Air France 447 - don't aeroplanes get struck by lightning and suffer no obvious problems?

airplanes *do* get struck by lightning all the time and are fine. but as to AF 447 - it is all just speculation at this point. what is known though is that = there were heavy storms in the area. = "positive lightning" can indeed bring down a plane. Positive lightning is also now believed to have been responsible for the 1963 in-flight explosion and subsequent crash of Pan Am Flight 214, a Boeing 707.[40] Due to the dangers of lightning, aircraft operating in U.S. airspace have been required to have lightning discharge wicks to reduce the damage by a lightning strike, but these measures may be insufficient for positive lightning. but as i said, it will not be clear what really happened until they find the airframe, recover the black box, etc etc... cheers

Who else is tired of hearing about Air France 447?

No. I'm very interested in hearing what happened to this plane since I do fly sometimes. If you prefer, there is plenty of mindless celebrity news on the net for you. Go here: Maybe you should be asking why our nation has an obsession with celebrity news instead, since it is completely useless.

Going on a flight today,worried it will be like Air France 447?

The drive to the airport will be more dangerous then the flight - so relax ! You will fly at 30,000 feet, going east: will cross over the ocean somewhere between Montreal and New York, most probably over Boston and fly to Ireland an then in a curve down to London. There is an inflight system (monitor) which will show you at any time where you are. All airplanes are constructed to be able to fly with half the engines out and safely reach the next airport and you never be more then 30 minutes from the next airport. The Air France accident was an absolute unusual event based on a freaky weather condition over the south Atlantic, this weather can not happen in the North Atlantic. The route from the US to Europe is one of the major highways in airtravel, at any time there are app. 200 planes over the Atlantic, when you have a window seat you can see app. 5 airplanes going parallel to you, it is like a highway. You will love it !!!

What do you think the final minutes of Air France 447 have been like?

I have let myself think a lot about it, and particularly the last half hour. I feel sooo sorry for these people and for their families. I use to fly a lot, but have developed a fear over the years. I don't necessarily want to speculate what the last half hour must have been like, but I know it must have been a terrible death.

Do you think Air France flight 447 was abducted by space aliens?

When a plane makes a steep dive into the ocean, it can be difficult to find much. An event like that happened a few years ago near me, off the island of Anacapa in California. This was not such a mystery, plus it crashed near shore. Nevertheless very little was found. The Air France plane went down, probably steeply, into some of the deepest and most remote ocean in the world, and almost without communication beforehand. It won't be surprising if they find nothing, though I hope they will be able to. Of course, if they don't find significant information, nobody will be able to prove it wasn't space aliens.

What do you think happened to Air France 447?

Why no area map of the crashed/missing Air France 447 flight ?

Problem is it 680 square miles of blue.... There is a map in this picture.... Also and and and

What really happened to air france flight 447?

i still cant believe that Airfrance or the French government dont even care about the people that died in the 447 flight ... i swear to god it is a shame what humanity is doing to each other. how can the Brazilian government care more about the french airplane more then the FRENCH !! the brazilinas found the 2 dead bodies first. and the french still cant even find anything anywhere and claim that it is a mystery !! wake up Sarkozy ! the Brazilians found the bodies how about u start looking under it deep in the ocean to find the plane !!! also also also !! dont ALL AIRPLANES have a very highly accurate GPS !! unless the french are so cheap, that they just communicate by radio instead. i cant belive they didnt even change the faulty speed reader tube back in 2007 like (AirBus) told them to do 2 years ago ... Humanity is lost to Greed !!

What is the ultimate cause of death for people flying Air France 447?

If the recovered bodies had the life vests then there are 2 situations: they are injured and died from the impact but could unplug seat belts and remove the recovered seats; or drowning is another option. In the second case hopefully there are few survivors somewhere. However, the authority kept confidential information about the recovered victims, so should assume that the passengers might die by other causes before the crash impact.

Did the people aboard Air France 447 suffer during the stall?

It is possible that many passengers were alive and conscious when the plane hit the ocean. Even though the drop was considerable in speed, it was not consistent. There were slower points and faster points. If you read the partial data from the blackbox and hear the pilots speaking, they do not sound like they are in panic nor suffering even after they reach FL100 (10000 feet), they were more confused and honestly probably did not know they were going to crash. I also believe that some may also have survived the crash and probably drawned or died of the exposure to cold water. It is proven that in most crashes, the initial impact is survivable, and about 60-70% of passengers survive. What kills is the fire and smoke caused by the crash. But in this case, it was the ocean and the temperatures.