What is the quickest train route from Saint Malo to Amsterdam?

I have looked it up for you on the German rail planner, and using fast trains (TGV and Thalys, meaning reservation and maybe surcharge if traveling on a Pass,) it is about 9 hours. You can search for yourself, entering the times that suit you: http://www.bahn.de/p/view/international/englisch/international_guests.shtml On the second page you can also select not to use fast trains, in which case it will take 16 or 26 hours, depending on departure time.

How far away is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from the center of the city of Amsterdam?

Depends really where you are flying to. It doesnt take long to get in the city. It is just one train ride away and the trains go very very frequently there. The problem is what does take a long time is the airport security along with checkin (especially if traveling using a regional discount airline) Most discount airlines close strictly 30-40 minutes before a flight departure. Then you have to worry about getting through the checkpoints and all of that. So you really have 3 hours twenty minutes minus giving an hour for traveling back and forth. Plus to play it safe I'd give an extra thirty minutes minimum leeway for additional time. So your looking at an hour and twenty minutes of actual city time. You have to decide... personally, I prefer to be early and not have to worry about rushing around places. Plus with the increased security... you can never be so sure how long it takes to get through airport security. But yes, you do have enough time to at least see a little bit of the city. Enough to say you were there. The red light district is close to the train station... so you can see that. If you decide to go just remember to double check the schedule where you buy your tickets to make sure there are no changes. But trains to and from Schipol leave practically all hours of the day and are very very frequent.

How much money should I save for Amsterdam?

How long are you staying and are you traveling with a group? Make a budget for every day for the plans you have. If you're going for 5 days, i guess you can easily spend €50 a day with your plans. The hotel cost will be around €50 a nite (for 1 person based on a double room). You can opt to stay in an hostel, that's way cheaper and quite proper.. So it would add up to about €500 ($625 today's rate). Excluding your airline fair, I guess that will also cost you about $600. Hope you'll have a nice time, Amsterdam is really fun. If you have time visit Rotterdam as well, also a nice place with lots of things to do and cheaper than A'dam/less touristy. p.s. the smoking part, that is a real waste of money. Check some guides for the best places to do that and avoid the Bulldog, that's a tourist trap. The clubbing is great.

When is the Amsterdam Coffee shop ban for tourists going to take place?

No. I don't expect it this year. Way things are going and the distractions our politicians face now I really don't think we'll see anything before queens day.

What parts of Amsterdam are fun to visit?

A good site with a lot of information is: http://www.amsterdam.info/ Most of Amsterdam is fun to visit. Above site has a long list of museums, but also a listing for music, (by clicking on the link you first get a sub page mentioning classical music, but from there you can get modern music too.) And read the older questions here, as this is a question that comes up about daily, gives you many good ideas from many people.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Amsterdam to Brussels and then on to Luxembourg City?

I agree with the first answer. Cheaper options include taking the Eurolines Coach but it'll take hours whereas the train from A'dam- Brussels and Brussels-Lux will only take around 2-3 hours.

why is amsterdam allowed to grow weed and other countries cant?

Amsterdam is a city not a country and the Netherlands allow legal marijuana use because over all they have a very liberal view on life.

AMSTERDAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

OK if you're only going to be in your hotel for sleep, which most people are, you don't need to be right in the city near three or four coffee shops. I stayed in one just outside, I could of walked if I really wanted to and it was perfect. The city is very small so when I say just outside, maybe a fifteen minute walk. But you don't need to walk, there are trams everywhere and there was one right outside my hotel and I could be downtown at my favorite coffee shop in five minutes, or less. Using the trams is very advantageous to you in Amsterdam. If you know the closest stop to your hotel you can walk around the city until you're lost, which is how I recommend doing Amsterdam then just find your way back via a couple quick trams. Figure out the tram system quickly, it will make it so much more fun. Say you're on the opposite side of the city from your favorite coffee shop and you feel like going there for a smoke. Find the nearest tram that will connect with one going to your shop and you'll be there in fifteen or less. So, book the cheapest hotel just outside of downtown


There are several common misconceptions on Amsterdam: The rules that apply to Amsterdam apply to the entire country of Netherlands. Netherlands is a very liberal country, but the truth is most of the local people and countries citizens do not smoke weed or use prostitutes (even though they are widely available). As you probably know, doing things aren't as enticing when you are actually allowed to do them. First about drugs: Marijuana is technically not legal in Netherlands. However it is "tolerated". This means that there are certain places that you can buy weed without having to worry about getting in trouble (the police turn the other way so to speak). You can buy them in "coffee shops" along with several other drugs that would be considered illegal in many parts of the world. However it is still illegal to smoke on the street (although sometimes you can get away with this too). Prostitution is legal, and a highly regulated industry. If you go to the Red light district in Amsterdam you can see windows with women in them for hire. The most expensive are the closest and it goes less and less expensive the farther you get out. Amsterdam is a haven for tourists who want to indulge, but from what I have seen people that live there often don't take part in this as much as tourists. The Netherlands is a wonderful country that has a lot to offer and see (besides for the drugs and prostitutes :) ). When you have the chance you should travel there.


Best time of year for Amsterdam (or The Netherlands) in my opinion is end of may, early june. Not too many tourists yet, acceptable weather. Travel - in the large cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Den Haag, Utrecht) busses and trams are very convenient to get around. Between cities you can use the train system. You can also rent a car if you feel comfortable - a good and cheap company is www.sixty.com. (used them myself. very satisfied). To give more info, you might want to give some details as to what your preferences are. Do you like museums, nature, beach, festivals? Do you like to take other trips besides to Amsterdam? Feel free to contact me through my profile for more info.