Who is this mouth breather, Martin Bashir, at MSNBC and how ridiculous was his interview with Andrew Breitbart?

You're confused, friend. The neatly dressed guy that talks in complete sentences is Martin Bashir. The dishevelled, raving, incoherent, twitchy crazy-eyed guy whose mouth is never closed during the whole interview is Breitbart.

Do you think Shirley Sherrod would still be employed if Andrew Breitbart had released the clip in full context?

If would have never released the entire clip because the whole point of her speech was racism is wrong.

Why couldn't Andrew Breitbart be man enough to apologize for his part in slandering Shirley Sherrod?

He is a huge wussy. Typical coward con resorting to lies and smear. Don't expect anything but more of the same as the elections draw near.

Has the FOX NEWS covered the story that Sherrod is planning to sue Andrew Breitbart? Do you think she'll win?

I hope she wins. If the law suit is about character defamation then she definitely has a case. Even after the whole video was revealed Andrew Breitbart won't admit that he was wrong in maliciously editing the video. End Libtardation's answer is a perfect example of how manipulative Andrew was. End Libtardation STILL hasn't heard the full story about how Sherrod was giving a speech about how she overcame her own racism and prejudice.

Are Foxnews fans/views dispointed with Andrew Breitbart?

Fox News will provide cover and deflection for Andrew Breitbart and the sheeple will fall for it. They always do.

Will Andrew Breitbart finally be held responsible for his irresponsible actions?

... Even if she doesn't win (though I'm sure she will), the process of discovery will shine a bright light on that nest of cockroaches. That alone is worth it. It will be fun seeing that he is unable to produce the ficticious person who allegedly handed him the altered video - lol.

Does USDA ex-worker Shirley Sherrod have a good lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart?

She has a very strong and solid case against him. She can sue him for defamation of character. In order to prove this, she will have to show intent and malice on his part. And she has this already because he was going all around on the the media circuit bragging about what he did before the truth came out. In fact, Breitbart was so successful that he got her fired. And he knows this. That's why he's trying to backpedal. He's going around now saying that this wasn't about Shirley Sherrod, and that he never listened to the entire tape. Yeah, right. He maliciously edited the tape to make her come across as a racist and got her fired. As far as he having freedom of speech as a defense, he does have freedom of speech. But in using this freedom of speech, it better not harm another.

How did 0bama and Liberals feel when the Race Card was shoved down their throats by Andrew Breitbart?

I can't speak for them, but it was well deserved. I FREAKING LOVED IT!

How was Andrew Breitbart able to make these libs look so stupid?

Breitbart and youtube are not reliable or credible sources.

Does Andrew Breitbart plan on releasing the FULL Shirley Sherrod tape? Wouldn't it answer a lot of questions?

Breitbart is the new Goebbels

Are you happy that Andrew Breitbart died?

What drugs was Andrew Breitbart on, and will O'Reilly talk about it?

Ladies, Would You Hire Andrew Breitbart as the Videographer for Your Wedding?

If you showed cleavage he'd make a porno out of it.

Does anyone think that Andrew Breitbart would not have posted audio taken from Landreau's tapped phone?

Yup. Even as a conservative, I agree with you. This kid got a little fame from the ACORN scandal and decided to keep pushing the envelope. What he did was stupid and arrogant, no doubt he would've played it on some websites or tried to take it to FoxNews. He deserves all he's gonna get.

has anyone collected the 100,000 dollars andrew breitbart offered for proof?

Is he related to glenn beck?

Round of applause for Andrew Breitbart for weeding out and getting rid of this partisan hack scumbag!?

I love him. Well done Andy!!!

Do any of the folks who claim obama had andrew breitbart murdered have any facts to back up their claim?

Why did Andrew Breitbart offer $100,000 for proof that the tea partiers used racial/homophobic epithets?

At the particular event in question it probably didn't happen. Yes, there are kooks in every group. However, the liberal media has cherry picked a few signs from past events and painted the whole movement as racist. Ridiculous and totally unfair.

Fellow Dems: I know that Andrew Breitbart is dead, but can we not stoop to the level of Conservatives?

What do you think of The Amazing Atheist and Andrew Breitbart?

As a follower I find him very intelligent, annoying at times but certainly a guy who knows what he's talking about. Everyone is reduced to calling him 'fat' because their is no other way to critique what he has to say.

Is the main goal of the left to try to marginalize Andrew Breitbart with the video altered by a?

Typical liberal answers ... attack Breitbart but disregard the fact that Sherrod has practiced racism and may still be practicing it. If not, she is practicing Socialism if she think this is all about the poor, and those who have. If liberals attacked their own media for their advertent and calculated tactic of providing sound bytes and taking everything completely out of context, we wouldn't be having this problem today and you wouldn't be attacking Breitbart for posting a video that the NAACP had in its entirety.

Who else is shocked that Andrew Breitbart would release another doctored video?

Not I. But technically it wasn't doctored, but rather only small clips released to try to indicate that what she was saying about how she treated a white couple was how she felt now. It is a story that she has been telling since 1984 about how wrong racism is, and how she has changed. I would hope that Fox would have the cajones to show the entire tape, but I won't hold my breath. Oh, and BTW, the ACORN tape was doctored and edited (for example, that they weren't dressed like that while in conversation), without noting that after they had the conversation about smuggling girls (and the person got as much information as he could), he immediately contacted the police.

How much do you think the courts will order Andrew Breitbart pay Ms. Sherrod for what he did to her?

Hopefully everything. So Breitbart will have to shut down his racist hate-mongering websites for good.

How come the liberals hatred toward conservatives have consumed them over the death of Andrew Breitbart?

What role does Andrew Breitbart play in the present political media world?

I believe he got the "mainstream media" to actually report on the Weiner story, and is making them somewhat less biased. Good job!

If you're expecting Andrew Breitbart to apologize for what happened to Shirley Sherrod?

Black people are not held to the same standards as white people. Democrats feel they shouldn't be because they aren't capable of things like self reliance and personable responsibility.

Does Andrew Breitbart strike you as overly defensive and shrill?

He looks like drunk and I think he is a bit brain damaged by the way he talks.

Why did the press immediately report that Andrew Breitbart died of "natural causes," even before an autopsy?

Video editor Andrew Breitbart said he has done nothing to apologize to Shirley Sherrod for. Agree or disagree?

Hi "The Hater" Lopez has it so right. 6 y/o kids do it all the time - "You did THIS." "Well, you did THAT." Adults, too.

What do you think Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart would say to each other under a waterfall in the moonlight?

OH OH OH Hey I'm not a fag!

How much do you think the 0bama regime has to do with the death of Andrew Breitbart?

We know that Obama has had a terrorist plot brewing for the past 3 years. He has been slipping in terrorist operatives into the country, hidden among the hordes of people who cross the border illegally every day. It's the perfect cover. We know about the plot because a White House spokesman revealed it in a Freudian slip during a press conference. This will be like 9/11 times a thousand. There will be a coordinated attack across the entire nation, by operatives who have been stationed in strategic locations across the country. You can only imagine what a germ warfare attack on this scale would be like. Medical facilities would be overwhelmed. It will occur shortly after the next Republican president takes office, so he will get blamed. That formula worked so well against Bush, why not use it again? That's why Obama has been bungling his entire presidency, to try to lose the election and put a Republican scapegoat in the White House. The Republicans know what's cooking, that's why they've trotted out a bunch of clowns. Just like the DNC trotted out John Kerry in 2004, because they knew the 2008 meltdown was cooking. We've seen how this game works before. It will happen all over again - they think. It would be no surpirse if Brighbart had the inside scoop, and he was silenced.

Does CPAC embracing openly homosexuals like Andrew Breitbart signal a change in America?

Change on the subject of gay marriage is coming in America, but the inclusion of gay Republicans at CPAC is just the GOP going after votes, not a real sign of acceptance.

Andrew Breitbart was assassinated. Is now the time to bomb Iran?

How many Andrew Breitbart questions will there be here today?

What does the Jewish community think of media manipulator Andrew Breitbart?

Very little, if at all.

Do you laugh when conservatives claim it's disgusting how liberals react to the death of Andrew Breitbart?

Did Andrew Breitbart kill himself because the economy is improving with a Democratic President?

What, if any, false or misleading political stories has Andrew Breitbart been responsible for?

None that I am aware of. the New York Times has had many scandals, including Jayson Blair.

What was the purpose of Andrew Breitbart saving a nude shot Anthony's Weiner to his iphone?

Simple. Breitbart is a perv.

Did Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart die from drug overdose, as most people in their 40's do?

Does Andrew Breitbart prove the Tea Party is racist?

Yes...I really hope that lady sue hem and fox lies.You know he's responsible for what happen to Acorn.Don't ax me,you're right you shouldn't be ask you've been misguided and Jeffrey J just what do you mean by that.

Why would republicans have Andrew Breitbart as a keynote speaker in upcoming RNC Fundraiser?

Republicans respect those who are similar. That was not a compliment. Hell, even conservatives in YA! are trying to conveniently "forget" that Sherrod DID help the white farmer. You know the party is bad when even the voters are dishonest.

How did Andrew Breitbart acquire a picture of Anthony Weiner's p***s in the first place?

He evidently sent it to someone on Facebook. Strange.. P

Is there any truth to the rumor that Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe are secretly married?

Which one is Stedman and which one is Oprah?

Did the failed Republican ideas and policies drive poor Andrew Breitbart to an early grave?

How will you remember Conservative hero Andrew Breitbart?

Was Andrew Breitbart ever an elected official or did he serve in the military?

Do you think that he just happened to expire, or maybe he had help? We may never know because Obama media is too good at cover up!

Should Shirley Sherrod sue Fox News and Andrew Breitbart for their lies?

. Welcome to yet another example of The Republican Southern Strategy, Disinformation Campaign Division., co-opted to the hilt by Dick Armey (you'd think he'd change his name but HEY!), Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch and his blathering media minions with their mewling lemming millions (they claim). They've been going since the Cold War, when the OSS morphed to become the CIA to combat SMERSH, the NKVD and the KGB. Make no mistake about it: ole General "Bomb 'Em Back To The Stone Age" LeMay is still an icon to hardcore conservatards, but ole Curt was far from being the ONLY high-ranker who felt that way. Now, that very thought may have kept some of our enemies from "taking it to the next level." I don't know enough about that, but it's a different focus. Fortunately, our Commander-In-Chief is a civilian: the President. Just for that very reason. Hurray, CONSTITUTION. To nobody's surprise, this strategy is the identical (in intent, anyway) twin to the KGB's legendary --and sometimes effective!, but ALWAYS mischievous, time-wasting and irritating-- disinformation campaign against The West and specifically capitalist countries, ergo mostly involving America but also Britain and their MI5 and Israel's Mossad (probably the most effective of ANY spy agency anywhere at any time in history... and note that I said EFFECTIVE). So: we have the CIA using disinformation against the KGB's disinformation... who started it first is irrelevant. More importantly who was more effective, overall? I think the answer's clear: 'we' won. How did 'we' win? For one thing, maybe even the major component, was: technical. We had even better engineers and FREE-THINKING scientists and private-sector companies and think tanks and inventors... technology. And that brings us "that begs the question:" WHY is FOX using the old, tired, retarded, failed, backward, spit-and-tape KGB-style disinfo? Bad editing just "doesn't cut it" any more... and pun/double-entendre Freudian but I'm leaving it. Grainy film and bad splice jobs? How Zapruderish. Tsk-tsk. Another nail in whatever coffin of credibility FOX might've ever had. OTOH, there was a rush to judgment by too many people on all sides. Maybe another take-away from this is that by firing her over this, her boss was suckered, which even if exposed as a fraudulent tape (=manufactured/edited/massaged), they still punked her and her boss and, by extension, Obama. And THAT was the point in the first place. Those snickers you hear are NOT candy bars. Yet, they who laugh last, laugh longest. And ironic that 'none so blind as they who refuse to see.' .

Is it becoming obvious that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated by Eric Holder's Fast & Furious gun operation?

Did Hussein Obama use the National Defense Authorization Act to assassinate Andrew Breitbart?