Does anyone else think Abigail Breslin is kinda a bad actress?

i love her she is so adorable. i never saw kit so idk, but i love deffinately, maybe and everything else also that shes been in and i think shes good, but i never really noticed anything being bad.

what bra is abigail breslin wearing in the new years eve trailer where she flashes her mom?

What movie are we talking about?

Is Abigail Breslin in The Saturdays music video for Higher?

it certainly looks like her. but abigail is 14 now, and the girl in the video is younger. i'm 99% sure it's not her.

Abigail Breslin in a movie about indigo children?

Not from what I can tell, but you can see/explore her entire filmography here: Hope this helps!

How old was Abigail Breslin in the Princess Diaries 2?

Abigail Breslin was in that movie? Hmm never knew that. Try (international movie database; not spam)

What evidence is there that Abigail Breslin could play Juliet?

She's young enough to portray her and she is a good actress; she's done many successful movies in the past, ex. My Sister's Keeper. She also looks a lot like Juliet by the way Juliet is described in the book: pretty, blonde hair, etc.

i am related to abigail breslin how do i get poeple to belive that?

Have photographs of the two of you at a family thing, ready to show people who doubt you.

Do you think Abigail breslin is wrong for the role of Anna in My sister Keeper?

I agree. I think that she's too young for the role. When i read it i pictured someone older and more mature.

Abigail Breslin?

i think it a wig she was on jay leno and looks the same as she alwas did

abigail breslin?

ik! she is such a good actor, I dont know her, but it would be saweet to see her in person!