Why did Aaron Sorkin's 'Sports Night' get cancelled?

Because Aaron got caught up in the West Wing and could only do justice to one show. West Wing had by far better ratings so he decided to concentrate on that instead. He would have kept working on both, but ABC bascially made the decision for him. There was a lot of tension that second season caused by him missing deadlines and arguments with certain cast members.

Was that Aaron Sorkin in the last episode of The West Wing? At the inaguration.?


Aaron Sorkin, why a hypocrite like most liberals?

Really ? Sarah needs to hunt for food? I didnt know she was struggling in this economy too... I thought it was for show.. thanks

Why did Aaron Sorkin conveniently....?

The killing of animals is part of a responsible wildlife conservation program.... without hunters "killing for fun"..... wildlife goes through "feast and famine" cycles that are much more cruel than a bullet.....in fact without a responsible hunting program so much damage can be done to the wildlife and the environment.....species could go extinct compassion for the animals is nice.....,but myopic....not killing them often proves to be MORE cruel Aaron Sorkin may make good movies.....but why would I take his advice or value his opinion on politics....as to a double standard.....not unusual for either side of the aisle.... I marvel at the visceral opposition that Sarah Palin generates.... it is illogical.....you would think the liberals would welcome such a "weak" "unequipped" opponent..... Why do they spend so much time trying to destroy a conservative that has "no chance"..... they make up bold face lies....doctor photographs.....fake SAT transcripts....fake lists of banned books... they claim she is "dumb" yet she got straight A's in school....was a member of the Honors Society......they attack her for her wildlife conservation program, but not the governors of the other states for doing the same thing.....they call her dumb for things she says but give Obama a pass on saying equally dumb things.......why all that work if she is "unqualified"..... I think they are afraid of someone who resonates with most of the American voters....has proven her honesty and core values.....someone who is MORE qualified than the current occupant of the White House

Where online can I find Aaron Sorkin's script for the play version of A Few Good Men?

Samuel French might have a play version; and Script-o-rama might have the film version. As perhaps the library at SAG (Screen Actors Guild).

Aaron Sorkin compares Sarah Palin to Michael Vic?

I'd enjoy being at Sarah's dinner table. Michael's - not so much, but thanks for the offer.

Anyone know why Aaron Sorkin chose Josiah Bartlett as the name of the president in The West Wing Series?

The back story of this character is that Bartlet is a descendant of Declaration of Independence signer from New Hampshire Josiah Bartlett, and served as governor of New Hampshire before landing in the White House. The full “biography” of the character is given here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josiah_Bartlet

Anyone here like The West Wing by Aaron Sorkin?

Because at that point in the show, Josh had resigned his position to run the campaign of Matt Santos. I would love to see Jeb Bartlett be President.

Does liberal drug addict and television writer Aaron Sorkin have any idea what butchers do every day?

no just the typical lib who doesn't want to get his hands dirty but reap the benefits and looks down on those that do. typical lazy lib.

Why did Aaron Sorkin choose a democratic president?

Alex - They did an interview with Aaron Sorkin and asked him this question: "Let's look at the politics of this show. This is a liberal Democratic president. How did you decide to make it that way?" AARON SORKIN: Well, that was easy. My father wouldn't let me in the house if it wasn't. I think what's important is that the tendency probably in television would be, if you were going to do a show like this, you better have a White House that drives down the middle of the road, one designed to bother as few people as possible. This is a White House, particularly early on in the season, that bothered quite a few people, people on the right. And I'd like to say a couple of things about that, if you don't mind. One is that I don't think that television shows or, for that matter, movies or plays or paintings or songs can be liberal or conservative. I think that they can only be good or bad. I think that if this is to be a credible White House, we are very familiar with the vocabulary of government now. We all read the newspapers, we all watch the news. There are going to be words like Democrat and Republican. People are going to take sides, and people are going to argue. The characters on the show are capable of arguing all sides of an issue. Oftentimes, their position is not what you'd expect it to be. In the third episode last season, Bartlet took a position on a military response that was so hawkish it frightened the joint chiefs. But, finally, if you don't mind a bit of a sales pitch, the show has, in some quarters on the right, has been attacked for being too liberal. And at a time when the FTC report has come out and Hollywood is being scolded, I think it's a good idea to notice that "The West Wing" is a show that has no gratuitous violence, no gratuitous sex. It has featured the character of the president of the United States kneeling on the floor of the Oval Office and praying. This, I would think, would be exactly what conservative Republicans would want to see on television. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/media/west_wing/sorkin.html