What is worse, the Alan Colmes questions or the usual lame repetitive Spam like questions on Y/A politics?

My thoughts exactly. At the core, there's nothing really substantially different from a troll asking "Have you been touched by Alan Colmes?!" and some conservative asking "What do you think of the Obamessiah?!" and picking the "I think he's teh sux!" answer as best answer. Or a liberal asking "Just what is the cause of this recession?" and picking the "it's those greedy coarprations!" as the best answer. And that's not even touching on the several thousand "I love Sarah Palin" or their mirror "I hate Sarah Palin" questions that pop up all the time. It's just a case of someone calling people out on their over-inflated sense of self-importance. It could even be called a satire of the pomp of partisan politics.

What is the relatationship between Mohamed Al Fayed and Lord Alan sugar like?

Lord Sugar is a gentleman and would never let us mere mortals see anything but a good side to any dispute he has with Fayed. It looks like a relationship of caution.

What alan colmes present should I get my son for his birthday?

Alan Colmes recently quit Fox News and got his own radio show on Fox Network. Stop Advertising

What episode did Charlie ask Alan if the two women knew he was throwing his balls down 2 alleys?

You are correct, it's the episode "Damn You, Eggs Benedict". Do these broads know that you're dipping your chip in the salsa and the guacamole? What? You know, hittin' two piñatas with one stick? Toppin' off both tanks with the same hose? Throwin' your balls down two alleys? Here's the full transcript from livedash: http://www.livedash.com/transcript/two_and_a_half_men-%28pie_hole%2C_herb%29/8160/FXP/Friday_November_5_2010/495003/ The episode description at the top is incorrect, as it's definitely NOT "Pie Hole, Herb". If you look at 00:27:13, you'll see where Charlie says the title "Damn you, Eggs Benedict"

What are those beads that Alan Watts sometimes wore round his neck?

Probably that was a 'mala', a kind of Buddhist rosary. The beads can be made of all kinds of materials. Buddhists use a mala to count mantras or prayers etc.

What is the religiously correct way to honor Alan Alda on his upcoming birthday?

I would think about his overrated body of work and conclude that the best way to honor him would be a Chuck E Cheese coupon

How come there wasnt this much hoopla when alan keys ran for president?

Alan Keyes, Liked America, No Good for Democrats

What size alan key do I need for a Truss rod adjustment for Simon Patrick?

you will have the correct Allen key already as they come with correct key to fit..might be different key for that truss rod. the tightness might not even be the Allen key but problem with threading locked . you know what to do remove the strings and loosen up then re tighten and see if makes a difference. if a single action remove nut and lubricate threads...

What is alan moores interpretation of heroism in the graphic novel watchmen ? ?

I think Alan Moore has a more realistic view of heroism. His characters show that being a hero is not always nice and neat. The right path is not always clear. Here's one example: The character Ozymandias believes that sometimes it is necessary to do seemingly evil things in order to ultimately do good. Even though the other characters are appalled by his methods, many of them agree with the desired outcome.

What size alan wrench fits into the tuning lock of a schecter hellraiser diamond seris?