What is your religion and how do you feel now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has passed?

Yeppie, yawn. He is leading us to socialism. We will remember this at election time.

What do you think will be the ultimate fate of the Affordable Care Act?

The right-wing activist judges on the Supreme Court will almost certainly strike down the Individual Mandate when it is clearly constitutional. The federal government can mandate that anyone buy anything. That is what regulating interstate commerce is. But once the judicial activists on the Supreme Court legislate from the bench and strike down the mandate...whoops for the conservatives, because premiums will start to skyrocket, so the gov't will step in and institute price controls.

What are the main points behind the patient affordable care act?

It was supposed to make insurance more affordable. However since Obama signed it in March 2010, nearly every ones insurance rates have doubled. It was also supposed to keep insurance companies from denying coverage to kids with a preexisting condition. However, people are still fighting the insurance companies. Medicare was to be eliminated by giving out vouchers to the elderly to purchase their own insurance. But when over 80% of those 65 and older have a chronic disease and suffering from one or two others, insurance companies are denying them coverage.

How in the world were the Congress able to approve the Affordable Care Act and the Patient Protection Act.....?

What are the Cons for obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)?

The link below should be good for starters.

What is the difference between a policy and a mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.?

A policy is a course of action or a guiding principal. A mandate is a command or an authorization.

What are some arguments that Republicans are making against the Affordable Care Act?

When do you think the Supreme Court will start hearings on the Affordable Care Act, also how long will it take?

When an appeals court thinks it cannot settle a case and decides to refer it to the Supreme Court. So far, an almost equal number of appeals court had decided for and against only the mandatory part to buy insurance, but not the whole law.

Is the Affordable Care Act still Revenue Neutral if the Individual Mandate is ruled unconstitutional?

1. Don't count on this supreme court ruling it unconstitutional. 2. The fines aren't going to bring in much revenue. Most people who don't have insurance can't afford it. Fining them if they don't have it brings them all to the trough to get government subsidized insurance. Health Insurance is the problem with the current system. If it didn't exist, providers would have to charge prices that normal human beings could afford for their services.

How does the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act cost jobs?

It mostly doesn't. Hawaii has had a law requiring employers to provide insurance for nearly 40 years and we have some of the lowest premiums in the country for the required level of insurance. Yes, some companies will have trouble and will get tax credits and subsidies. Most people and companies will be fine with it. \ Very few job losses--actually an increase in the need for primary care providers. There are no sources of reliable information that say otherwise.