How can the 76ers make it to 8th spot in playoffs?

I'm an avid and loyal 76er aficionado also, and technically they are still in the race, although it is unlikely they will make the playoffs. They are two games behind the 8th spot, and have four games left. Their next game is against the Magic, and winning that will get the Sixers a game closer. It is the most pivotal game because whoever wins it will get a 2-1 edge, meaning that if the Sixers and the Magic end up with the same record, the team that wins Saturday's match will get the nod.

Why were the 76ers and Raptors able to make a trade while the finals is still on-going?

yes, as long as both teams' seasons are over, you can make trades

When will Elton Brand moving at the stariting line up for the 76ers?

Nope.Their Coach Eddie Jordan said,"Elton Has To Play a Role Of The Bench,Were Adding Athleticism To Our Starting Lineup,And Taking Away Height.Elton Will Not Start For A While..."

What in the world happened to the 76ers tonight?

Miami have 2 of the best players in the East and both are retarded good at scoring. They also have a decent offensive PF. The reason they take big leads so fast is because their defense is really strong and can shut down teams with ease when they feel like playing. P.S. Go Knicks beat the Keltics

Is Doug Collins wrong for publicly stating that the Heat are a better team than the 76ers?

Collins is right, but what's really going on is he's challenging his team to dig deep and come up with a big effort. If they can steal one game, momentum and confidence just might swing the Sixers' way. Yeah, it's a long shot, but unless LeBron, D Wade and Bosh all get chicken pox or jury duty, it's their only chance.

How can I get the 76ers game on my laptop?

ive been there, done that. Believe me, the only site where you can watch high quality live streams of nba games is heres a link: I cant garuntee that you'll find the 76 ers game but is your best bet

How do you feel when Allen Iverson came back to 76ers?

I think his image has been effecting teams more than his playing ability. I think he can still play well and that the 76ers should be happy to have him back. Obviously in his interview you could tell that he deeply regrets what he did in the past and only wants whats best for his family and the team he's playin for.

Who in your opinion would make up your all time 76ers 12 man roster?

PG. MO CHEEKS SG. ALLEN IVERSON SF. JULIUS ERVING PF. CHARLES BARKLEY C. WILT CHAMBERLAIN 6. Moses Malone 7. Billy Cunningham 8. Hal Greer 9. Dolph Shayes 10. George McGinnis 11. Bobby Jones 12. Al Cervi

Is it better for the Heat to finish 2nd and play the Knicks or 3rd and play the 76ers?

TO BE Honest ill rather the Heat play the sixers because i live in jersey and ill go to everygame but i think they should take the second seed because its really hard to beat the Celtics at home

Does anybody see that 76ers fan at courtside who keeps jumping out of his seat and pacing and kneeling?

How obvious is it that the Bulls are basically just like those Iverson lead 76ers teams?

Iverson never once had a frontcourt anywhere close as talented as Noah and Boozer, and Iverson in Philly never once had a wing player as talented as Luol Deng. And as for Iverson, or Rose, being "inefficient".. Iverson got his team full of crappy players to the Finals. Philly was a perennial contender for the East, until Iverson left, and they instantly became perennial lottery team. And the Bulls are headed for a 1 seed in a conference with a "LeBron/Wade/Bosh" combo and a "Rondo/Garnett/Allen/Pierce" combo. Inefficient is DEFINITELY NOT the word to describe Rose or Iverson. I have the Bulls losing to the Lakers in this year's Finals, but Rose will definitely get a ring, as long as they can keep this group of players together.

How do I watch the Phoenix suns vs Phildelphia 76ers? Hoped i helped.

Basketball: where are Detroit pistons and 76ers fans i never see them and not allot of people talk about them?

There are a few still around on here, but if you notice whenever a team that starts winning again, more people gravitate toward them and claim them as being a fan of that team and start repping them whereas if that team is losing you will hardly see anyone repping that team. Atleast on this site anyways.

What will the Philadelphia 76ers do during the summer of 2010?


What Year Did the 76ers Play The Celtics In The Playoffs?

it was 2002 then when they lost larry brown blamed allen iverson for not coming to practice then he made his famous practice speech

Have the Philadelphia 76ers made a huge mistake?

Yes, I agree.

Who was the NBA player for the 76ers with the first name Charles and was white?

ask him what his last name is then once you find that just google him

Does anyone think the Philadelphia 76ers are kinda overrated?

What do you think about the 76ers turning back the clock and bringing back the old logo?

Im a huge Sixers fan and i like it. Although i liked their old logo and jerseys i think bringing back the old logo is great because of its history. I just hope the new jerseys are somewhat modern version of the throwback uniforms and not the exact same ones.

What moves should the philadelphia 76ers make this offseason?

Trade Elton Brand, he's a half court player and they are a full court team. They never should have brought him to Philadelphia in the first place. This would give them some salary Cap Space also and maybe they can sign players whose skills fit better with the rest of the team.

Do you take the 76ers and Nuggets seriously to make noise come playoff time, or is this just a hot start?

The latter. While both teams have been playing well, I think there are stronger teams that will knock them out in the first round, second round the latest.

How much does a suite or club box cost at a Flyers or 76ers game at the Wachovia Spectrum?

The 76ers have a Birthday Package which would include them putting the birthday person's name on the Jumbotron. Here is the link for more info

What is the name of the song played in the arena during Philadelphia 76ers pregame introductions?

try: young jeezy "put on" hes says "I put on for my city" thats the closest I can come up with.

What players should the 76ers look to trade for next year?

trade brand and go after boozer

Say, Would David Stern have a heart attack if Grizzlies vs 76ers turned out to be the NBA finals?

Stern did experience twice in 1994 (Knicks vs Rockets) and 2005 (Pistons vs Spurs), respectively, but your prediction is really fatal lol! Speaking on substitute refs, I would say they set a higher standard on interpreting those rules - as we have blamed regular refs for giving favorable calls to star players at crucial moments for years, substitute refs actually do their job in a more objective perspective. It is used to be a positive for the development of professional basketball, but all Stern wants is an enormous amount of monetary return and he allows the regular refs to whistle for the interest of the Association. This explains why I love the games in NBA, but I really hate the hypocratic Stern to rule the association.

What do the 76ers have to do now to make the playoffs?

they need to win out (more games then the 9th seeded knicks) then they need the Magic to lose at least 4 out of their 5 remaining games or the Nets lose all of their games. No matter what the 76ers have to win out and Orlando has to lose out because the Nets are nearly a lock to make the playoffs. next year without Iverson the 76ers will make the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference.

What would you like to see the 76ers do this off season?

espn reports that the sixers and clips have been talking about trading igoudala for kaman plus a few picks

How do you think the Philadelphia 76ers will draft?

From what I've read, Portland and Seattle are both committed to drafting Oden and Durant, respectively. So I don't think there will be a trade within the top two picks. From pick three to near the end of the first round, I think the talent is roughly the same, so probably the Sixers will keep all of their picks.

How do you think the Philadelphia 76ers will fair in 09/10?

Elton Brand must step up his game for the Sixers improve their last season's win-loss record. He was the missing link on the Sixers side last season, though health reason is the culprit. If Brand would perform just like he did in his MVP like season during his Clippers years then expect them to be seeded at number 4 or 5 in the playoffs.

Are baseline seats good at a 76ers game?

Definately perfect view and think about whwn teams like the knicks or clippers come around... Definately worth it

How many years will it take the 76ers to be a dangerous team?

Evan turner is still a rookie, when did we start this trade rookies because they're not elite superstars? I mean give him time, he almost had a triple double today. 8 points 8 rebounds 7 assits are pretty solid and he's already had a couple double doubles. Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner will do good things for Philli. If they can get some value by trading iggie and hope brand can still produce along with thaddeus young continuing his growth, they should be good. it all depends on what they can get for iggie cause I don't see Turner and Iggie sharing a back court. IF they do happen to find chemistry, they will be dangerous.

How do you feel about 76ers chance to move on to the 2nd round?

50-50. Bulls still pretty good without Rose

How can I get free tickets to see a 76ers basketball game?

Marry the owner

BasketBall: How would you react if the 76ers vs Knicks?

if he roots for 76ers does that make him a bandwagoner or just an idiot?

He is a NBA fan. You can't stop somebody from rooting for another team. Besides, 76ers aren't even that good. That can't make him a bandwagoner or an idiot.

What must the 76ers do to become a better team? Do you feel they will get better as the season progresses?

Obviously they need to go back to their running game..... When Brand comes back.... I think they should move him to the "Center" position and move Sammy to the bench... That should allow them to run since Brand then becomes one of the fastest centers..... shouldn't hinder their defense.....since Brand has the ability to defend the C's (also the fact that they aren't any REAL C's help him out too).... As far as Andre Miller goes....If the sixers dont sign him....then I think Lou Williams takes over......and as you mentioned....they might draft a true PG back up Sweet Lou....

What do the 76ers need to do to improve next season?

A p*s Transplant

Can the 76ers force a game 6 or game 7 in this year's playoffs?

Doubt it, they don't make as much revenue for the nba so they don't get the whistles like the heat/lakers. Proof? Game 6 WCF 2002 lakers vs kings

What happened to Fransisco Elson on the 76ers?

Since I'm a Sixers fan i will know the answer : ) We signed him because are center Spencer Hawes was injured & also Elton Brand was injured to but both of them came back and Doug Collins ( coach ) dont give him any time out there . - Wiz Khalifa

Who will win if the Celtics and 76ers play each other?

How can I get autographs at a philadelphia 76ers game?

wait in their parking lot :]

Why is the Phily 76ers 4th in the NBA Eastern Conf when they have the same win-loss as 7th place Celtics?

if am not mistaken its because the celtics lost the head to head match up against pacers and hawks..

Heat fans, would you prefer the Heat play the Knicks or 76ers in the first round?

The NEW Knicks have yet to beat a team with GOOD defense. Heck, even Bucks have a top 5 defense (hard to believe I know) and they lost to them twice. With that being said, the Knicks. 76ers are a complete team, their bench just outscores and is better than the Heat bench anyday. I know 76ers got swept by the Heat, but still... Both the 76ers and Knicks don't have anyone that can stop LeBron or Wade. The only thing about the Knicks is that they are a good offensive team. The thing is, Chauncey has to have an A+ game for Knicks to win. Carmelo, is very good scoring, but there has to be good defense there. I hope LeBron doesn't hold back. I feel like he does everytime he goes up against Carmelo. Heat also have the advantage of Wade at SG. Amar'e is better than Bosh offensively, but atleast Bosh can get rebounds. Heat will also win the rebound battle, and assist battle (LeBron + Wade + Bibby = lol). We can only wait and see. But I still prefer the Knicks, because like you said 76ers is a more complete team. The last Knicks-Heat game was a fluke. The Heat were discovering their struggles with defense, Bosh not in the post, and again bench sucked. They also gave up a lead. I don't remember the last time Heat gave up a lead and LOST. I don't think Heat would allow themselves to go back to square 1 in the playoffs. People thought the Knicks got it before the Heat, no. Defense faltering and having top 2 scorers take advantage, can convert to wins, Heat do that. I think Heat got this in 6 games.

What do the 76ers have to look for with the Allen Iverson trade?

your opinion is very wise and logical it could actually even happen. But I think that Minisota has a good shot at getting AI too by trading Ricky Davis with troy hudson or marco jaric plus some future draft picks. (I also agree that the positions the 76er's need help in the most is point guard and small forward).

Can you move down to lower level at 76ers games?

lmao idk

How mad will you be if the 76ers beat the Wizards tonight?

man finally i come across a wizard fan. for all you wizard haters out there, F off! None of your teams have a chance against us. We are lock and loaded for the playoffs. Make sure to tune in on NBA to watch us in the finals.

Should the 76ers fans prepared themselves for the same result coming from the Heat tomorrow?

I would say the Heat would do worse, but what Chicago did tonight... was pretty brutal.

How remarkable was the 76ers comeback against the Lakers last night?

It was a great game, even tho i was disappointed...=/ Kobe hit a clutch 3 pointer, then the lakers got lazy and didnt defend good AI hit the 3 to win it... Lakers will bounce back 2morrow against the warriors. Lakers in '09


good upset. the pistons are a lazy team and not the same without ben wallace. better team without iverson? i think so.


ummmm, i dunno, lol, i dont understand most sports