Is lance briggs better than any of the San Francisco 49ers linebackers?

Not even. Willis, Goldson and Aldon Smith are all better.

Packers LT tears ACL: swiss cheese line again?

We will see how he handles Aldon Smith and Justin Smith in week 1. This might be his biggest test all season.

Who is your favorite linebacker or linebackers in the NFL?

Novarro Bowman, Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith, Ray Lewis, Demarcus Ware.

Who'll win the NFL awards?

Comeback player: Alex Smith DROTY: Aldon Smith You're other choices were dead on.

most overrated and underrated players in nfl?

overrated: Troy Polamalu, Aldon Smith (Benefits playing in best front 7 in NFL), Colin Kaepernick (Hyped up way too much by media), Joe Flacco (overhyped after SB mvp), and Ed Reed (Not as good as the 2004 Reed everybody thought we lost). underrated: Geno Atkins, Jimmy Graham (Best TE in the league), and Justin Smith

who should i get on madden?

I would go with Aldon Smith as well... Good luck....

Should I buy a Aldon Smith or Vernon Davis jersey?

Go with Vernon Davis.....

Chris Gamble the biggest pro bowl snub?

Nope. Aldon Smith from the 49ers has 14 sacks. It's embarrassing that the NFL let's fans vote. Players and coaches and some select personal and maybe Media should vote. Fans mess it up.

Poll: In your Opinion Who is the Best Player in the NFL?

Offense: Drew Brees Defense: Tie between Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis Special teams: David Akers

Midseason NFL Awards?

Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers Eric Weddle Andy Dalton Aldon Smith

is aldon smith going to break the all time rookie sack record and not get the DROY?

Aldon Smith deserves to get it. Even with Patrick Willis hurt this D has came through

Is Justin Smith the most important player on the 49ers defense?

Absolutely. Smith helps draw double teams, which tends to free up Aldon Smith more often........ You can see it in that Seattle game.

Who are the best pass rushers in the NFL draft?

Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith and Justin Houston are the cream of the crop and would be well worth any of the Pats first round picks, but Akeem Ayers, Von Miller, Jeremy Beal, Steven Friday, Sam Acho, Ryan Kerrigan and Dontay Moch would be well worth a mid-round pick for any 3-4 team in need of a pass rusher, such as my New York Jets. One dark horse name is Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson. He's an absolute freak who didn't have the greatest production and tape in college, but played the inside in a 4-3 which really doesn't play to his strengths. With some quality NFL coaching the kid could be a stud at any linebacker position in either a 3-4 and a 4-3. After the combine he may not be such a dark horse though, and his versatility could greatly improve his stock.

NFL rookie of the year?2011?

defensive- Aldon Smith offensive- A.J. Green

Which NFL pass rusher would you rather have on your team for the next 5+ years?

I would take Aldon Smith. DeMarcus is good but he'll be like 35 in 5 years.

Would you rather have Aldon Smith or Von Miller?

Who do you think wins defensive rookie of the year?

Aldon Smith, he has half the snaps as Von miller and almost as many sacks

When Justin Smith leaves and the 49ers have to re-sign Aldon Smith, Michael Crabtree, and Colin Kaepernick?

Chances are Justin Smith will retire a 49er, Aldon Smith's contract isn't up for another couple of years, and the other 2 may not demand much. Add that to the 12-14 draft picks the 49ers have this year, and I think they'll be fine.

Need help finding an Aldon Smith stitched jersey?

Try, Amazon or EBay. You can also try the websites of Dick's Sporting Goods, Hibbett's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority or Big 5.. Good luck....

Watts vs. Aldon Smith: Who will get the sack record?

Aldon because hes going against the Cardinal's OLine...

Any predictions on breakout teams or players in the nfl this year?

Player: Aldon Smith, he has the tools and he's ready. Look out QBs

Who is your frontrunner for NFL defensive player of the year?

Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith, NFL rookie sack record?

If he plays anywhere near as well as he did against Pittsburgh, he should have it easily. If this happens, I would be very interested in seeing how the Rookie of the Year race goes between Smith, Miller and Watt.

Do you think aldon smith?

I don't think so, but we'll see.

Who are the young up and coming defensive stars of the NFL?

JJ Watt and Aldon Smith

Who will the Redskins pick in the draft ?

Julio Jones are Aldon Smith.

Who will have more sacks in 2013 Aldon Smith or Von Miller?

Probably Smith. Miller has struggled in games without Dumervil, not only to get sacks, but to simply get a tackle.

(Fun Fact) Aldon Smith hasn't had a single sack since the injury of Justin Smith.?

Maybe since Justin Smith is out with an injury they are able to key more on containing Aldon Smith.......

(Fun Fact) Aldon Smith hasn't had a single sack since the injury of Justin Smith.?

I know, Aldon Smith is overrated, Justin Smith takes alot of double and tripple teams which leaves Aldon isolated. Im going to be rooting for the 49ers though, I think they can beat the Packers with there pass rush.

Is Aldon Smith slightly overrated?

He definently is. All he can do is get to the QB, and that's mostly because he has the benefit of playing next to Justin Smith. He eats up many of the double teams so he usually has one or no guys to get past to get to the QB. You could tell, the 10 quarters that Aldon played without Justin next to him ZERO sacks. Heck, the last 5 games he doesn't have a sack to his name.

How about Aldon Smith: defensive RotY?

Aldon Smith is good, but DROY goes to Von Miller, hands down..

Are the Patriots in need of someone like 49ers Aldon Smith?

Certainly. The Patriots have absolutely zero pass rush, so a specialist like Aldon that can consistently get to the QB would be perfect. I did find it very odd that Belichick upgraded the offense, but didn't add anyone to the defense this year. I keep waiting for him to build their defense, but he keeps piling on the O. At some point you need a balance...

Who's better Aldon Smith or J.J. Watt?

In my opinion, Aldon Smith is the better player.. Look at the statistics.....

Is Aldon Smith back yet?!?

He has been reinstated to the active roster. See the article here: As it says, he's likely to be suspended by the league, but that would probably happen after the two court appearences in November.

Is Aldon Smith over-rated?

As a 9er fan not really overrarted. Aldon Smith is known for his pass rushing and only his pass rushing...if you say he deserves defensive player of the year then yes he is. He's not a great all around defensive player but is a beast at getting to the qb, whenever he does most likely ends up being a sack.

Is the 49ers' OLB Aldon Smith a future Pro Bowler?

Are you kidding me? What kind of 49ers fan are you? Aldon Smith has future hall of fame talent written all over him. And you're just thinking Pro Bowl? What? So you're a fair weather fan. I see. Do your ties to SF consist of gay bars and glory holes?

Is Aldon smith now the DROY favorite?

He's certainly number one on my board. There's an argument for Von Miller, definitely, and if Von Miller wins, he'll deserve it. But Aldon Smith has a helluva claim on it now, especially after his huge game in the bright lights of MNF (or not so bright lights, considering the outages).

Von Miller vs Aldon Smith?

Von Miller. He's a better LB overall...Smith is good in pass rushing...which is kinda only his great area. While Von Miller is more versatile.

Von Miller or Aldon Smith?

Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith should be rookie of the year?

He wont be Rookie of the year, he will definitely win plenty of awards and recognition especially with 13 sacks so far, but Cam Newton will definitely will Rookie of the year hands down. With the amount of touchdowns hes rushed for and thrown for, he'll win it. He's now chasing Peyton Manning's Rookie passing record, its in his reach. I agree though, Aldon Smith may be better than Von Miller in his Rookie year. -Yeah Personally I think hell win defensive rookie of the year, he will keep getting more sacks especially since the 49ers will be in playoffs

is aldon smith related to alex smith?

Yes, and he's also related to the Panthers' Steve Smith, Bills QB Brad Smith, Jaguars LB Daryl Smith, Steelers DE Aaron Smith, Cleveland FB Alex Smith and of course Hall of Famer DE Bruce Smith.

Clay Matthews vs Aldon Smith?

this is a hella good ? but i gotta give it to clay cuz he can do it all by himself aldon needs justin to help him be at his best good question and this is coming from a 49er fan

What was 49ers rookie OL Aldon Smith thinking?

A lot of people drink and drive at the young age of 22. And many end up getting a DUI and learning that a cab is much cheaper than a DUI. When your young you think your invincible, and no one thinks they will get in an accident or pulled over when they are drunk. @red, you were smart to know that. I think I learned it when I was 20, but had been drinking at parties since I was 18. Hopefully Aldon's friends and teammates can learn from his mistake.

Better player: Aldon Smith vs Von Miller?

Would be Von Miller coming from a smith fan. He's a pure pass rusher but I honestly think thats about it he can do... however his sacks get the game going and the whole team up and excited. Von miller is more a complete lb than Aldon smith. Most of the sacks smith gets are from justin smith giving him help. They're both good but would go with von miller by a long shot.

Who's better Von Miller or Aldon Smith?

Von Miller by far. Aldon Smith is a great player but he needs a guy like Justin Smith to do the dirty work so he can get the catch. Peyton is lucky he has 2 HOF receivers maybe 3 already on his roster. He has a great runningback from college and arguably the best defense in football right now. If he doesn't win the super bowl this season then he's just a joke.

Aldon Smith and JJ Watt both have 19.5 Sacks?

Actually no Aldon Smith has 19.5 not 20 ( will verify that) and with Ponder coming to Houston next week....yeah Watt should break that record but I bet Smith will as well although Watt is the better all around player out of the two.

aldon smith vs jj watt?

JJ Watt has gotten every single sack with 1 on 1 blocking. Aldon Smith was getting double and even triple teamed by the patriots o line and he was still getting pressure. He knocked down tom brady on the first series. JJ couldn't do that the whole game. JJ bats alot of passes down at the line, but Aldon covers tight ends and running backs, he picked off tom brady. Aldon Smith turned justin smith into an all pro. before aldon got there justin was never all pro. Aldon Smith is the best pass rusher on the best defense on the best team in the nfl. without him SF would have lost to NE. The Texans lost anyway. Aldon means more to SF than Watt does to HOU. Aldon might be the best defensive player on the team and he is surrounded by pro bowlers and all pros.

Jason Pierre-Paul or Aldon Smith?

Jason Pierre-Paul, Smith has some pretty good stats this year unless you look at the number of tackles and then it becomes apparent that all he does is rush the passer. J PP has more sacks and almost 3 times more tackles than Smith @Francisco Lopez So if Smith is only on the field for less than half the snaps that ought to show you that he isn't good enough to play every down. JPP WINS, you LOSE

How good is Aldon Smith as far as a pure pass rusher?

Aldon Smith is the reason the 49ers defense has become so dominant. to be an elite NFL defense you need to rush the passer consistently. before aldon the 49ers flat out didnt have that. not even with justin smith. it isn't a coincedece that in aldon smiths first year with the team, justin smith earned his first all-pro honor. they compliment eachother so well. as far as pure pass rushing skills, there is nobody in the league better than aldon smith. 30 1/2 sacks in less than 2 years is UNBELIEVABLE. yes he is really that good. he's 23 years old. strahan was a veteran by the time he got that record. aldon smiths a kid. he is THE PREMIER PASS RUSHER IN THE NFL.

Who is better- Aldon Smith or Von Miller?

Aldon Smith. And as for Padrino's question? Why I think just tonight, they brought up Aldon Smith in comparison to the late Derrick Thomas. Remarking that Aldon Smith is on pace to get more sacks in his first 2 seasons than either Reggie Smith or Derrick Thomas. That's some elite company right there; company that Von Miller hasn't yet earned comparisons to. I'm not knocking Von Miller's ability, he's a great player, but I'm rather tired of the ESPN clones overhyping Von Miller and ignoring Aldon Smith. Let's not forget he had more sacks than Von Miller last year and only played 50% of the plays. This is his first full season in the NFL and he's moved the bar far out of reach.