What color 3D glasses do you get with monsters vs aliens on blu-ray.?

green and red?

How can I adjust my ps3 to play blu-ray movies in full screen?

There are two sizes of wide screen movies...One size fits your HDTV perfectly, and the other is a little wider so it adds the bars to your wide screen set...They do this so you don't miss any part of the film. When you go to the movies and the curtains are in a few feet on each side, that's the version that fits your HDTV...When the curtains are all the way against the walls, you'll get some black bars at home. The call the one that fits your HDTV is called "1:85" and the one that adds the bars is called "2:35" or "Cinema Scope"... Click this link for some still frame comparisons for both sizes: http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/anamorphic/aspectratios/widescreenorama.html

is it a good idea to show a 7 yr. old Alien on a 52 inch plasma screen T.V. in Blu Ray and digital surround...?

Good idea. We'll also need future warriors for the alien invasion, so this will be a good conditioning exercise.

Can any blu ray burner for a computer burn 3d blu rays?

I believe a BD writer would cost more than buying the movie again (about $20?) . How many times do you plan to watch that movie? 20? 50? 100? Then $1 or less watch is not a bad investment. Do you also backup books you buy :-) Illegal Copying is not cool.

Why does my Blu-ray Ext version of Stargate NOT have subtitles when the Alien RA speaks. My DVD version does!?

The third subtitle forces English subtitles on non-english speech on this Blu-ray. Hit the subtitles button on your remote to scroll through the subtitles or choose the second English subtitle if watching on a PC. The third comment on Amazon's listing explains how you do it.

Is it worth it to buy old blu ray movies?

The short answer: Most of the time yes. However, it depends on the movie. Each Blu-Ray movie released is given different treatment when transferred from the master (usually 35mm film) to Blu-Ray's 1920x1080 format. DVDs are also made from the 35mm masters but they are transfered at 720x480. So the resolution is definately going to be better, but also the transfer process has improved over the last six years. A lot of these older DVDs weren't given the proper transfer attention and the Blu-Ray editions are. An excellent example of this would be the classic b&w film: The Day The Earth Stood Still. It looks amazing on Blu-Ray and is a far superior transfer to the DVD counterpart. How The West was Won is another excellent example. They went through a painstaking process of recapturing the Cineorama perspective which is exclusive to the Blu-Ray. Have a look at these two reviews for screen shots: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/movies.php?id=1761&show=review http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/movies.php?id=742&show=review There are exceptions. Some movie studios seem to be quickly putting out Blu-Ray releases and for whatever reason the transfers aren't very good: Total Recall, The Punisher, Terminator 2... other Lionsgate titles are often criticized.

Will the Blu Ray version of Monsters vs. Aliens be in 3D?

yes it will

Does anyone know when the Alien - Predator Total Destruction Collection will be out on Blu Ray? Or IF it will?

Yeah, currently there is no Blu-ray release news about the Alien - Predator Total Destruction Collection. Only DVD version could be available via Amazon. I have a blog which focuses on the latest Blu-ray and DVD release news, maybe you would be interested: http://blu-ray-dvd-davy.blogspot.com/.

just got District 9 on blu ray,whats with the human alien option before the movie menu comes up?

no its just for fun .. are you with the aliens or with the humans

PS3 Blu-Ray - Alien Vs Predator (Grainy Picture)?

I'm not sure. It is probably because when they shot the movie it looked like that. I got Black Hawk Down and it looked awesome in blue-ray and has no grainy parts. I have a 46" sharp HD TV, 1080p, LCD.