Does your strawberry car care about your sister's ampersand muncher?


how do we use the notations above the numbers keys to amend letters with a symbol above such as an ampersand?

Hold down shift & press the button. To place the symbol directly above a letter, you have to use ALT character codes with the 10-key number pad (on the right side of the keyboard). There is a list of the character codes at the website below. For example, Hold down ALT and type 132, then release ALT to get ä ALT+133= à ALT+134= å

Where can I find and interrobang AND an ampersand in the same font?

Obviously you're looking in the wrong places......

How do I make a phrase in the shape of an ampersand on Powerpoint?

You will probably have to use another graphics program to create your shaped phrase as an image. Another option is to draw your image on paper and scan it. You can then use a paint program to tweak the scanned image smothing edges, coloring ect..

Where & When & by what merge, did the much used ampersand that has made its way into many language come to be?

The ampersand has its roots in the Latin word for and, "et." Before printed typography, you would see a lot of ligature, which is the combining of letters into one, which makes it a sort of glyph. You can see it if you've studied calligraphy or old texts. The e and t combined to become what is known as the ampersand.

What does a single ampersand ('&') operator do in PHP?

& is the bitwise and operator && is logical and operator. 2 & 3 = 2 2 converted to 10 and 3 converted to 11 10 11 10 True and true = true True and false = false Again 10 converted to number and 10 converted to 2.

Am I the only one annoyed by teens doubling the ampersand for no reason at all?

No, you are not... Because they are the first generation that will grow up never knowing how to spell in full text, nor write in cursive......

Why do some people put an ampersand in front of a person's name when commenting on Facebook?

am i the only person left on earth that sill uses the lower case ampersand?

i use it

Ampersand (&)?

It is not appropriate to use it in a sentence in place of the word "and". It is for titles and fragments.