Is it true that they are thinking of making an Amy Winehouse movie?

I hope not . It would not surprise me if they did though

What have made AMY WINEHOUSE becoming a drug addict and having those outrageous bahaviors?

Her Husband Blake Civil Fielder. He was pretty much a mind puppet to her and instead of helping get away from drugs he kept bringing her down with drugs. I don't really know if there was domestic violence in their relationship but there was a time where they were on the news and both of them were covered in blood. They also were cutters. She also suffers from Manic Depression.

Where can I find the Amy Winehouse CD Back to Black Deluxe Edition in the United States?,,4451825,00.html There ya go... I think thats it.

How can I get a voice like Amy Winehouse?

What size roller would i need in my conair foam rollers for a amy winehouse rehab look using a home perm?

What is a good guys costume to go with Amy Winehouse?

Her drug dealer. ^..^

How many songs of Amy Winehouse can you recall?

I like her Rehab very much… Her songs are so different from others while I listened to her songs I felt my heart’s pumping with desire to jump. She might not the most excellent singer but she must be one memorable. Here are all her songs videos and live performance I got . Welcome to add more.

Amy winehouse?

If she did even HALF the things that the press reports,she'd be 50 years old and have the opiate tolerance of a bull elephant.She has people around her,I'm sure she's okay.

Amy Winehouse?

wow amy winehouse is taking up wrestling?Why isn't this on the news???

amy winehouse?

not sure i really cant tell