why was the american kennel club formed, and what purpose does it serve?

The American Kennel Club (or AKC) is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. Beyond maintaining its pedigree registry, this kennel club also promotes events for purebred dogs, including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, an annual event which predates the official forming of the AKC, and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. The AKC is not part of the International Canine Organisation, Fédération Cynologique Internationale, as most other countries' kennel clubs are. Ever heard of google? It would save you A LOT of time!

American Kennel Club (AKC) took my money but didn't issue certificate, SCAMlike?

ermmm....OK. Well that is how the AKC works- if you weren't sure they would issue the certificate, you should have called them first. You will get the papers, once you follow the proper procedure for registering the dogs. They've been sitting on a registration of mine waiting for an import pedigree that I never seem to have the time to get done. My own fault. They will issue the certificate when the paperwork is correct. I'm fairly certain at the bottom of the paperwork you signed it says something like 'payment is not a guarantee of registration" or something to that effect.

Will the AKC (American Kennel Club) ever stop people from?

sorry, allison - Bzzzzt ! - wrong answer, but thank U for playing! ear-crops were * Not! * 'started for (ear) health' - they were started to keep dogs from getting their ears BITTEN or GRABBED. the dogs whose ears might get BITTEN were fighting-dogs or hog-dogs or similar; the dogs whose ears might get GRABBED were guarding breeds. if U look at the period-photos of these breeds, U'll see that the ears were taken off almost to the skull, leaving a stub; the tail, too, was cut off short enuf to be useless as a body-lang communication tool. dogs who have been cropped/docked this harshly become extremely difficult for dogs Or Humans! to 'read' for clues to their emotional state/intent; as a result, they are often attacked by other dogs, or assaulted by ppl, who see aggro in the dog just standing there, because they cannot read their intention. NOWADAYS: crops on ears are ridiculous!! they serve no useful purpose, are half the length of the dog's head in many cases, so they don't ''save'' the ear from anything, and they are a COSMETIC AMPUTATION. ditto for docked tails: no purpose, just tradition. docked dogs have no tails to wag, or what tail they have is usually less than 1/2 the original, making the dog's body-lang small-print and difficult to read. the super-long modern-day show-crop is hard to get to stand upright, unlike the former savage crops, which left very little, if any, TO stand. so the poor pup has to endure bandage changes, cleaning, antibiotics, props, tape, more tape, peeling off the tape.... JEEZ, folks, give it a Rest !! show-folks claim that the purpose of showing is to select excellent breeding stock for the future of the breed. okay: i want to see every dog AS WAS : just exactly as they were born. No orthodontia, no plastic-surgery, no colored chalks in a paint-by-number entry, no THIRD TESTICLE (yes, this has happened 3x in the AKC show-ring that i know of: Euro-import male dogs were shipped to the USA with one testis undescended, a serious and heritable defect that is an automatic de-sex, both to prevent the dog's breeding and for the dog's health: retained testes greatly increase the risk of cancer. The Euro-Dogs had a false testicle inserted in the scrotum, were shipped to unsuspecting owners here, and the previously-hidden testicle came down out of the abdomen into the scrotum... resulting in a trio, 2 biological, one plastic.). personally, i think nothing should be allowed to alter the dog's appearance that does not affect their health; a dog with a dead-tail needs an amputation. A normal dog with a healthy tail NEEDS THE TAIL. dogs communicate, signal, balance, and react using their tails - i think they should get to keep what tails, ears, tail SETS and ear SETS they are born with !! a vet who is very skilled can make a lousy dog look a lot better with a good crop-job or tail-dock. but the pups that dog whelps or sires will NOT inherit the nice touch-up job... they get the original, un-improved version in the dog's genes. i want to SEE what a dog carries, what they will throw - not a fantasy sculpted with a scalpel, but a real dog with real haircoat, color, tail, ears, eyes, etc.

Whats the difference between the Americand Kennel Club and the American Canine Association?

The American Kennel club is the largest & most reputable registration associations - its job is to provide a perminte record ot eh pedigree of the dogs it registers. To this effort it require accurate reporting of parentage and can (and will) ban anyone caught "cheating" from ever regestering a dog again. Several orginisations were created so those banned people can still sell "registerd" dogs - many of them have vary loose standards and puppy mills are by in large THRILLED to find registries that don't actually care about such fiddly little details as if the parents are actually the breed claimed . I believe ACA is one of these registries (though I don't know their exact standards)

need to find the american kennel club assoc. /for a copy of lost papers on my dog?

The AKC website is AKC.org. They should have contact information there where you can find out what you need to do to replace your dog's lost registration. Good luck!

what kennel club is the Native American Indian dog be?

Will Michael Vick be the new spokesman for the American Kennel Club?

only if he's in a can of dog food.

Is it a requirement of the AKC (American Kennel Club) for Rottweilers to have the tails docked?

Yes. Theya re doing away with a lot of earcropping because of peta fenatics but tail docking is still a requirement to show. It is specific on the docking also. It is not a requirement if it is your pet.

why aren't pitbulls a recognized breed in the american kennel club?

The AKC recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier.Once the same breed as the APBT,the AKC changed the name when they began to register the AmStaff in 1936.The AKC did not want to be associated with the name Pit Bull and the history that came with it. The breed has evolved over the last 70 + years being bred mainly for the show ring and is now very different than the original working APBT as can be seen here: http://www.pitbull-chat.com/showthread.php?t=23545 http://www.adbadog.com/p_home.asp http://www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/Breeds/AmericanPitBullTerrierRevisedNovember12008 http://www.akc.org/breeds/american_staffordshire_terrier/

Is my Dog (Samoyed) eligible for D.N.A. testing and registration through the American Kennel Club?

Does anyone think the dog in the American Kennel Club Auto & Home Insurance ad is cute?

All dogs are cute. Most cats, too, but I'm not a cat person.

Help with American kennel club names?

You didn't mention if a Kennel name had to be included, but also realize that his call name doesn't necessarily have to do with the registered name. OK, here goes: Teddy's Boot Scoot 'N" Boogie Teddy's Fly Me To The Moon Teddy's Ready Freddie Teddy's Whistle While U Work Teddy's Dream Weaver Teddy's Handsome Ransom Teddy's Rico Suave' Teddy's Perfect Silhouette Teddy's Razing Kane

can i get american kennel club papers on a dog that has continental kennel papers papers?

Excuse me while I LAUGH. the Continental Kennel Club is a FALSE PUPPY MILL REGISTRY They will register ANYTHING. If send them pictures of a well sculpted and realistic dog figure, they will register it....that's how crappy the CKC is. NO dog registered under the CKC should EVER breed. If you try to get AKC registry for them, they will laugh at you. You need proof that your dog is purebred for several generations back...CKC papers are not proof, just paper. So, no, you cannot EVER get AKC papers for your poorly bred CKC dog.

When is the american kennel club dog show in atlanta ga?

http://www.infodog.com/panels/ga.htm there are a list of dates next show appears to be 8/25/11 for All Breed conformation. rally the same day and appears same place

what would it cost to get papers for you dog in the american kennel club ?

On the American Kennel Club website, all Shih Tzu coat colors..?

No red is not a breeding fault. It is however an uncommon color. And as someone stated its quite possible that the quality of a full red coat is not up to par with the standard. honestly you want a better answer you'll have to talk to some actual good breeders who either have the color or have had it and they could answer your better than we could. http://www.pienji.com/Dogs/Boys/redfred.htm < all red Shih Tzu they also have two red females in their kennel

Could someone explain the AKC (american kennel club) to me?

The American Kennel Club (or AKC) is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. Beyond maintaining its pedigree registry, this kennel club also promotes and sanctions events for purebred dogs, including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, an annual event which predates the official forming of the AKC, the National Dog Show, and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Unlike most other country's kennels clubs, the AKC is not part of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization).

American Kennel Club statistics?

what does the winner of the american kennel club national dog show get?

where can I find the American Kennel Club Stud book?


Can you tell me the why would a English Bulldog, be registered with United Kennel club verses American kennel?

Some areas have more show or breed functions sponsored by UKC, than AKC. For instance, many of my hounds were lure coursers. AKC had no lure coursing meets in my area, but UKC did have several in the next town, so my dogs were registered in both organizations so they could compete. My friends were UKC judges, and registered all of their dogs with UKC as they preferred their show ethics (less political) UKC is a reputable kennel club registry, as their requirements are the same as AKC, but with a few differences in breed standards. (more strict)They are not as popular yet, as they are newer.

What's the difference in between ACA (American Canine Association) and AKC (American Kennel Club)?

The AKC is one of two legitimate all-breed registries in the US. The other is the UKC. The ACA is not.

Are Toy Australian Shepherds a legitimate breed (recognized by the american kennel club)?

not by the AKC, but they are recognized by the IABCA They're not really a breed, more of an unhealthily bred down version of a regular Australian Shepherd. So the AKC will never accept them, they're just another fad in breeding down healthy animals into small unhealthy animals.

How do i register my dog with American Kennel Club?

Send in the form that your breeder gave you when you purchased the dog. No papers? Out of luck.

American Kennel Club vs. American Canine Club vs. Canadian Kennel Club?

AKC (our US registry) and the Canadian Kennel Club (Canadian equiv. to AKC) are both REPUTABLE registries. They ONLY register dogs that have parents that are registered, and their parents are registered and so on. These other "fake" registries..ACC,Continential Kennel Club,APR, and so many more...will register ANY dog. You just pay the fee and send some pictures and have a friend say they "look pure". They were made so people who cannot register with AKC could register them with SOME registry and sell puppies for more. You get NOTHING for the fee, except your "registration certificate" , which you might as well use for toilet paper. The registry means nothing. When buying a puppy, always make sure they are AKC or Canadian Kennel Club registered.....otherwise there is a chance it might not be pure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can show Canadisn Kennel Club registered dogs in the US, under certain rules, and AKC dogs can be shown in Canada with an Events Registration Number. With the "fake" registries...there are NO SHOWS...they just care about the cash!!!!! The UKC is a reputable registry, they do not register anything like the the "fakes". UKC has shows and a "standard" for each breed it registers.

How many 1st place wins does a junior handler with the American Kennel Club have to achieve as a novice before?

You must receive three first placements in the Novice Class (with competition) before you are eligible to move into the Open Class. If you receive 2 Novice wins and then change age class, you will only need to win one more novice class to move into Open Class. Once you are eligible for Open Classes you do not need to go back to the Novice Class. In AKC the juniors are divided into age groups: juniors (9 years old and under 12 years old), intermediates (12 years old and under 15 years old) and seniors (15 years old and under 18 years old). Within each age group there is a division for experience. Novice is for juniors just starting and Open is for the more experienced handlers. When first competing, you will begin in Novice Classes.

Will the American Kennel Club ask for a restraining order against Michael Vick?

Michael Vick needs a restraining order put on his brain to keep him from being a dumba$$.

The American Kennel Club gives out papers to unethical breeders, do you think this practice should stop?

Of course it should stop. All you have to do is report them. The AKC takes breeding rights away from people who neglect and abuse dogs, but *you have to report them*... Start with the local humane society or police department, and then contact the AKC. Edit: And yes, the AKC does enforce things. Holy carp! One poster here commented on how they work. As breeders, we are held to very strict standards in order to remain in high standing with the AKC. They are NOT *just* a registration office, unless you are *just* a mute bystander. You have to report these people, just like any other law-breaker!

Why are completely white minature Schnauzers not recognized by the American Kennel Club for competitions?

This article explains it well: http://www.wy-os.net/white.htm As the article states, white puppies have never been produced by the most respected show lines of mini schnauzers, which lead many to believe that the gene for white is not a "hidden" gene that occasionally pops up in purebred lines, but has been brought in by mixing the mini schnauzer with other toy breed dogs. This is another good reference: http://amsc.us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=120&Itemid=45

Can i register my pup with american kennel club if it is already registered with ckc?

Canadian Kennel Club- yes. Just fill out a foreign dog registration application. Continental Kennel Club- probably not. You will have to have the AKC to a pedigree search to find out if your dog's ancestors were eligible to be AKC registered. 99% of the time when they find eligibility it gives you limited papers because the reason why your pup wasn't registered to begin with is one of the dogs in it's line wasn't supposed to be bred (had limited registration). If you want to show and breed then you will need full AKC registration papers. If you have no plans to do conformation shows and do all the required genetic screenings, please don't breed your dog. The best way to get advice is by joining your national breed club and your local kennel club.

Is the American Kennel Club better then the Continental Kennel Club?

The AKC is 1,000 times better. The Continental Kennel Club will register any dog, purebred or not.

What is the difference in the World Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club?

The AKC is a closed registry with actual rules and history and records and the ability to do DNA testing. The WKC is a sham registry created to rake in the bucks from people who don't know enough to realize that "WKC Registered" doesn't mean jack. A registry (like the WKC or the Continental KC) that doesn't require any DNA testing, any proof of parentage, anything other than the owner's WORD that the dog is what and who the owner claims it is isn't worth the price of the ink on the "certificate". What testing does the WKC require? That the owner sign this line on the Registration Application: "WKC® reserves the right to cancel this application for cause of error or misrepresentation by any party. By signing below, you're stating your dog is pure and will continue to breed pure." For litter registration, "These dogs are pure breed and I will continue to breed pure. I understand for any misrepresentation made by me that the World Kennel Club® has the right to revoke the registration of my dogs and may result in loss of all W.K.C.® privileges." Oh yeah. THERE'S reliability for you. "My dog's a purebred because I say it is"???

How do I get the phone# of the American Kennel Club?


Wich one is better American Canine Association or American Kennel Club?

ACA=FAKE SCAM BYB&PUPPYMILLER/CROOK'S RIP-OFF!!!!! AKC=the ONLY reputable registry in the US

Does the American Kennel Club accept mutts?

The AKC now has a program to allow mixed breeds to compete in non-conformation events. They are registed as mixed breeds and given ID numbers. You can find the infomation here https://www.akc.org/mixedbreeds/index.cfm

Is Continental Kennel Club or American Kennel Club better?

It doesnt matter what the registry is, its the looks of the dog. AKC isnt a 100%either Chihuahuas werent long haired or merle colored by their genetic nature. yet it is accpeted . So at ssome point The oh so good AKC breeder cheated. You get my piont ? The papers make the dog look good on paper, not in real life

How do i get my dog a title and registerd in american kennel club?

well you need a registration form, which your breeder should have given you. I am currently doing that. If it has been over a year, you have to pay 35 dollars, and if it has been over 3 years you have to pay 65 dollars (In my case). it may take awhile, but get in contact with your breeder and also make sure your dog is registered under full akc, not limited akc (your dog can't breed or show). Good Luck!

How many dog breeds does the American Kennel Club officially recognize?

They fully recognize 169 breeds, which means that these breeds have an active parent club, and can be registered with the AKC and earn titles through them. There are currently 15 breeds in the "miscellaneous" class, which means that they are in the process of becoming a fully recognized breed, but aren't quite there yet. Generally, breeds spend a few years in the miscellaneous class before they have the numbers and organization to become fully recognized. There are also 44 breeds registerable in the "foundation stock service", which offers a reputable registering organization to help get breeds new to the US off to a good start. Once these breeds have sufficient numbers, a parent club, and a written standard, they can apply to become fully recognized and move up to the miscellaneous class.

What year was the first publication of the American Kennel Club dog book?


i want to register my dog in american kennel club?

Unless you live in the United States or your dog is already eligble to be AKC registered (by his parents being AKC registered) then you can't, really and there is no point to it. If you plan to send him to the US for shows, whoever he lives with can register him with the AKC as soon as he gets here.

What is the difference between the Universal Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club?

Never heard of the "Universal" Kennel Club, although there is a United Kennel Club. In America, the American Kennel Club is the gold standard for dog registrations and record maintenance. It's not a perfect system, but it's the best in the U.S. I would only buy a purebred dog with A.K.C. papers, unless it is a rare breed that the AKC doesn't recognize. www.akc.org

Does The American Kennel Club Potty Patch work?

that is not the brand i purchased but i am spending christmas where it is -30 degrees celcius so i bought one for my friends balcony ... i opened it up, set it up, put it on the balcony and my dog went on it within minutes ... i personally don't want it in the house which is why i put it on the balcony but my dogs are little and where we live it rarely snows so the weather is quite harsh for them and i think this will be a good thing for them to use ... http://www.ebay.ca/itm/360396425947?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 - this is the one i bought ...

Is the toy fox terrier recognized by the american kennel club?

i wouldn't worry about it being recognized by any kennel club...kennel cluds don't care about the dogs health...they just care about getting that money from breeders.....

how much i a American kennel club registered blue chichi worth?

So you can sell him/her? Depends on age, whether he/she has been in shows etc.

Continental kennel club and American kennel club?

Continental Kennel Club = A scam registry used by backyard breeders and puppy mills to make their puppies sound special and important. American Kennel Club = Legitimate registry used by legitimate breeders who produce actual purebreds as verified by a legitimate pedigree. And there's nothing wrong with mutts, just with people who intentionally produce them in order to make money. **Added** Yes, a dog could be theoretically registered in both but there's no point. The only reason to get a CKC registry is if the dog isn't AKC eligible. In order to be registered in the AKC the dog must have been born from AKC-registered parents, and so on back until the beginning of the line or the line's admission into the registry. In order to get registered with the CKC you have to send a picture of the dog saying "This is a Chihuahua/Greyhound/Giraffe" with some witness signatures - it means nothing!

How do you feel about the American Kennel Club allowing mixed breed dogs to compete in companion events?

Mixed breeds should be allowed to compete and against the purebreds also. And yes, they are afraid a non-"pure"bred will out do them. That's what happened in agility when a mini-aussie was the year's point leader a couple of years ago. In non-conformation classes the best dog wins and there is no reason a mixed-breed or non-recognized breed can't be the best. AKC just doesn't want to acknowlege that. I don't see that my dog being treated like a second class citizen is any great deal.

Is the North American kennel club a worthy kennel club.?

whoa! it is not ok to buy a puppy from a pet store, have you read anything about where pet stores get their dogs and how they treat them? well, you definitely didnt do any research! in my opinion,(suggestion ONLY): return your pup if you can,and adopt another pup from a reputable hobby breeder. if you buy from the breeder, most of them register from akc, and they will give you the papers when you get the puppy, not mail it to you in a couple of days.

why do dogs go crazy for american kennel club stuffed toys?

Hmm...You aren't an AKC employee, are you? Maybe because she sees it as a sell-out by the AKC, and it really pisses her off?

What's the American Kennel Club equivelant over in England?

We just call ours 'Kennel Club' and like you say the 'AKC' we just say 'KC'. Heres the website: http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/

How many times has a Labrador Retriever won the American Kennel club best in show?

It was announced at Westminster than no Lab has ever won a Westmister dog show!