How do I face nail my first and last flooring planks under the kitchen cabinet toe-kicks?

A tip that I have used. Drill a small hole in the front of the bottom shelf of he base cabinets. Then plug with a matching wood contact paper covering over the hole. Also you can use liquid nail on these pcs. and just wedge them by cutting a tapered block of wood to hold this board tight under the toe kick on the cabinets. Let dry until next day then remove the wedge block. Use trim screws and extension to run screws into this floor plank. Also cover with matching contact paper coverings.

angled nail finisher vs straight nail finisher?

I have used both straight and angled brad nailers, and the angled ones are great if you are doing tight areas. If you are building a staircase, or doing tricky crown moulding up around cupboards, then you can need a better angle. But the brads are more expensive and harder to find, because 16g brads on the straight are the norm. Really the issue is if you have an application that you just HAVE to have the angled unit to do the job. Most people definitely do not have that need. I've been doing house renovations for years and I don't have the need. I would recommend the straight unit.

How do I identify an air nailer I bought, so I can get the right nails/brads?

I would take into a Home Depot,Lowes or some home improvement store that you have around you.Maybe they could help you with it.

Can I use a finish nailer to install Costco Bamboo Flooring or do I need a flooring nailer?

Yes, you can use a finish nailer. Nail the top of the tongue at a 45 degree angle. The floor will have a tendency to split even with a finish nailer so you may want to rent a flooring nailer. This will be much faster and the splitting wont be much worse, if any. Experiment with the air pressure and use just enough, you don't need to bury the fastener in the board.

Anyone know if Paslode is going to come out with an angled 18 gauge finish nailer?? they have a straight?

Hitachi's website has the answer

1 have the Campbell Hausfeld angle finish nailer. im having trouble finding nails that fit.?

bring the gun with you to lowes, home depot, harbor freight etc and they will find the ones for it!! lumber yards too

Hitachi NT65GB 2-1/2" Gas Cordless Angled Finish Nailer - £230?

I want to buy a Dewalt heavy duty XRP 14.4v cordless 1 1/4 - 2 1/2 16 gauge angled finish nailer.?

First, if you want a cordless finish nailer, I would strongly recommend the Paslode, instead of a piece of Dewalt junk. But if you want a pure electric nailer consider the Senco. And NO, you can not use it for installing an entire floor, the 16 ga. fasteners are strong enough to over the hold it securely over the long run (no heads) (its fine to use around the perimeter, where you can't fit the flooring nailer, and there is little to no traffic). You can rent a full manual flooring nailer (Porta-Nailer), if you are trying to stay away from a compressor rental or purchase.

Are there disadvantages to an angled finish nailer?

An angled finish nailer will: 1. Typically use a heaver gauge nail (15 gauge vs. 18. gauge) 2. Typically shoot a longer nail. (1.25" to 2.5" in an angled nailer vs. 5/8" to 2" in a straight nailer. *Though there are some exceptions) 3. Allow you to nail crown molding without hitting the wall with the end of the nailer (when held vertically) or turning the nailer sideways. I would fathom a guess that the biggest reason and angled nailer is angled in the first place is so the larger nail heads can "stack" on one another much like a framing nailer. They quite possibly also hold a greater number of nails so require less reloading. I'll see if I can find something to substantiate this guess and update later. A disadvantage is they are typically much longer and heavier than a straight finish nailer. They offer no advantages with leverage; after all, only the nail feed is angled and not the nailing handle or mechanism.