Who will be the premiere quarterback in the SEC this season?

well, i think tyler bray (tennessee), stephen garcia (scar) and aaron murray (geiorgia). those are my top 3 in any order.

How does someone cut open the bottom of their chin while playing football?

Someone making impact with their helmet,right under the facemask. Last year Georgia QB Aaron Murray had his chin cut open by Nick Fairly on this play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlHsBwWv2Uc

College football best 2013/2014?

Just to name a few: A.J. McCarron, Braxton Miller, Aaron Murray, Jadeveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins, T.J. Yeldon, Teddy Bridgewater......

Who are your top 5 WRs and QBs for next College football season?

QB - Matt Barkley (USC), Geno Smith (WV), Tyler Wilson (ARK), Keith Price (Washington), Aaron Murray (GA) / Tyler Bray (Tenn) WR - Keenan Allen (Cal), Sammy Watkins (Clem), Tavon Austin (WV), Robert Woods (USC), Cody Hoffman (BYU) Mizzou - Dorial Beckham Green - Notable WR Frosh.

Should i start Demarco Murray or Michael Bush tonight?

murray FTW

Good God, Aaron Rodgers is tempting?

No way.....The drop off from Fred Jackson (Arguably fantasy's MVP this year) to Murray is far too great. You can scrape by with Tebow and drop Orton ASAP, and grab someone like Tavaris Jackson or someone who's actually playing to rotate in with, depending on matchup. Plus, M Williams is garbage, and you need the WR depth with Roddy (even if he IS struggling). I personally stand pat here.

Trade my Murray, Ridley, and RG3 for Peterson and Rodgers?

If you are talking about Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson then don't even bother because it will get vetoed. You are giving up bums for two of the best fantasy players in the NFL. Rg3 is a bum. Ridley is a bum. Murray is hurt once again for the 4th year in a row. I mean if you can honestly pull that off then of course but it will get vetoed.

Who will the Browns pick in the draft next year?

There will be at least 3 QB's drafted before Johnny Football next year -- Teddy Bridgewater, Brett Hundley (whom I think is the best QB in the draft), and Tahj Boyd. Aaron Murray and David Fales will probably go ahead of Manziel, as well.

Who can we expect to be big playmakers for college football this season?

Just to name a few since there will be so many: Matt Barkley, USC; Matthieu of LSU; Tyler Wilson of Arkansas; Aaron Murray of Georgia; A J McCarron of Alabama......

NCAAF ➤ NFL: Georgia's Murray is NFL bound?

Q1. I can't imagine he won't be going pro. He's a senior and according to CBS Sports, the 8th best QB in the draft. Even though I think he's a top 3, he'll probably go second or third round Q2. Probably not immediately, but eventually I think he can.

Geno Smith vs Matt Barkley. Who is the better qb and why?

Geno because he is more accurate at throwing the football. If the Dallas Cowboys don't do good this season, they should draft Geno Smith or Aaron Murray from Georgia University. Smith and Murray are very good quarterbacks.

Need help please for an Aaron Rodgers trade 10 POINTS!?

i wouldnt do it. rodgers is pretty much equal to fred but it leavs you way too weak at RB. if best was healthy, i might think different but you cant expect to compete with battle and murray as your every week starters. also, vjax>>murray felix is coming back, remember. thats going to hurt his stats Check out my weekly rankings blog http://bit.ly/weeklyFFrankings

georiga fans: now that stafford has declared to pro....?

Joe Cox... unless something happens to him. Next in line is Logan Gray. I have a good feeling about Aaron Murray though. I think he'll be great for us in the future but he won't be starting next season because Cox knows our routine, he's experienced and a senior leader.

If you were an NFL GM would you draft Johnny Manziel?

No. I think he would be too immature and having played only one season of college ball he wouldn't be as seasoned as some of the other quarterbacks in the draft like an A.J. McCarron or an Aaron Murray....

Who should I trade for DeMarco Murray or Greg Jennings?

Murray is his best player after gronk. You have to give him somehting to upgrade his team, like Eli and Lynch for Murray. Or Eli, Lunch and Britt for Murray and Jennings

Is Aaron Murray single?

yes, he is.

Help me name my baby?

aaron, sean, murray, fraser, josh, jake, robbie, marc, russel, david, kevin, carter, cowin, michael, lucas your surname is great and goes with most things

Who do you want to win the college football national championship?

I would love to see young Aaron Murray hoist a trophy over his head. I think the Bulldogs have actually worked hard to get where they are. Alabama, however, might be a little too much. Go Dogs, but I think Alabama has the SEC Championship as well as the BCS National.

Will Aaron Murray be a top 10 QB draft pick?

No.. He'll probably go between the 3rd and 5th rounds... Getting injured dropped his draft stock immensely....

how many quaterbacks have the auburn defense put out of a game this 2010 season?

McElroy, Mallett, Jarrett Lee, Aaron Murray, Stephen Garcia.. I think that's all.. but Kyle Parker missed some time and so did the guy from Miss State.. thing is McElroy, Mallett and Lee were just on good hits.. Garcia committed suicide and Kyle Parker had bad luck

Who are your best five Heisman hopefuls?

A.J MaCarron - Alabama.. Collin Klein - Kansas St... Kenyan Barner - Oregon... Braxton Miller - Ohio State... Aaron Murray - Georgia.....

If Aaron Murray enters the draft, will he be the biggest steal?

I think that is a definite possibility. He has alot of talent and really doesnt get credit. He would be drafted behind alot of Qb's and could sneak into the league.

AC Stylin: told you the Texans are after Aaron Murray?

What NFL QBs can you compare these College QBs to?

Teddy Bridgewater. A faster Alex Smith Blake Bortles. Blaine Gabbert. Johnny Manziel. A better Russell Wilson Derek Carr. David Carr Tahj Boyd. RG3 Zach Mettenberger. Ben Roethlisberger AJ McCarron. Andy Dalton Aaron Murray. Matt Ryan

does aaron murray have down syndrome?

I don't think he does.

will aaron murray be a 2nd round draft pick?

I doubt he will be drafted in the 2nd round, maybe 4th or 5th after the ACL injury. Id say 3rd round at the earliest. Hes a really good QB, but not a great prospect due to lack of size and arm strength. Don't get me wrong hes no Tebow. Hes way better than him. But even if your Dolphins get him he will be a backup though, so it really wont matter.

change msstate quaterback and they will be in top 10?

yea, and change georgia qb to aaron murray and we will play yall in the sec c game

Who you got: Georgia or LSU?

Georgia won in a great offensive game.. 44-41..... Aaron Murray proves once again he can win a big game......

Isn't it terrible that Aaron Murray's last pass...?

Yes.. It is.. Hind sight is 20/20 but he probably should have left school early last year.....

Who was famous chess player Manuel Aaron from India?

Manuel Aaron (born 30 December 1935, Toungoo, Burma) was the first Indian chess master in the modern tradition. He dominated chess in India in the 1960s to the 1980s, was the national champion of India nine times between 1959 and 1981. He was India's first International Master, and is one of the key figures in introducing international chess practices to India; until the 1960s, chess in India (known as chaturang), was often played using many local traditional variants[1] (e.g. in lieu of castling, the king could execute a knights move once, if it had not been checked). Aaron helped popularize the international variety, forming many chess groups and urging players to study openings and other formal chess literature. Born in colonial Burma of Indian parents, Aaron grew up in Tamil Nadu, India, where he did his schooling, finishing his B.Sc. from Allahabad University. Aaron was Indian National Champion nine times (out of 14 championships between 1959–1981), including a run of five consecutive titles between 1969 and 1973. He also won the Tamil Nadu Chess Championship 11 times (1957–1982); after him, Tamil Nadu emerged as the chess powerhouse of India. He won the West Asian Zonal against Mongolia's Sukien Momo 3-1 (earning his International Master's rating), and the Asian-Australian Zonal final against Cecil Purdy of Australia 3-0 in 1961.[2] In 1961, he won the Arjuna Award for Indian sportsmen, the first-ever chess player to be so honoured. These wins at the Asian level qualified him for the Interzonals, and in 1962, he played in the Stockholm interzonal and although finishing last (23rd place), his game was notable for the defeats he inflicted on grandmasters Lajos Portisch and Wolfgang Uhlmann, and his general aversion to draws.[3] Aaron also played thrice with the Indian team at the Chess Olympiads. He captained the Indian team at Leipzig 1960 (+2 –10 =8), and at Varna 1962 (+7 –6 =4). In 1964, he played at second board in Tel Aviv (+4 –7 =6). He also led India to the 2nd Asian Team Championship at Auckland in 1977 and to the 4th Asian Team championship at Hangchow in China in 1981. He took 4th in the Commonwealth Championship at Hong Kong 1984. The event was won by Kevin Spraggett and Murray Chandler. He is the author of Dubai Olympiad 1986 and a journalist for The Hindu newspaper. His son, Arvin, is also a well known journalist. Having emerged in an environment without a minimal chess culture, Aaron was very sensitive to the growth of chess awareness in India. He did much to further chess as the Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Chess Association (1977 and 1997) and also as chairman of the All India Chess Federation. It was 17 years before India could have a second International Master in V. Ravi[1] (1978), and its first grandmaster (Vishwanathan Anand), only in 1988. Manuel Aaron remains active in Indian chess circles even today, and has a FIDE rating of 2300+,[4] although he has not been active in competitive chess for several decades.

Predictions on who will when the heisman trophy next year?

Aaron Murray of Georgia or A.J. McCarron of Alabama...

Good morning - Does anyone know the trivia answers for 99.5 WRVE Albany NY and other stations 11.05.13?

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Best NFL-ready college QBs?

Matt Barkley (USC), Landry Jones (Oklahoma), Aaron Murray (Georgia), Tyler Wilson (Arkansas)

Is Aaron Murray (one of the QBs for the University of Georgia) a redshirt freshman or a freshman?

Aaron Murray is redshirted. Logan Gray.

is this true about aaron murray of uga?

Yes...It is true..Good luck to ya....

Who are your 5 front runners for this years Heisman?

In no particular order: Landry Jones Montee Ball Aaron Murray Matt Barkley Tyler Wilson

Nick Fairley just hit Aaron murray again?

Fairley hit him late once. He was flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The only other time he hit him late was when he was blocked into his knees, which is unfortunate. The really cheap sh*t was Georgia's retribution. Classless. How much more crying are you going to do about this?

Should I pick up Aaron Dobson or DeMarco Murray? Also *RATE MY TEAM*, 10 PTS!!!?

If Murray is available pick him up! you need all the help you can get at RB. You're set at WR if anything id try and use one of your top WR to get a solid starting RB. Your team is actually very good but you RB's are holding you back! You need to do whatever possible to upgrade at that position even if you have to offer a higher value than the RB you are targeting because you have the WR's to do so and still be solid at that position. Id try a trade where with Luck, Bowe and Sproles to a guy who doesn't have a good QB and suffering at WR and go after their number one RB. So if you can upgrade at RB even if it is just with Murray id give your team an 8.5/10 with a big upside. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Out of the 4 who's better?

Georgia Aaron Murray QB

SEC question, is Georgia a joke?

I think Aaron Murray is very very good. I hate the SEC. But for some reason i like Georgia. I liked Murray as a sophomore. And last year i liked him a lot. I was assuming he would declare for the draft but he didn't. So im gonna watch him a lot next year. Not sure about the latter question. But probably a decent amount. They gave Alabama a run for their money. There freshman running back killed it against basically a premature NFL quality defense and clearly the best defense in division 1 football.

Who is the best qb in the sec for 2011?

John Brantley or Aaron Murray.

Bulldogs Quarterback?

Aaron Murray looked really good in the spring game, but I think UGA will turn to Cox for the #1 job because he, as you said, is a 5th year senior with alot of experience in the system. It would be wise for them to redshirt Murray as well. He's very talented & with a year to learn the offense, he could be one of the top new QBs in the SEC in 2010.

Omggg Aaron Murray wtf?

Well the ball was tipped, but honestly the reciever has to know to knock the football down. Honestly I never thought Murray was a clutch QB anyway but in my opinion I don't think it was his fault the reciever has to know better. At least Georgia made the game close their were idiot Bama fans who thought it'd be a blowout. Sorry girl first Georgia looses then the Bronco's will loose I feel bad for you :(

who will have better college career. aj mccarron or aaron murray?

They both will have fine college careers ... being a Georgia homer I'm sticking with Aaron Murray .... (smiling)

Agree or Disagree: Aaron Murray is better than Tyler Wilson.?

I think Murray has a slight edge just because of his experience.. Wilson has better receivers....

Did it seem to anyone else that Fairley was blocked into Aaron Murray?

You can't just look at that play. Fairley was playing DIRTY the whole game. He had already been flagged for roughing the passer twice (one on a 3rd down that eventually lead to a Ga. touchdown, and he drove Murray into the ground from behind) Now I wanted Auburn to win, but if I was a Georgia player I would have taken a swing at the scumbag. EDIT: I mis-read the question the first time, I thought you were saying it looked like he meant to, so I agree it looked like he was blocked into aaron murray, however I go back to the fact he's played dirty the whole game and can see how people would think he was being cheap.

Aj mccaron or aaron murray?

McCarron can win on the big stage.. Murray can't.... I'd go with McCarron anytime.....

Who's the better pro prospect, Aaron Murray or AJ McCarron?

I'll go with McCarron. He's bigger and has a better arm. Murray is like Colt McCoy in both those regards. I think McCarron could be a starter down the line, Murray will be lucky to survive a few years as a back up.

Who is better Tyler Wilson or Aaron Murray?

No question Aaron Murray. I believe Aaron Murray will have a successful pro career while Tyler Wilson will be a backup at best.

Whos better tyler bray or aaron murray?

Let's see... Murray is 1st in the sec in passing efficiency, 2nd in passing per game, and 2nd in total offense. He has 28 TD's to Bray's 16. Now I know Bray missed a few games but at this point, I think it's safe to say Murray is clearly the better QB.