How to sell advertising space.?

Okay this is a difficult situation. You are going to have to sell your website to them. You need to show how popular it is and how much traffic it recieves because if there is no traffic then they wont place ads on it. There will have to be some work on your part because its not a nationally known website most likely so you will have to goto business which target them same demographic as you do and set a presentation up to make it seem like they can really portay their product effectively on you site. This is not an easy thing to do but goodluck

Advertise ON me? Where to sell me for advertising space?

Are you serious.

How much do companies pay for advertising space on a website?

There is not a meter.. It depends on the advertising type and on many factors that you need to evaluate with attention - First rule: never advertise on a site that has much traffic but has a completely different business than yours - Have a look at the mediakit of the company in which you should also have a third party certificed traffic plot of the site in the last 12 months - In case of ads where you "pay per click" evaluate if the cost per click on the ad or link can actually compensate for the outcome in terms of conversion. -After that Evaluate if it costs you less to advertise on adwords or yahoo overture and have a better conversion rate there. :) - Ask the company that owns the site for case studies - Check out how did the others do with that particular website in terms of business return on investment - Last : even if you decide to go with a website before you pay a year fee or start to invest lots of your money: test ..test ..test.. ( test with a limited budget campaign) There is much to say anways, but what is usually a rule is that your ROI (Return on Investment) should be higher than 1 ROI = (Return on investment - Investment) / investment Hope this was useful J.M.

Buy Advertising Space on Student or College websites?

Almost all colleges own their own servers and provide all the costs/upkeep for their IT equipment. As such almost no colleges allow external companies to advertise on their website. However, you do have a few other options: 1 - try advertising in the university newspapers. 2 - if your target market is college students, try advertising on or Good luck!

POLL: Would you sell advertising space on your grandmother's tombstone?

Yes, and I can totally imagine the look of surprise on my grandma's face when I tell her the offer is good only for a limited time and she has to get into the coffin, like NOW!

why hasn't a millionaire or someone just paid for advertising space on tv for the sake of it?

advertising follows strict guidelines governed by the ITC, that wouldn't actually be allowed. Similarly people aren't allowed to buy advertising space in order to make declarations of love, proposals of marriage or just give their opinion on something.

How do radio stations make money aside from selling advertising space?

Non commercial stations seek donations and grants. But commercials are funded 100% from advertising as far as I am aware.

How do I sell advertising space on my truck or motorcycle?

you have to find an interested buyer and be presentable for advertising their service. Not an easy thing to do. Why would you bother? Advertising dollars are more and more being invested in Internet and television. Your space may be seen by a hundred people per day when the same dollar could be seen by thousands in other media. Not much call for a rolling billboard these days unless it is extremely unusual.

How many visitors/page requests do you generally need to sell advertising space?

I would say that you need at least 1000 pageviews per day, if you expect to have a little profit out of your website. That depends on the subject of the site, and the rule is that the more targeted your site is, the more you will make for a certain number of visits / pageviews. A site that will help you to decide how much to charge is Choose your subject and then browse the directory.

Would it be tacky to sell advertising space on my dearly departed mother in law's headstone?

not at all..but I think flashing neon signs might be going over the top lol

What are some of the best large companies to sponsor/fund small companies in return for advertising space?

As a practicing Muslim and a shrewd business man would it be tacky to pay for advertising space on the?

Well, if you're trying to mix religion and business then, just ensure it's Shariah complaint. You could look up basics of Islamic finance. It might not be a problem to advertise there... I don't see anything wrong, but again I'm not real expert with Shariah compliance!

Should the Treasury scrap EPluribus Unum, and sell advertising space with the added room?

It would be easier to just put Barney Frank's picture on it and change the wording to "It's not my fault!"

how do satellite radio stations make money if they dont sell advertising space and only charge a flat rate?

They need to have a enough paying subscribers to make a profit. I don't believe any of them have been very profitable yet.

Can I sell advertising space on ebay?


How much should I charge for my advertising space?

You could offer 2 free months. If he is happy with the results, you could have him sign a one-year contract for $150 a month. Don't let it appear that your site exists only to generate ad revenue. That will chase visitors off.

How much money should I expect to make by selling advertising space on my website?

well, without knowing your contents i will give you a broad estimate: you can make somewhere between $5 and $15 for thousand impressions (let say average $10 but it could be below $5) thus, if you have 20,ooo visitors per month you can end up with a $200 or so. if you make some animated funny things like 'tree little friends' by MondoMedia and part of them you promote on youtube and the other part on your site you can end up with couple of thousands per month (assuming they are well done)

How much would it cost buy advertising space in a newspaper?

different papers have different charges, classifieds are the same way, you should go on line for the paper you want, and see what the prices are for the different sections. Larger city papers with big circulations the price is higher, for the same with a lower circulation. You can type them and up load the ad your self. Hope this helps.

Would you sell advertising space on your avatar to corporate sponsor?


Is it tacky to sell advertising space on my mother-in-law's headstone? The funeral was expensive and we really?

A memorial carver in Massachusetts used to offer discounts to those who accepted an advertisement for their services on the stone. C'mon, it's no worse than that thing car dealers are so fond of attaching to your car.

I have a concept for a website to sale advertising space. Who wants to build the website?

Can get interested, to get made from professional, provided concept and expected assured returns are projected. with all the Best.

I would like to use my car as advertising space for companies. How do I go about doing this?

Not sure what you mean by "stickers", but if you are going to sell you vehicle for advertising, you will need to do more than a bumper sticker. Get some large magnetic signs made up for both doors, or hood and back, saying "Advertising Space Available Here" Call ###_###_####. See what happens.

I want to start a business selling advertising space on my hummer,how much should I charge for a full wrap?


want to sell car spare tire rack space for advertising _how do I start soliciting?

I don't know your driving habits, but advertising on someone's spare tire rack would most likely be a complete waste of money. If you are a normal, everyday working person working 9 to 5, your car is spending the majority of its day sitting in a parking lot and in your driveway/garage. Advertising is all about reach, how many people get to see the ad each day. It might be a different story if you plan on driving around all day but you would end spending more money on gas then you would receive in revenues from the advertising. It seems like a good idea at first but after a little examination, it would likely not be in anyone's interest.

How much would it cost to buy advertising space, production, and resources for these mediums?

First of all I think you need to be more specific on items 3 through 4. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that advertising is a program so if you cannot afford more that one commercial on ABC or MTV then your dollars are better spent elsewhere. Items 1 and 2 will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars not including production costs. Brochures can be printed for fairly little cost, but it depends on the quality print, number of brochures etc. Things to look for are 1 color to 4 color, one side or two, gloss finish, tri-fold. Print ads also can vary depending on size of ad, market, and frequency. Some print is color magazine and some can be black and white. New York Times will be more expensive than the Kansas City Star. Most print advertising is based on readership, size of market or cost per impression. Items 5 and 6 will vary on the level of celebrity but could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to approach a business about buying your advertising space?

Make sure you sell an unique product or at least be different than the competition that will be your number one priority... why should they choose for you. Tell them why they need you... people have different opinions on this. But I believe it is important you sell your product as if it is your soul. Especially if its B2B, acknowledge you're both businesses that need each other and not you needing him but convince him he needs you, be bold. You should have samples right there on the spot.. are you selling over the phone? than tell them to go to a certain link where you display your work. Also it is very important to keep track of the ROI companies want to know what they get out of it.

What is the sales process like for selling advertising space in a magazine or directory?

I have been on both ends of this biz..selling it and being called on to advertise. I can tell you that face to face works because they need to see that the competition is participating. If they choose not to then they will miss out on that customers business. I would schedule as many appointments back to them the product and convince them as to why they need this advertising. You need to do this to close a deal. I never bought an ad over the phone unless I called to place the order myself. And never sold one over the phone.

What would I need to do to sell advertising space on my truck?

If you don't mind your car being an advertising billboard (and you are on the road most of the time), you can sign up your car to be wrapped in advertising. You can earn anywhere from $200-$400 a month from being a driving advertisement. Here are some agencies you can contact: Pays $350 a month and requires driver to meet with their representatives to check mileage, GPS unit, and condition of the advertisement on their vehicle. This company pays $200-$400 a month to wrap your car, truck, or suv with non-damaging vinyl adhesive graphics. Or you can opt for partial wraps paying $100-$200 these range from window coverings to logo's and other lettering. You will be required to drive from 800-1200 miles per month, depending on advertiser contract. The website is not clear as to how much you can earn, but it may be similar to other agencies that offer $400 (but check with them to be sure). You can get paid up to $400 a month, with opportunity to earn extra by driving to conventions and such. They have several programs that you can participate from your 100% of your vehicle covered to only the windows covered by the ads. But you need to drive a minimum of 1,600 miles per month. They don't say how much you can earn on their website, only that they maintain a database of potential car drivers and clients can select from demographic characteristics. You can call about their Consumer Peer-to-Peer program at 310-566-4000 xt. 205 (Press 205) or e-mail This is for UK drivers only and you can earn £200 per month, but you will be required to drive minimum of 600 miles per month and you need to have a clean driving record

Should we start utilizing the advertising space on the Homeless? They have prime space on their bodies?

That sounds crazy enough to work. If I am you I would try....You could give some of the earnings to the homeless shelter

Why is there such a large advertising space above my mailbox?

Yahoo subsidizes their free mail and other services with advertising, it is here to stay.

What is the best way to sell advertising space to restaurants?

send the restaurants an email or fax with the outline advert and a contact number. That way they will call you if there keen.

How to sell advertising space on unknown site?

For an unknown site with no traffic, you are better off using existing banner ad networks or contextual advertising networks. 1. Join an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services. Burst Media Fastclick (ValueClick). Tribal Fusion 2. Participate in contextual advertising networks. Contextual advertising are text ads delivered based on the content of the web page using an automated system. Google Adsense Yahoo! Publishing Network (currently in beta and available to US publishers only) Intellixt Quigo Adsonar IndustryBrains Commission Junction Evolution Kanoodle Brightads Clicksor Contextweb Bidclix Bidvertiser 3. Sell advertising for your site directly. This is admittedly a more difficult route for a small business site wanting to earn advertising revenues. But hey, as they say: "no pain, no gain!" Your challenge will be to prove to advertisers that you can give them decent returns on their investment. They will ask for your traffic numbers and details on the type of audiences you attract. They will ask how they will track the performance of their campaign so you must have an ad server. Build your site first, and get traffic. Once you have traffic, then you can start selling ads on your site.

Where can I find free advertising space in london to advertise an event at a small local museum?

u tube

Where to find company pay money for advertising space in front of my property?

I'm sure there are lots of companies in your area looking for this advertising opportunity. Go to local businesses and offer them the advertising space. Before you go, prepare yourself. Find out how much ads cost in your area, this gives you a price range. And estimate how many people are driving or walking by your house each day. Businesses need to know this information. If a company is not interested, tell them you will take the offer to their competitor. Nicely of course. Also, I would offer the advertising space to more 1 company. You could possibly advertise 4-5 companies on your lot. And if you do this, companies can pay you more to have a bigger advertising space. And you can guarantee that you won't put a competing company on your lot. There's lots of ways you can work this to make lots of money.

what is the average percentage of advertising space in a magazine? and does it work?

actually I read that is about 75% ads on a magazine, however for a business is good to have not all advertising, but clever and enough advertising that gets the attention of people. The costs I can't tell you for sure, but is usually really expensive, I guess in a magazine is done with a contract between major and magazine reps and small magazines or places is usually on publication by publication basis.

Best place to sell advertising space on my website?

I'd put it down the side of the page or next to the things that people visit the site to see. The top of the page can't be missed so that's a good space to put it too. Try to avoid putting things towards the bottom of the page, because most of the time people would never see it cos they're too idol to scroll down. hope this has helped =]

How do i go about selling advertising space on my car?

set up meetings with these entertainment companies, put together a plan for them, you will need to prove that you do alot of driving or enough atleast to warrant payment for the advertising space in question. If you dont ask you wont receive.

Would you like to purchase advertising space for a cheap price?

Check out "" You can make an offer for what is available at extremely good prices.

How much does having an "advertising space" cost on a website, generally?

There's a vast range of website advertising methods and prices, many web advertising systems distribute ads on a network of sites, in some cases te advertiser may not know exactly where the ads will appear. is likely to have an in house advertising program, renting banner space for thousands a month. The smallest scale low budget ads are pay per click text ads, you only pay for the 1 in 200 viewers who actually clicks on te ad, the majority cost $0.25 to $2.00 per visit. One ad broker for smaller operators with a range of ad placement prices starting at $10 a month is

how can I sell advertising space through google?

As long as you have a website or a blog that fits the rules of Adsense, you can apply and start using it. You will not necessarily do the selling of your ad space -- Google will do it for you (that's the beauty of Adsense) so you can focus on what you need to do which is to write great content WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? Adsense is a way to monetize and earn money from your site by putting Google ads from their advertising network Adwords. It has been around since June 2003 and Adsense has allowed many website owners to earn from their sites. I highly recommend going through the Adsense Quick Tour to learn more about the program HOW DOES IT WORK You apply and once you get approved, you can put in the Adsense code in your site. Here are the instructions on how to add Adsense codes on your site You earn through various ways: 1. Pay per click - this is the common way to earn which is you earn every time a visitor clicks on your ads 2. Pay per impression - an advertiser can specifically target your site and show ads where you earn via cost per 1,000 impression (e.g. you earn every time someone sees your ad, even though they don't click on it) 3. Referral - you can also earn if you refer a visitor to use Adsense or Adwords, download the Google toolbar, etc. IS IT WORTH IT AND HOW MUCH MONEY PER MONTH DOES IT BRING IN? Some sites do very well with Adsense (even in the millions of dollars a year) while many more sites do extremely poorly with the program (can't even earn $10 a month). One of the misconception people have about Adsense is they simply slap it in their websites and it will automatically earn them big money -- which is not true as evidenced by the many disgruntled webmasters Your income will depend on: - the topic of your site (if you have high paying keywords you stand to earn more) - responsiveness of users to ad (are visitors coming to your site with blinders in their eye or do they look at the ads as additional complementary resource) - traffic (you earn more with more traffic, even if you have low paying keywords or other metrics) - how you implement the ads on your site (some positions and colors work better than others) I suggest you join the program (you've got nothing to lose as it is free) and see how your site will do with it. I've been with Adsense since June 2003 and it's been a GREAT income generating program for us. So for me, Adsense is definitely worth it

How much would you pay for advertising space in a comm. theatre program?

Most advertising purchases are made on the basis of Reach and Frequency. Reach is defined by how many people you are reaching and Frequency is defined by how often you are reaching them. As a media buyer, I would want to know how many people will be exposed to my ad and how many times my ad would run in your theater program during the course of the theater season. Ad rates are also based on other services that the ad seller would provide. For example, will you design my ad? Will yo give me the opportunity to preview and approve my ad before it is printed? Am I able to run a full color ad? - all of these "extra" considerations have a value attached to them. You can charge more for ad space if you are providing full service production than if you are not. Obviously, you can also charge more for a large ad than a small ad, so you will want to have set prices for your ad spaces. Think about a page in your program as being divided into quarters (for ease of working within the page). Now you can charge advertisers for a 1/4, 1/2, or a full page ad. That will help you attract advertisers who have more modest budgets. While a 1/4 page ad should cost less than a full page ad, you will want to market the full-page ad at a price where the advertiser actually receives some type of discount by running a full page ad. In other words, a full page ad might cost only three times as much as a 1/4 page ad - not four times. You will also want to check with your printer to see if you can accept full-color ad and to learn what restrictions they may have. Color is traditionally more expensive, but it depends on how your printer is setting up the pages. I realize I have not answered your initial question, but as you can see, there is no set price for ad space. If I were you, I'd figure out how much it is going to cost to print your program and then base the cost of advertising on how many full pages of ads you would have to run to break even. Then, since you are trying to make money off your program, increase the base price of a full page ad. On with the show - break a leg.

How to sell the advertising space in magazine? ?

Try this FREE place to advertise your magazine's advertising spaces,

Does anyone know of vendors who develop solutions exclusively for the advertising space?

You should take a look at They have domain-specific experts who create the most appropriate solutions for advertising agencies. There are also some others like and But I would recommend Embedded360 because they have worked with several ad agencies and have vast experience in this sector.

Where can I find sample sales letters that persuade businesses to purchase advertising space in a newsletter?

Just think about it for a minute. If you had a great sales letter would you share it with people? You would also struggle to find such a specific letter. My advice is to look for good literature on selling and then see if the authors include any sample letters at all. Then adapt to fit your 'product' and audience. Of course its also debatable whether a letter is the best approach but thats a whole other question :-) Good luck with it anyway

How do I sell advertising space on my website?

you can try, put adsense on it, sell text links, etc.

How do you value advertising space?

It's massive bigger than you could know and even better if you get more users you also want media coverage (eg gadget show, BBC click program, app of the week ect) all this will just increase the talking power you have also know the Market who is buying the app ( eg age group, gender, country) if you can them them who is seeing there add they will love it

How can marketing help in the selling of advertising space for a daily newspaper?

Other than in the paper it self > saying " it get results", I don't know of a effect way. It's pretty much up to the direct sales force to close the sale, one on one.

How much does advertising space on a site make?

In our website, we sell advertising space - both banners via CPM, sponsored text links, and newsletter advertising. How much you could make depends on a number of factors: your traffic levels, type of audience (some audiences are more valuable to advertisers than others -- e.g. if your site attracts techies or CEOs you can charge way more than a site that attracts teens, even if you have smaller traffic), ad formats used, etc As to what rate to charge, the amount depends on a number of factors: - Who is your audience and how desirable is your audience to the advertisers? If your audience are techies or those who have the propensity to purchase higher-ticket items, then you can charge a higher price as compared to an audience of students. - What is the rate of comparative websites in your niche? You don't want to overprice yourself out of the market yet you don't want to undercharge as well - What is the rate advertisers are willing to pay in your site? You may charge $5 per CPM and yet for months nobody's taking you on the rate even though you may get inquiries -- this implies that advertisers think your rate is too expensive. But if you charge $0.50 per CPM and advertisers are flooding in, then you may be too cheap and can afford to increase your rate. - What is the CPM you get from other advertising vehicles? Do you run Google Adsense, and if so, what is your effective CPM rate with them? Or if you run banner ads through ad networks like Burst Media, Valueclick or Tribal Fusion, what is the CPM you're getting? You can use those values to help you gauge your rate. - What ad model are you going to use -- will be it CPM (or cost per 1000 impressions), CPC or cost per click or a flat rate. Since you're just starting in the game, experiment and see what rate the market will bite. You can start at $2-5 per CPM and see how it goes. Or take a look at some of what similar sites are charging with comparable traffic. Some sites to check out Trend Hunter magazine (1.2 million pageviews/month) = $10-30 CPM Read Write Web (730,000 page views per month) = $140 a week for flat rate text ads In terms of accepting payment, majority (99.8%) of those who will advertise will pay by credit card so make sure you have your own merchant account as well as Paypal. Also be sure you have an ad server to easily manage the campaigns and allow advertisers to check their stats real time. Check out OpenAds -- it is FREE but powerful ad server

How can I get my hands on Remnant Advertising/Media Space?

For the near future we see no reason to expect that the current day-to-day duties of advertising agencies will dramatically change with regard to the print advertising industry. However, we do believe that their influence will continue to spire. There are several reasons for this belief. First, as business becomes more and more global, an increasing proportion of advertising business and revenue will be consolidated into the hands of advertising agencies that offer global reach and know-how. Second, as with many other businesses, advertising agencies have seen their share of mergers and acquisitions. Ultimately, this means larger agencies with larger portfolios of products and services as well as a greater concentration of pecuniary clout. Third, although the publishing business has seen its share of consolidations, the ease at which a business or individual can launch a publication is increasing. This coupled with the decreasing cost of printing equipment has led to a general glut in the number of publications available to consumers. Consequently, advertisers and specifically their agencies now have more choice than ever of targeted ways to reach consumers. This is true even without consideration for the expanding alternative sources of media such as television, radio and the Internet. Will the print advertising industry go away? Not likely. Though it has been predicted for years, people... consumers still place a premium on the printed word. Sure, tastes will change as will the places people go for various types of information but rather than make the print advertising business obsolete change will force the industry to further concentrate its focus and value. This was seen most clearly during the dot com heyday when even this new form of media turned to print advertising to promote their business. This was by in large driven by advertising agencies that already knew the power and influence of print advertising. In summary, it is likely that advertising agencies will continue to play an increasing role in the print advertising business. Publishers will, like it or not, be forced to work more closely with agencies to provide specialized and unique benefits. To some extent the line between advertising and editorial sacrosanct may blur as it has done with other forms of media. Undoubtedly this will mean more creative and sophisticated methods of reaching consumers... good news for advertising agencies and their clients.

How much does advertising space on websites cost?

It's hard to give an ad rate because it depends on a number of factors 1. the audience the site attracts - a site for high net worth individuals, even if traffic is only 10,000 pageviews a month, can command higher rates compared to a site that attracts teenagers and gets 10 million pageviews a month 2. traffic levels - the more traffic you have, the higher rates you can charge compared to other sites in your segment 3. the sizes - normally, the bigger the size, the higher the rate. Hence, a wide sky can charge higher than the regular sky. Or a large rectangle can have a higher price than a button. Or a leaderboard can have a higher price than regular 468x60 banner. Rich media ads are higher than static ads. 4. advertiser exposure - will the advertiser buy all your ad inventory in various formats, or will they buy for longer periods of time To find out the rates, here are some strategies: - go to your competitors and check if they have online media kits and check their ad formats and their rates. If not published online, send them a request (try to pretend you're interested in advertising with them) - check out the rates you're getting in the banner ad networks such as BurstMedia. One thing you will need to provide: a way for advertisers to see the results of their campaign in terms of impressions and clicks. So you need to have an ad server. Check out OPENX which is a free ad server that allows your advertisers to check their stats in real time