How can I expand 9^n (where n is a number between 0 and 1)?

Let y = 9^x, where x is a real number then ln(y) = ln(9^x) = x ln(9) or y = 9^x = e^{ x ln9 }

How would Herman Cain ensure future Congress's don't morph his 9-9-9 plan into a 12-12-12 plan?

He can't. It's just a temporary sales gimmick he learned from the pizza biz.

what is the medical term for the infant scale that ranges 0-9?

It's called the APGAR scale, and it's actually 0-10, with 10 being a healthy baby, and 0 being "blue and not breathing," as you said. The name is for the woman who developed it, Dr. Virginia Apgar, as well as being an acronym for the test itself: -Appearance (color), -Pulse (heartbeat), -Grimace (reflex irritability), -Activity (muscle tone), -Respiration. Each one is scored between 0 and 2. 6 or better is good, 4-6 usually need resuscitation, and under 4 need dramatic livesaving techniques. It's actually done twice, at one and five minutes after birth. At five minutes, they look for a score of 7 or better, and will monitor a baby under 7.

How many ways can 9 keys be arranged on a key ring? 10 Points for Explanation!?

If you mean the order of the keys, then your answer makes some sense: 362,880 But if the ring is circular, then it's "wraparound", i.e. 123456789 is the same as 567891234, right? So then divide your answer by 9 to get 40,320. But what about reversing the keys, i.e. flipping them over, attaching them the other way? Or decorating them with colours? Or any other arrangement? The possibilities are endless.

Knowing an inch is 5 digits long, How long is 9^9^9 to the nearest mile?

9^9^9 = 9^(9^9) = 9^387420489 I'd first note that 9^87 ≈ 10^83. So the number of digits would be about 387420489 * 83 / 87 ≈ 369608053. Convert to miles: 369608053 / 5 / 12 / 5280 ≈ 1167 miles

What is the relevance of the number 9?

I don't know what is meant in District 9, however, I do Numerology. They number 9 is the Humanitarian number. It is the most evolved number in Numerology. If your life path number is a 9... you are a natural leader, people follow you if you do good or bad, 9's usually have a hard time letting go of the past. They are very creative and a think too much. They truly care about people... people usually LOVE them.. and Love to be around them... 9 is the Number for the one who truly knows how to serve. To figure out your Life Path number you add all numbers of your Birth Month, Birth date, and Birth year to come to a single digit number. example: 12-21-1974 .... 1+2+2+1+1+9+7+4=27.... 2+7=9 It is highest number in Numerology. Hope this helps!

How do you get to World 9-9 on New Super Mario Brothers Wii?

I didn't know about a 9-9 but you might have to get all the star coins in world 9. If you've done that then i don't know.

What would the political ideologies think about Cains 9-9-9 plan?

One thing that stands out if that Cain's plan is trying to simplify a really complex tax code for individuals and businesses. I don't like the idea of a VAT tax because with all taxes, they will go up over time and the national sales tax is new. How this will effect the economy is uncertain.

How to simplify 9 X the square root of 5?

Does District 9 lend itself to a video game or a sequel?

The sequel is slated to come out sometime next year, and you know there has to be a video game somewhere in the works, I mean it's America, it's what they do lol