who will win the acc tournament?

I'm pretty sure that Duke will win the ACC tournament

Do you need a record over .500 to play in the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament?

No teams are eliminated when the ACC men's baskbetball tournament are held. You could access this link to get more information. http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-baskbl/acc-mtournament-central-2008.html

ACC tournament, who do u want 2 win, DUKE?

Duke all the way. JJ REDICK is FINALLY out of his slump so watch out UNC.

ACC tournament scores from last night?

espn.com don't be lazy

Do you think NC State will make it past the 1st round of the ACC Tournament? If so, how far will they go?

yes NC State has came up big in tournaments the last couple years. they have a decent team, but their coaching is excellent.

Who will win the ACC Tournament? I'm ready for the tourney to start.?

UNC will win over anyone except Duke because Duke will never lose to UNC 3 out of 3 times in a season, and I like Georgia Tech as a dark horse. Virginia also makes a strong case as to why they have a legit shot at winning as well.

Which team will win the ACC tournament and why?

how bout Duke

I think unc will win the acc tournament they are very strong right now who do you think will win it?

It will probably come down to Duke and UNC, but you never know. Duke looks absolutely exhausted right now, and UNC is peaking at the right time. I'll take UNC until Duke shows me that they aren't going through the motions.

If Duke wins the ACC will they make it to the final four?

Not necessarily, one has nothing to do with the other. Duke could go to the final four without winning the ACC and they may not get past the first round if they win the ACC.

Since UNC lost to Duke today in ACC Championship, does UNC still go to the NCAA Tournament?

Yes, they are ranked high enough to still go. And I think they should win at least 2 games, maybe 3.

About the ACC tournament?

The ACC is their confrence, and just cause you lose in your confrence tournament doesn't mean your out of the NCAA tournament. Duke is an good example of that, they have been a powerhouse all year so they are in the NCAA tournament but may not have the seed in the tournament they wanted because they lost. So no worries they still have a shot. Most confrences have a season ending tournament to find a confrence champion, the winner of the confrence championship has an automatic position in the NCAA tournament. The rest of the team are selected by a committee

Who will win the ACC Tournament?


How many teams from the ACC were selected to play in the NCAA tournament?

There are 7 ACC teams in the NCAA tourney. Boston College North Carolina Duke Clemson Wake Forest Florida St. Maryland

Who will win ACC tournament, Duke or UNC?

I think both colleges are great teams and I my self am a KU fan but i think duke takes the cake. Tyler Hansbourogh(how do u spell his name?) is good, but not good enough. duke is all around better.

Can Maryland win the ACC tournament? Should they get a #2 seed?

No Va Tech will win.

Who do you think will win the ACC tournament?

UNC, once again proving to the entire nation why Roy Williams is the best coach in the nation period.

How many teams from the ACC were selected to play in the NCAA Tournament this year?


With North Carolina winning their second straight ACC title, are they the overwhelming favorites to win it all

of course who else has the depth they have or close to it

How will the Big East & ACC perform in this year's NCAA tournament?

Playing tougher teams during the season only makes you a tougher team. With both conferences playing tougher schedules during the regular season, that will just make them that much harder to beat come tourney time. I predict two, maybe three teams will make it to the Final Four this year from these two conferences.

In the 2009 ACC Tournament, who will win out of Duke and Wake Forest?

Definitely Wake.

who won the first acc tournament?

North Carolina State over Wake Forest 82-80in overtime. The Wolfpack won the first three ACC Tournaments.

How many guaranteed NCAA tournament berths does the ACC have?

Just one... The ACC Conference Tournament champ gets an automatic bid. The other ACC teams that get into the tournament are "At-Large" bids.

Did Duke win the ACC Tournament?

1. Yes Duke won over Georgia tech 2. The got a 1 seed. 3. Clemson, Maryland, Wake, Florida St, Ga Tech

Which teams from the ACC will make the NCAA tournament?

obviously unc,duke, and clemson are all in Miami will make it because of their home wins and they started strong and went down..Came back up with that Duke win though huh... Maryland wont make it..doesnt have any other wins other than UNC that impresses me or anything spectacular..Look for them to upset someone in the ACC tournament maybe..that will give them a spot Vtech- They have got to got to GOT TO win the ACC tournament or at least get to the finals well there u go GO HEELS!!!

Did Miami's shocking run through the ACC tournament hurt Duke's chances at a #1 seed somewhat?

Duke should still get the #1 seed it isn't their fault the ACC tournament has been so whack. They are still a #1 seed caliber team. BQ: A lot of praying. there is no way A & M wins that game BQ2: Not turn the ball over and shoot well from the 3 point range

2009 ACC Tournament Bracket and Picks?

Quaterfinals 1 North Carolina over 8 Virginia Tech 4 Florida State over 5 Clemson 2 Wake Forest over 10 NC State 6 Boston College over 3 Duke(upset) Semifinals 1 North Carolina over 4 Florida State 2 Wake Forest over 6 Boston College Finals 1 North Carolina over 2 Wake Forest UNC wins 3rd straight ACC tournament

How many teams in the ACC will make the tournament next year?

maryland, duke maybe unc, wake, georgia tech, va tech

Is there an app that will allow me to watch the ACC Tournament on my iphone. The men's basketball tournament.?

I am not sure but if there is let me know. That would be sick.

Miami vs. Maryland upset! Acc tournament?

Maryland played poorly and Miami played great. On paper, yes it was a fluke; Maryland beats Duke twice and UNC, then goes on to lose against the "worst" team in the ACC. If you actually watch the game, Miami was clearly the better team that afternoon especially when it came to rebounding. Miami really isn't a bad team. I was hoping that they could have pulled a second upset over BC which they almost did. Anyways, in terms of NCAA seeding, I still think Maryland will get a 6 or 7.

ACC tournament predictions?

duke might have lost to maryland yesterday but theyl bounce back there to deep and have to many good shooters for anyone else to handle this year.

Why is the ACC tournament in St Pete/Tampa Bay?

the acc for some reason likes to constantly move the site of the conference tourney, and especially to obscure sites, so no one knows where it is...most of the time it is in greensboro, nc, which is where acc headquarters is, but they've also held it in washington, dc for one year

Why is Maryland 3rd in each set of standings for the acc yet they got the 5th seed in the acc tournament?

Maryland: Sun, Dec 10 at Boston Coll. L 62-73 Sun, Jan 21 at Virginia Tech L 64-67 BC, VT, and Maryland all have identical ACC records (10-6) at the moment. As such, they go to tie-breakers to determine who gets what seeding in the ACC Tourney. Due to the fact that Maryland lost their games against BC and VT, they fall to 5th in the seedings.

What does it take for an ACC team to clinch an NCAA tournament berth?

ok, ALL teams in the conference go to the ACC tournament, the winner of this tournament gets an automatic bid for the NCAA tournament. All other teams must receive an at-large bid. On average 5 or 6 teams from this conference get at-large bids. As for the big 10 comment, I am a fan of the big ten, IU fan and alum, but in the years of the ACC/Big Ten challengs, the Big Ten has never beat the ACC. (that is somewhat skewed b/c the Big Ten NEVER gets a favorable draw for this tournament.) just my opinion.

Watch the ACC Tournament online?

I believe that you can watch the games on accselect.com. It does cost money to watch the games there.

Who has a better chance of winning the ACC tournament?

UNC. Duke has always had nasty player, but they never capitalize. I mean, the SHOULD, considering they have some all stars.. UNC all the way

How does the seeding work for the acc mens basketball tournament?

Its based on the standings at the end of the regular season. In the event of a tie. the tiebreaker is based on head 2 head matchup between the two teams. If that record is also split then how them the teams record against the next team above them in the standings is used. Tiebreakers get kinda hard to explain so I'm just going to post this link. http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/022607aaa.html That page goes over the seeding process.

Propose your idea for a new ACC Baseball Tournament?

I agree right now it is a Joke, there's no advantage to being the #1 seed expect for a 3 way tie. Option 1 Do it like basketball, all 12 teams get in single game elimination . 1 bye 8 vs. 9 4 bye 7 vs. 10 2 bye 6 vs. 11 3 bye 5 vs. 12 Option 2 The winner from each division plays a 3 game series for the win, this is my personnel favorite. In this years case FSU would play UNC in a 3 game series for the conference. Option 3 8 or 4 Team Double Elimination Tournament. 1 vs. 8 4 vs. 5 2 vs. 7 3 vs. 6

How far do you think Boston College will go in the ACC basketball tournament?

If Rice does well and 2 of his teamates also do well they should make it to the second round or maybe the third if clemson or Vt biffs.

Anyone watching the ACC tournament this afternoon?

i know! i have no idea why they're playing that its kinda creepy... LOL

Why do they keep marketing 'Lil Mama' on the ACC tournament?

because they want to maybe? why did the nba play pussycat dolls all the time?

How can you watch the acc tournament online for free?

Espn360.com is your best bet. I don't know about the other sites everybody is using, but ESPN360 usually has a wide selection of games, sports, and all. Try it out.

how early can i be at session 2 of the acc basketball tournament?

What do you think of Georgia Tech upsetting #19 Maryland 69-64 in the ACC tournament?

GT!!! Whoo I hate Maryland but it was a good game. BQ:NC State http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ApKvodbu_8ASF5E0Q_Khac_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100312180404AAY25X1 BQ2:I was supised.

Which conference will get more teams into the NCAA tournament, the ACC or Big East?

ACC for sure. ACC: north carolina duke wake forest clemson miami virginia tech Big East: UConn Pitt Marquette louisville villanova

What do you think of Georgia Tech defeating North Carolina 62-58 in the 1st Round of the ACC tournament?

Being a Yellow Jacket fan, I'm very happy as it's a win in the ACC tournament, it gives them 20 wins so far and a sweep of the Heels who were definetly not their usual selves this year. Hewitt has been on the hot seat this season despite the fact that they have 20 wins because of all those close losses on the road and many feel as if Tech hasn't played up to their potential with the talent they have on the floor. Their defense is mostly excellent but they turn the ball over too much and seem to have a hard time just throwing the ball in. Before the ACC tournament I thought Tech needed to win that 1st game or they were done along with Hewitt. Now I believe they will be in even if they lose the next game. But hey, let's just win the whold tournament and get that automatic bid! Go Jackets!

How is a tie decided in the ACC Baseball Tournament?

If it's a 2 way tie the tie goes to the H2H winner for example if Miami beats FSU but loses to BC and FSU beats GT but loses to Miami and BC loses to GT Miami 2-1 FSU 2-1 GT 1-2 BC 1-2 Miami would get the edge because they beat FSU. IF it's a 3 way tie than the tie breaker goes to the highest seed so if FSU beats Miami but loses to GT Miami beats BC but loses to FSU FSU 2-1 Miami 2-1 GT 2-1 BC 0-3 FSU advances being the #1 seed.

If FSU wins the ACC Baseball Tournament will they get a national seed?

There's no way of knowing for sure at this point but it is very very likely, even if they make it to the championship game they should get the #8 seed. Right now a lot of experts have the #8 seed going to Georgia Tech if FSU can defeat them in the ACC tournament that will give this a shot also. A tournament win or championship appearance should lock it up though with Carolina getting one either way.

Do you think Georgia Tech had a good run through the ACC tournament?

Georgia Tech is a great team but completely unpredictable; with possibillity of upsetting a higher seed ; and/ or losing to a lower seed; i see them as a 10 seed in the tourney; great run through the ACC ; now i hope they continue to be consistent; to maybe a sweet 16!

How many teams go to the ACC tournament?

All 12 teams make it to the tournament. The top 4 seeded teams get a first round bye.

How do you buy tickets for the ACC tournament?

Stub Hub should work just fine.