What are my chances of getting a nomination?

Rewrite last paragraph. Be more asscertive. Be direct and not a pushover. Summarize. I want to carry on my family tradition of military of service as an Officer in the Air Force. I have enjoyed and excelled while participaing in JROTC and want to make the military a career. I believe with my dedication and strong academic foundation I would be a strong candidate for your consideration. Something to that effect. Good luck.

A few Questions on West Point Admissions?

1. You have time to fill out the questionnaire. This is simply a mechanism for the school to have your contact information. They will not be using the questionnaire for admission purposes. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to update the application. I would definitely take the SAT or ACT. This will be a very good signal if you’re competitive for applying. 2. I remember doing my CFA at the beginning of my senior year. This is something that you’ll be told about by your local admissions representative. I would start preparing for the test this summer. I’d dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour practicing the events every day. You’ll score noticeable better through preparation. 3. I wouldn’t worry about your friend’s competitiveness. I definitely wouldn’t discourage him from applying. He might have his own personal plan to shed the pounds this summer. In the end, you should work as a team through the application - the better candidate will be selected. 4. Getting a nomination is very difficult. It’s almost impossible to answer the question of which is harder to get. If you had to choose between congressional districts, I would personally call both representatives and find out how many applicants they had from both districts. In the end, I would apply to the district that was less competitive.

The OSCAR nominee list are in!!?

I'm happy for Jeremy Renner he finally got nominated, his performence was gr8 in the hurt locker. And as for Stanley Tucci and Penelope Cruz they did a solid acting. It doesn't matter if the movie got bad reviews. And c'mon 2012 was a joke.

2012 Oscar Snubs, what do you think?

For best picture... Harry Potter & Drive. For best male actor Michael Fassbender for Shame. For best original screenplay 50/50.