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ok sounds like a joke but if she does come to speak to you again act cool dont be shy flirt laugh and talk to her then she might think your a cool guy and get interested if you do get lost for words laugh and say just joking and pluck up the courage to talk maybe if you see her say hi and speak to her it works both ways :) goodluck !

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hun i am pretty sure she is just trying to be friends with you. You might just be taking this all out of proportion because you are paranoid because you are at a new school, take time to get to know this girl if you don't like it then you can always change you mind about who you hang out with. you have to be more outgoing when going to a new school more people are going to be attracted to that and wanna be your friend. about the whole thing about the girls giggling made be they just thought it was funny that their friend told you to shake her hand i know i would have if my friend said that to a new student because i don't know anyone one who has ever done that. But as to the walking off thing i don't know what to tell you. the best thing to do is to get to know this girl hope i helped and good luck at your new school and making friends

PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

try to get her attention with a piece of popcorn hold it up to her like she did to you. it was obvious that you are the new kid on the block and the girls liked you, but you did not see that coming. too bad, if i was in your shoes when she held that popcorn up to my face i would have taken it with my tongue in a provocative way. that is what she was looking for. she now see you as a regular guy, change that now. play some games with her before it is too late. you felt like they were making fun of you, but in all reality they wanted to be more then friends. girls like to tease when they are interested in you. (the new guy)

friend help please.........?

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It doesn’t sound like a prank. She may be trying to toy with you but it’s hard to say without being there. If she talks to you again talk to her, be polite. What’s the worst that could happen? She came up to you to talk, so it’s not like when you start talking she is just going to walk away. If she did she would be the one that looked weird, not you.

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How old are you??? I was new at school when i was a sophmore, and no one really introduced themself to me. It doesnt sound like she is intentionally being mean to you. She just being a kid. Things can be weird especially when her friends are around. BE NICE TO HER. It sounds like she is making an effort, and you are just blowing her off. The easiest and most effective way to make friends is to be nice and BE YOUR SELF.


From personal experience i think that she wants to get to know you and you should give her a chance. Say hi to her one day and see how she reacts, if she says hi back and how are you? then yeah she wants to know you. If she ignores you then no she doesn't want to know you. The fact that her friends were giggling means that she fancies you.


WOW!! Sounds like you froze up big time. To make a friend you first have to be a friend. Even when you do not know a persons true intentions, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Be confident in who You are and in your own intentions. Say Hello, Shake a hand look confidently into their eyes as you do this, and you will be surprised at Friendship, and honor, and respect that can come from this. Live, Laugh, Love.....PEACE.


Just do it!! This is a little crazy for different kinds of responses you have been with. Ya know in a way i think she likes you, the giggling girls, they may be laughing because they were nervous and didn't know how to approach you. This girl who approached you that recognized you from church, and then acting like she avoids you. Here is another way of thinking: Maybe this particular girl is acting like you are not there because she is afraid of the other girls picking on her. so she plays the game. What you have said makes me lean in the direction that this chic does like you. NOW..This is what you need to do: You have to act like you have been at that school for a long time and you need to react as if you are familiar with these other kids, Don't act shy, be COOL think of something simple to say to her. Maybe ask her what classes she is in, don;t act like you are checkin' her out. wait a just let things flow until you are really pretty sure that she likes you, you don't want to look like a feel, and I know that you aren't, but we area talking about school kids. Be friendly, but casual, let her head the way and the rest will fall into place! Peace, Emma


They are just giving you the business since you are new. They'll do it to the next kid, and the next kid as well. This doesn't just happen in grade school middle, or high school. It happens in the adult work place as well. It's a rude behavior called bullying, and can sometimes turn violent. For now read the info on the below website in dealing with this more effectively. Good luck to you.


Hey Ok it does sound like this Girl does like you. form what you have explained I think that she likes you but there is also a chance that she just wants to be friends, so just start being her friend and if your friendship grows to something more to that's Great but you both need to get to know each other a little better. It really sounds like she is trying hard to start conversation with you so if all else fails next time you see her and she talks to you, answer back. If she says "whats up??" you should engage and say something like "Not much, Whats up??" or if she says something like "I saw you wherever" then engage in the conversation and say something like "Yeah, I saw you too!! Have you been going there long?? Did you see......and so on". I think that you should start a Conversation with her though b/c since you haven't really responded to her much she may think you don't like her or somthing so yeah you should just walk up to her one day and just say somthing like "Hey i'm ........ What's your name??" or if you already know her name you could say something like "Hey you're (her Name) right?? My name is (your name)!!" or you can just walk up and say something like "what's Up?" or you could even say something like "So will I see you at The Temple tomorrow (or whatever day)" I really think this girl likes you and I think that you should defiantly go up and talk to her because like I said she could think now that you don't like her after you wern't really talking back to her. Well I hope this Helps and Good Luck with Everything!! God Bless!!

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Well, no offense, but if you're going to type a question, check you punctuation. You're lucky I finished reading it. Very hard... Anyway, I think she wants to be your friend, and you should have shaken her hand, and she probably liked you at first but you kept being a jerk to her.. Now she is less interested. I say, go up to her and apologize. Then see what she says. Continue to talk and just talk about stuff you like until she catches on, then you're in a conversation. Hope this helps.

should her parents let her eat out?

People should stop eating out. The workers in restaurants have no experience whatso ever in the field of food catering or food hygiene. These people are just construction workers or just any inexperience person coming from abroad claiming they have experience behind them when they know nothing. Here the problem is these people don't care, they just want money!! The authorities should ask for certificates of each staff in every restaurant and fire those who don't belong there, and certainly close down any restaurant not showing any signs of hygiene etc.. I hate it when they are just given warnings, handling of food is NOT a game. Can you imagine Chef Ramsey disgust if he enter one of them!!?

are faulty accelerators every where ?

Bet he took it to the garage to be 'fixed'.. that what fix means here.. How many times do people take their cars to reputable garages and then it is returned with a broken window or something serious problem. I think they all should be checked out.

El Diego : 'Jose Mourinho is the best'?

Of course he's the best manager and tactician in the sport. Everyone except die hard barca fans would admit that. New Zlatan doesn't have any idea what he's on about. When Guardiola wins the champions league and portuguese league with Porto, the premier league with chelsea, as well as the italian supercup, serie a, and champions league with inter..THEN i will consider Guardiola the best. So far Guardiola has only inherited a brilliant team that already had brilliant chemistry.

Do you think this will be the end off the traffic jams?

No, in metropolitan cities, traffic jams tend to occur one way or another. Yet, there are levels and limits to traffic jams.Actually, the new projects are not tackling "all" the jams. I believe RTA is doing an excellent job in Dubai. However, did you forget that Dubai & the RTA have no sovereignety in Sharjah? Did you forget how Sharjah tends to be slow in urban planning? I drive everyday to Sharjah. Dubai is always clear and fast. The short distance we spend in Sharjah is the longest timing. For instance, Emirates Road, in Dubai its up to 6 lanes, get into Sharjah its 2-3 lanes! Yet, I'm very happy and looking forward for more from the RTA! :)

Thoughts on David De Gea, Kun Aguero, and possibly Forlan leaving Atletico Madrid?

I think they will struggle ALOT.Hopefully they will sign good players with the money they get from them but if they dont they will Maybe finish 10th place at the most.

M.S. Arabic (الفصحى) - long/formal pronunciation - does hamzatu-l-wasl (همزة الوصل) change word stress?

i understand ur concern, which is that katabati would seem to be a word of four short syllables. i don't think that the stress changes. very interesting.

Where is Jebel Ali Bus Station, Dubai, UAE?

Where is the place to buy plants that is in Jumierah, Dubai?

There's a road running past the Iranian Hospital between Al Wasl Road and Al Satwa road that has some plant shops. There are also some plant shops on Jumeirah Beach Road. Just drive along between the flag pole and Madinat Jumeirah and you'll find some.

Can anyone tell me where the Al Satwa Government Clinic is?

Satwa clinic is on the same road as the big mosque there, it is an old building. see this map,55.276616&spn=0.002465,0.003455&z=18

how can i make a duplicate birthcertificate of my daughter born on 26 jan 1992 in al wasl hospital dubai?

First contact the government and be directed to the proper channel to access birth it would be the registrar or the recorder...I have no idea for dubai Second, I would make sure you get more than one copy and I hope you're not in any rush, cause I'm pretty sure it wil take a while. Third and almost just as important as the first two...decide on and find a safe place to keep important misplaced birth certificates that fall into the wrong hands, leave you wide open to be a victim of identity theft. If your child has a social security number, you may want to run a credit check and make sure that there hasn't been any activity.

SF: Maradona goes into the stands to defend his wife after Al Wasl match. Your thoughts?

Professional or not, I admire what he did.I wish I marry a guy who would stand up for me like that. Thumbs up to Maradona.