Would you trade Howie Kendrick for Adrian Gonzalez?

I wouldn't even hesitate to take that offer. Hurry now and accept that offer before he changes his mind!

Should the Mets trade Fernando Martinez for Adrian Gonzalez?

Fernando Martinez and.....?

Where would you rank Adrian Gonzalez amongst 1st basemen in baseball?

rich ????? are you kidding me ??????? Adrian Gonzalez over Ryan Howard ???? hahahahahahahahaha. thats a joke, right ??? in the past three seasons, Howard has 153 HRs and 431 RBIs to lead ALL major leaguers in both categories. Adrian has 90 and 301. 153 and 431 is worse than 90 and 301 ?????? in just THREE seasons Howard has 63 more HRs and 130 more RBIs. somebody needs to take a basic math class. jason ....... im debating giving you the thumbs up. your list is fairly accurate, but there are a couple of areas i STRONGLY disagree with you. 1)Pujols - i would put Howard here, but i cant arugue with Pujols as #1 2)Tex - Howard has a better bat, Tex's glove makes him better overall 3)Howard - nobody crushes a ball like Ryan crushes a ball 4)Berkman - getting up there in years, would put him about 7th 5)Morneau - no argument here 6)Prince - no argument here 7)Chris Davis - no way. Adrian is proven, Chris is not. 8)Gonzales - should be 6th 9)Derek Lee - the most over rated player in baseball, look at his career numbers ... nothing more than a 20 and 90 guy. dime a dozen. 10)Carlos Pena - id take Pena over 5 Derek Lee's id rank every player on your list ahead of Derek Lee .... and id add Joey Votto, James Loney, Carlos Delgado, Conor Jackson, Kevin Youkilis, Victor Martinez (he will be seeing more playing time at 1B this season), Ryan Garko ........ hell, id even take Aubrey Huff over Derek Lee. you also seemed to forget about a guy who was moved to first base last season that should be in the top 5 .... Miguel Cabrera.

Is Adrian Gonzalez for Jimmy Rollins a good trade?

Rollins will hit about 5-6 more home runs than Tejada, so I think you're giving up too much for him. Rollins is highly overrated as a hitter while Gonzalez is underrated, so it's odd to see a proposal such as this. Still, I'd hang on to Gonzalez and try to get more for him later.

Are the San Diego Padres going to trade Adrian Gonzalez?

No because of the fact that the Padres have showed the league that they are legit now. Why would you trade your best player if you are a contender. Maybe if you were rebuilding.

Adrian Gonzalez will be the MVP, which makes me wonder: When was the last time a non-cheat Yankee was the MVP?

The last few times the Yankees won the award was: 2007 Alex Rodriguez 2005 Alex Rodriguez 1985 Don Mattingly 1976 Thurman Munson Since we all know Alex Rodriguez used PED's so the last non-cheat Yankee to get MVP was Mattingly in 1985.

What team gets Adrian Gonzalez in June?

I don't think the Red Sox will get him. Padres GM just came over from Boston and knows the farm system inside and out - they'll demand too much, and Theo won't give up the future (or too much of it anyway...) The White Sox have been discussed as a candidate, and may actually be the favorite - they are certainly not out of nowhere. They have already fed SD a bunch of prospects for Peavy, and they have a need for a power bat at 1B (Konerko's getting old) and apparently have sufficient prospects to move. They're my choice.

Who is better: Mark Teixeira or Adrian Gonzalez?

I would have to say Adrian Gonzalez. During his tenure with the Padres he played in the spacious Petco Park. Yet, he still managed to hit 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI's, as well as a good average. Texeira plays in one of the most hitter friendly parks in all of MLB but he only hit 33 HR and batted .256 last year in a very protected lineup. I bet that if Gonzalez plays at Yankee Stadium, he would hit around 40 HR easily. Both play extremely good defense, although Texeria edges out Gonzalez in terms of defense. Also Mark is 30 years old while Adrian is younger at 28 years of age. In the end, if I had to choose one of them to be on my team, I would select Adrian Gonzalez over Mark Texeira.

Do you think the red soxx made a mistake by signing Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawfordd?

As a Yankee fan I think those signings have been terrific so far.

Is Adrian Gonzalez the most underrated 1B in MLB?

Not to mention a very good fielding first baseman. I think he likes being an under the radar guy, he enjoys playing in his hometown in front of his family and is really developing into a good MLB player, and that's good enough for him. But if he has another couple of seasons like this he won't be a secret for much longer. I got to know Adrian well at one of his minor-league stops and he is just a quality person. You could tell he had a lot of confidence in himself but at the same time he was really nice to everyone he dealt with. Just a class guy and a great teammate.

Can somebody explain to me why the Red Soxs want Adrian Gonzalez?

I am a Red Sox fan and even I am a little puzzled about this too..... maybe Theo is thinking that it will be a good idea to trade Lowell for maybe a prospect, and move Youk to third. That's the only explanation I can think of.

How good do you think my paisno Adrian Gonzalez will do this year?

If he's a 30HR/100RBI at Petco with the worst lineup protection known to man(lead the league in walks 2 seasons ago) he's a God amongst men in Fenway. Most of the NLWest stadiums are pitchers parks, obviously not the case with Yankees Stadium, Camden Yards, and Rogers Centre. btw Twinslover what did Mauer hit last year?

Is Adrian Gonzalez the best hitter in baseball?

The American league has much more dominant pitchers, what the **** are you talking about!!?!??!? Nobody can match those numbers playing right now. Bautista is batting .330 and Poo-hole on the DL with a sub .300 average.

Is Adrian Gonzalez for real or is this HR streak a fluke?

I wouldnt trade Adrian Gonzalez unlses the trade includes a top 20 player.

Who will be better the rest of the year? Adrian Gonzalez or Mark Teixeira?

I like both of them..They both could have big 2nd halves. See who has the most trade value.(I suggest packaging him, in a 2 for 1 trade to get a top tier outfielder.) ~Good Luck!~

Do you think Adrian Gonzalez will be traded?

It won't be before opening day. If they trade him it will be in May-June if they are sucking. It all depends on how they are doing. If the Padres play like they did last year, Gonzalez won't be going anywhere. I want Adrian Gonzalez to be a Cub when he's a free agent. He is a great player.

how many homers do you think adrian gonzalez could hit if he played in coors field or philly?

Gonzalez has some nice raw power and a sweet swing and balls hit 400 ft. at sea level have been proven to go over 420 ft. at Coors. Plus Petco is an awful place to be a power hitter. I'd say he's already slotted to hit about 5-8 more dingers next year than he did in his breakout season last year. So I'd say that if you put Adrian Gonzalez at Coors Field and hold everything else constant he could hit around 45-50 home runs. Giving him any more than that would be a little too generous.

Red Sox and Adrian Gonzalez optimistic a deal could be reached by tommorows deadline?

Its a good thing that they are optimistic. But it would be a bad thing for the red sox if they cant get a deal done.

How overrated was Adrian Gonzalez power potential at Fenway?

Perhaps a bit. But Gonzo has never been a steady homerun hitter. He goes on streaks where he hits 5-6 at a time. As far as MVP I would say Jose Bautista or Ellsbury currently. Only cuz Grandy has been struggling lately. If he pick it up, I go with him.

Is Adrian Gonzalez going to be traded to the Red Sox?

I would think that the Padres would need his offense more than the Red Sox do. The Sox lost yesterday because Smoltz didn't get the job done. That may mean that Smoltz isn't going to be a dominating starter any longer, in which case his role should be coming out of the bullpen with Saito the odd man out. If that happened, then Bucholz would become a permanent addition to the starting rotation and Bowden would join the club as the fifth starter while Wakefield recovers. The nucleus of Beckett and Lester and Penny is solid, although until Wakefield's injury and Smoltz's ineffectiveness I thought some NL team would put down an offer for Penny that Theo would have trouble ignoring. I like the team the Red Sox have, particularly with the pick up of LaRoche. What the Sox don't have is offensive production from the shortstop position. We won in 2004 because Theo went out and got Cabrera to play SS and Doug Mink to play 1st base (I can't spell Mink's last name.) I like Nick Green at SS and Youk/LaRoche/Lowell at first and third and DH with Ortiz getting rest here and there. Unless Theo is going to put together a deal to radically upgrade the SS position, then I don't see why the Sox would deal all kinds of prospects for Gonzalez or anyone else. We need to get the best five starters into the rotation, we need to get better protection of leads from the bullpen, and we could use better production at SS but not at the cost of a player who doesn't defend as well as Green, who has been remarkable so far. Rotation, bullpen, defense. We have plenty of guys who can hit. They have to sue both sides of the plate, just like a great pitcher uses both sides of the plate. If they do that, and exercise patience at the plate, the offense will put up big numbers from here until October.

Are the Padres getting rid of Adrian Gonzalez?

Yea they should their wasting his talent,if you take him outta PETCO park his numbers would be even better then they already are.

What are the chances of Adrian Gonzalez getting traded to the Dodgers?

Can the Mets acquire Matt Holliday, Adrian Gonzalez, Orlando Hudson, John Lackey, and Rafael Soriano?

Only if they want to break the bank and spend like the Yankees.

Who would the redsox need to give up for Adrian Gonzalez?

Clay Buchols, Bucklez...Buchlesesz? Well he has been mentioned a lot and prospects but they don't need a first basemen.

Adrian Gonzalez is a Red Sox, how will this improve their chances in the upcoming season against Yanks & Rays?

They are already worlds above the Rays, but Gonzalez will get them much closer to the Yankees than before. Of course, if the pitching performs like they are supposed to, they will far surpass New York.

Why would the red sox want to use Jacoby Ellsbury as trade bait for acquiring Adrian Gonzalez?

Clay Bucholtz will be included in any trade with Adrian but I don't se what's so special with Jacoby. We already have a speedy guy in Everth Cabrera and Jacoby will demand a lot of money after this season.

How many great years do you think Adrian Gonzalez has left in him?

I would say he has 3 or 4 more years at his current production before we see some regression. As a sox fan I hope it lasts longer :)

How good would Adrian Gonzalez be on a Major League team?

amazing he's plain scary right now and leads the league in homers even though he is hitting in pitcher-friendly petco park

Should the Red Sox trade Dustin Pedroia for the great Mexican slugger Adrian Gonzalez?

if i were the red sox, i would do that trade in a heartbeat. gonzalez had good power playing in a division and ball park with tough pitching and tough places to hit for power, but he still managed 40 HR. imagined, as you stated, he had that short porch for half his games, 50 HR easy. pedroia regressed in the prime of his career. tries too hard to hit a 5 run homer, at least thats usually what i see whenever i get a chance to see a red sox game on the tube. im a giants fan so i've seen gonzalez up close and all i can say is i cant wait for the giants to either get him or see him leave the division

T or F: they should have let Adrian Gonzalez have more participation in the game?

Dude, it's an exhibition game. It SHOULDN'T mean anything. It's like saying they should have let Halladay/Weaver pitch the entire game. It's never going to happen. They should also have let Bautista, heck the entire starting lineup play the entire game. And a side note, please don't use "gay" like that again.

How many homeruns do you think Adrian Gonzalez will hit this year?

I'll guess 38. He hit 31 last year, so that will be an improvement. I know that he's moving to a hitter-friendly park, which will be a boost. But I'm not ready to pencil him in for 45 or 50 homers just yet. For one thing, most hitters don't live up to expectations like that. For another, he's in a new league with different pitcher than he's faced in the last few years. And some of the pitchers in his division are very good. He'll have a great year, but he won't be setting records or anything like that.

should i draft adrian gonzalez 9th and ellsbury 12th in a 10 team league?

I took Cano & Kershaw 10th & 15th recently.. A.Gonzo & Ellsbury were gone by my 10th pick.I'd rather have Cano then A.Gonzo anyway.The drop off in talent at 2nd base is way quicker then 1st base.But,outfield is more loaded then 1st base. That's why I took Kershaw 2nd.I had 1st basemen,outfielders,3rd basemen,& shortstops targeted on my cheat sheets in later rounds that I wanted.So I felt comfortable taking Kershaw,and it worked out great. But,just going totally on best available player,A.Gonzo & Ellsbury would be my picks from the players you mentioned.Personally I think Longoria is over rated,and looking at their stats from last year I'd say Mark Reynolds is a way better bargain then Longoria.And Granderson may have peaked last year,I think Ellsbury still has room for improvement,and I like him better then Cargo also. GL

What team will Adrian Gonzalez go to next season?

Potential Destinations for Adrian Gonzalez: - St. Louis --> assuming the Pujols/Cardinals situation doesn't work out - Milwaukee --> assuming Fielder leaves the Brewers for free agency - Los Angeles --> assuming Loney leaves the Dodgers for free agency. Teams that will not sign Gonzalez: - Yankees --> already have Teixeira - Tigers --> already have Cabrera - Twins --> already have Morneau - White Sox --> already have Dunn - Angels --> already have Morales - Phillies --> already have Howard - Mets --> already have Davis - Reds --> already have Votto - Giants --> already have Huff The only other team I can think of is the Rangers, but I am uncertain whether or not they will relinquish Mitch Moreland. Of course, Gonzalez could always spend a year on a non-contending team like Lyle Overbay and the Pirates.

How surprising is it that Ellsbury has more home runs than Adrian Gonzalez right now?

I agree completely.

How will the Yankees retaliate now that Adrian Gonzalez is going to be in Boston next year?

They're going to get Lee. The Yankees are huge spenders, but I don't think that even they will be willing enough to sign Cliff Lee, re-sign Jeter and Rivera to big contracts, AND sign Crawford/Werth or trade for Greinke in the same offseason. They will get Lee, but there are too many other potential suitors for Werth/Crawford/Greinke. Crawford and Werth will go to the Angels and Sox respectively, and Greinke is a toss-up. He could go anywhere. The Yankees have a much better chance at getting him than anyone else, but they would probably have to be willing to give up Montero. I agree. If you're gonna give someone a huge contract, don't give it to guys like Burnett... even before that deal, he was very overrated... 4+ ERA does not warrant a massive contract.

Should I trade Prince Fielder for Adrian Gonzalez in a keeper league?

No, prince is still very young and as he gets used to comerica park he's going to start to dominate. Remember how Cabrera played poorly when he first got there? Now he's the number 1 fantasy player in the league, prince has a chance to do that too. Gonzalez is in his prime but I'm a bit concerned that hes still struggling, I just hope the decline doesn't carry over to next year if you made the trade. If it doesn't, then I consider it a wn for you. Prince is safer though, and may have a bigger upside

Who would you keep- Adrian Gonzalez or Brandon Phillips?

There are two big reasons why you should keep Phillips. 1) Phillips tied or beat Gonzalez in almost every major category: better avg; 32 more steals; same amount of HRs; more runs. He only had 6 less RBIs 2) Phillips is a 2B, one of the thinnest positions, Chase Utley is the only other one who can compare his stats with Phillips. Gonzalez is a 1B, and there are a lot of other 1Bs who have better or the same numbers

Who wins in this trade Adrian Gonzalez for Ike Davis and Stephen Drew?

Adrian Gonzalez is a beast and will be a top 10 (maybe 5) fantasy player at the end of the year. Ike Davis is still unproven and Stephen Drew is streaky. Regardless, you win big time.

Will 1st Baseman Adrian Gonzalez get traded this off season?

Evidently, Boston wants him big time. Both GM's are old friends. Watch this one.

Could the Seattle Mariners still have a chance to get Adrian Gonzalez?

Nope. No one has a shot at him fr 1 1/2 years... if SD doesn't redo his contract before then or figure out a way to keep him on the open market... Jed Hoyer isn't an idiot, and he won't trade Adrian until the trade deadline a year and a half from now... that's when he will have the most value fr a team looking for that extra chip... maybe they consider it next year if Gonzales expresses interest. Fr a club that want's to keep under 40 mil, a guy like Gonzales is a must keep. He isn't for trade, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors right now in the rumor mill. Maybe they are interested in LaRoche... that makes sense... I would give Mike Carp a shot if I was them.

Why do you think the media is trying to force this "AGon" nickname down our throats for Adrian Gonzalez?

I just don't like the automatic 'First initial of first name, first three letters of last name' nicknaming system they have now. I miss the days of 'original' nicknames.

Will Adrian Gonzalez go to the Red Sox? And will Jake Peavy ever come back to San Diego?

The Red Sox don't need Gonzalez because they already have Ortiz and Youkilis. Well, Peavy still has awhile on his contract with the White Sox so, he might but I don't think so.

How do Victor Martinez and Adrian Gonzalez fit into the Red Sox roster?

you dont have to worry Adrian isnt going anywhere he is staying in SD. the padres no that getting rid of him will also get rid of the rest of the fans they keep pissing off due to being cheap fucking bastards.

Should I trade Jose Bautista for Adrian Gonzalez, Jay Bruce, and Roy Halladay?

Yes, you should take those players assuming that they are better than the players that you have to drop. Good luck.

Did anybody notice Evan Longoria had more homeruns than Adrian Gonzalez this season?

also Longloria was injured for some time too.

Could the Mariners still go after Adrian Gonzalez via a trade?

no, BoSox will get Adrian Gonzalez if it ever happens.

Will the red sox aquire Adrian Gonzalez by the trading deadline?

As a Yankee fan, I really hope not! He's a monster. He's one of the best players in the game. And his home run totals would increase dramatically if he plays outside of Petco Park. Now that Tiexiera is with New York, I think Gonzalez is the best 1B around.

what should I do about adrian gonzalez?

Keep AG he will do fine whether he remains a padre or not.

Who is better Adrian Gonzalez or Jose Bautista?

Adrian Gonzalez. Just check career stats. Im just going to get into hitting because they play different positions. Baustista: GP: 820 H: 666 HR: 144 RBI: 400 BB: 394 Ks:604 SB: 28 AVG: .254 Gonzo: GP: 947 H: 1028 HR: 185 RBI: 602 BB: 450 Ks: 726 SB: 2 AVG: .291 I know neither have impressive stolen bases but the fact that Gonza has 2 made me laugh so I put it in there hahah

Adrian Gonzalez?

Mechanical Man Adrian HAS outplayed Pujols this year obviously he is the better player but based on this year Adrian has more HRs more RBI's plays in the worst hitters park in the MLB (trust me I have season tix he'd have close to 25 in Busch) a .001 difference in fielding is no big deal when Gonzo has turned more dp's this year than any other 1B. Berkman while obviously the best 1B right now plays in a bandbox with one of the best hitters in the game Carlos Lee protecting him. Adrian plays in the worst hitters park with virtually NO protection. In 31 AB's at Minute Maid Adrian hits .332 with 5 Hrs. Berkman is clearly the pick for starter no question but Gonzo should be number 2 not behind Pujols or Lee or Howard or Fielder.