I have heard of a angies list just like craigslist but i cannot find it. can you help?

Ebay has a site just like Craigs list: http://www.kijiji.com/ Angie's list looks to be one that "reviews to find doctors, search for a contractor or locate a service professional." http://www.angieslist.com/angieslist/ Hope it helps.

Do people use Angies List?

Yes, I use it. Found a great handyman for some major home improvements I was doing. At least you get to read feedback from people about them before you hire them. It beats hiring someone you picked out of the phone book or newspaper ad. I did that before I tried Angie's list, and the two bozos who showed up almost wrecked my house.

angies list use account?

Angie who?

Craigs List, or Angies List... Which is more effective to use for business purposes???

Craigs List is totally free to post at and I believe it's very effective. I have gotten a few requests for information from posts I placed there. You can also post press releases on Craigs List as well as job listings, service offers, upcoming events, and a whole lot more! I am a firm believer that free is better than paid anytime!

Who has used or knows anything about Angieslist.com or Angies List?

It is less-than-wonderful. They accept almost anyone who will pay the fee to join. When you go to sign up, they make you enter personal information first; then they hit you with the fees. If you decide not to pay, they already have your information and say that they have the right to use it.

What do people think about the site Angies list.Is it realy helpfull?

I have no respect for Angie's list, it's not a quality site.

How much is the joining fee for Angies list?

Hey, it's Shelly from Angie's List...Our membership fee varies by market, but the average price is $6 per month, plus a one-time sign up fee. And our annual memberships come with a 110% money-back guarantee. Depending on your project, $6 is worth it to ensure that you hire the best local contractors. Ask anyone who's been through the hassle of hiring the wrong person and watching their project drag on or shelled out a lot of money for shoddy work, and they'll agree. Angie's List also has a Complaint Resolution Team that will go to bat for you if a project goes south. If you have any other questions about the service, feel free to drop us a line at angieslist@angieslist.com.

How much does it cost to join Angies List? I get emails from them but it is not clear.?

Don't use any of the links in the emails that you get--in fact, block that sender right now. Go directly to the website (www.angieslist.com) and get the information directly from the website. I was able to find membership pricing for my area just by entering my zip code. (Detroit area is $78/yr, plus $10 signup fee, for the Contractor & Doctor bundle). As far as the service itself, I don't use it because I don't shop for services that often, but I take all online reviews with a grain of salt. There is always a way for the service/product provider to either submit false positive reviews, or pay off the review service with advertising or kickbacks. On the flip side there are dummies out there submitting a negative review because they didn't understand the service/product before they bought it.

Is it worth it to pay for advertising on angies list?

You should ask the people at angies list how many people search for locksmith's in your area. Then, do a search on your own and see how many locksmiths are already advertising on it. Then, check out some other sites and their cost per month - like the yellow pages or the local newspaper. $50 a month doesn't sound too expensive - I imagine if you get one call per month it would pay for it.

Is there another place other than angies list to let people know about business' who take your money and run?

better business bureau consumerist.com craigslist.org