Which player did a better job, Rooney or Carvalho?

Carvalho's by far!

Please help!!! 3-4-3 formation?

It's a very interesting question. Those are the three most popular examples. Other teams to have sampled this formation were the Dutch national side in the 1970s and more recently the Republic of Korea when Guus Hiddink was coach. Stick with it though, it's a good system but can lead to midfielders tiring due to tracking back. I always use this formation when i play soccer games on the computer.

Not premier league but a question for you all........?

Dutch Eredivisie AZ 1981

Premier League trivia here we go,, who am I ?

Jesper Gronkjaer, he joined Chelsea in 2000 Oct for $7.5 million pounds, he's a good winger

where can I find a cheaply priced AFC Ajax jersey?


How much is the AFC AJAX team worth?

To buy the whole club straight up you would need $700-$1.1billion to buy it. You may be thinking... You can buy Manchester united or ac milan for that much. Yes those are bigger clubs but Ajax has the best youth system of any club in the world and makes more profit than nearly any club in the world this is why it would be expensive.

Is there still a lot of respect for AFC Ajax?

Yes, there is still some respect for AFC Ajax, but not as it was in its glory days. It is a well respected scouting team but there are more teams getting into that who have more money and are more successful now, Bacrelona, Arsenal