasts from one to two months. Symptoms include fever, malaise, sore throat, swollen glands and (sometimes) swollen spleen and/or liver. EBV infections that lead to Burkitt's lymphoma in Africa typically affect the jaw and mouth area, while the (very rare) incidences of Burkitt's lymphoma found in developed countries are more apt to manifest tumors in the abdominal region. Nasopharyngeal cancer is uncommon in the West but more prevalent in the Far East. It affects more men than women, and usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 50 years.

If you're a team in need of an OLB, would you take Anthony Barr or Khalil Mack?

I've only seen them play a handful of games each, probably not enough to fully evaluate them but I would chose Mack based on what I've seen. Mack seems like the better pure pass rusher. Barr seems like more of like a super athletic guy who isn't refined in the techniques of getting to the QB. He also engages with linemen much more than you'd like, much more than Mack does. Though, you could probably make these same observations about Clowney which is part of the intrigue of this process. Take the player with the higher ceiling and has more to work with(Barr) or take the guy who is more technically sound but might not have the same potential as the other guys(Mack).

Can anthony barr be a good 4-3 OLB?

Top 5 NFL Draft Prospects this year.?

1. Jadeveon Clowney 2. Johnny Manziel 3. Jake Mathews 4. Sammy Watkins 5. Anthony Barr

steelers 2014 draft poll?

If Anthony Barr is still available at #15, the Steelers should definitely draft him. However, I do not think that Barr will be, so the Steelers will end up taking CJ Mosley.

Who the F*** is Anthony Barr?!?

What are your predictions on who will be the best college linebacker this year?

Anthony Barr, UCLA

Does UCLA's freshmen tailback Anthony Barr have the potential to become the next Brandon Jacobs?

That depends. Does Anthony Barr want to be a backup in the NFL and only get 5-10 carries a game like BJ? Does Barr want to throw a hissy fit and throw his helmet into the stands? He could be a good RB but if UCLA doesn't get their name into the top 25 over his years in college football, no one will care what he's doing unless he puts up some great numbers.