Whats the difference between Acropolis and Parthenon?

Don't pay too much attention to Farnic. Acropolis means EDGE of the city, not highest part. The only time that The Acropolis was used as a fort was when The Ottoman Empire enslaved the Greeks. Gunpowder was stored inside The Parthenon (dedicated to the goddess Athena, Minerva was the Roman name for the same goddess since they just took Greek names for their gods) and blown up by the Venetians in 1687 when their navy shot at it. The only reason why you can see ANY Greek artifacts in England is because the Earl of Elgin (Elgin Marbles or, more accurately, The Parthenon Marbles) were "sold" by the occupying Turks during The Ottoman Empire's enslavement of the Greek country to him. What wasn't illegally sold to him, he also stole. Everything then was "safely" stored in a lovely dark and dank coal cellar therefore destroying these marbles to the condition that they are now in worse shape in Jolly ol' England than the marbles in their rightful place in Greece.

if i were to make a crossword puzzle and i used acropolis what hint would i give them?

Site of the Parthenon.

How does the Acropolis of Athens meet the Definition of a Legacy?

Being on top of a hill and having endured centuries of change, from Greek religion to Christianity, it has become The Symbol of Greece and a direct connection of the modern people today to their past centuries ago.

What was the Acropolis used for in ancient times?

It was a hill in Athens that was the site of 3 temples. The procession preceding the Olympics went up there and they placed a woolen cloak on a statue. It also acted as a defensible position in times of war. I found no reference to imply that it was a center of democratic meetings.

Is it possible for a 5 months pregnant woman to walk up to Acropolis hill, from the Akropoli metro stop?

The road from the Acropolis station to the entrance and from there all the way to the Propylea is a gentle slope within your ability to walk it. The steep part of the climb is the last meters of the Propylea and what is more, is the slippery surface of the stones there. I'm also not sure that the elevator is operational but you can check at the entrance. Soft walking shoes with a grabbing sole is a must. It will be much needed on the way down. Alternatively you can walk to the Filopapou Hill that is on the SW of Acropolis and a much friendlier climb and have a full view of the Parthenon from there. On the second link is a photo of Acropolis from Filopapou. Enlarge it and you will see what you have to face. On the foreground you see some tent tops.That is the road from the station.On the other link there are views from Filopapou.

Acropolis Moon- If the full Moon is Overhead can we communicate with the Dead?

you actually do not need the moon or even night. It can be done during the day.

what are the dimensions to the acropolis?

100 feet by 225 feet Comes from the first panel here. http://www.dkv.columbia.edu/vmc/acropolis/

What is the best and cheapest way to get from the airport in Athens to Acropolis, Δάφνη, area?

One thing I can tell you, If you are not greek don't get a taxi because they will make It for you really expensive! The best way is the metro! In Athens you can use the metro for everything, you have It in the airport also. Good luck!

what was the main purpose of the Acropolis?

The Acropolis was exclusively for the elite of Athens, and the Parthenon was the great Temple of Athena, patron goddess of the city.

How many steps lead from the base of the Acropolis to the Parthenon?

I am pretty sure its 150 steps to the top of the hill. I live in Athens and I have only been there once! (on a school trip years ago!!) but it is difficult and definatly not something to try in the summer!!!