GeForce GT240 512 DDR3 or Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2?

I would say "go for the GT 240 512 MB" why? simply because it has DDR3 memory which is much better than the DDR2 of the 4650. On such cards the 1 GB memory just wont do any difference more than 1 or 2 %. So 512 MB is fine.

Do you like the USA roster for the upcoming WC qualifiers?

GKs fine DF- I wish Parkhurst was there. MF- leave Freddy on the bench or off the list, Mastroeni had some good days in the US Uniform, but that was like 7 years ago. Bring on Rogers and Stuart Holden, who I thought had a good Olympic campaign. FW - remove Eddie J bring on ... the next Brian McBride.

How reasonable is it to believe the Universe was created for man's sake?

It's just man's unbridled eogmania and inherent narcissism. Religion seems to breed this preposterous sense of importance. Well SOME religions do--the ones who want power over others. Even from a religious point of view---- the idea that these little men, these insects, can 'sin' against God the Creator of the entire universe, is blasphemous.

Bio questions would greatly appreciate your help!!?

While risking doing your homework for you, here are the answers, explained: 1) locomotion Organisms like plants, sponges, and others, are non-motile (do not move) while still classified as organisms. 2) community Community is the level of organization above populations. Populations are a collection of species in an ecosystem, while communities are all the species in an ecosystem. 3) None of these would fit the typical definition of a DEpendent variable, as a dependent variable is what is affected by the independent variable, like germination rate, plant growth, etc. 4) electron microscope Electron microscopes allow you to examine the internal structure of a cell 5) nucleotides Nucleotides (i.e., adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine, or A, C, G, and T) are combined in long chains to construct DNA 6) asking questions about observations of nature This is the basic idea behind science--Why does X do Y? How does X affect Y? etc. 7) they are peer reviewed all scientific articles are submitted to experts in the field before they can be published 8) Ancient Egyptians wikipedia 9) AU (assuming it stands for Astronomical Unit) This is a rough measure of the distance between the Earth and the Sun 10) 1 meter = 1,000 millimeters milli- means 1,000 11) carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen carbons, oxygens, and hydrogens all make up carbohydrates, and others, while ni

what tablet/phone should i get?

what kind of tablet/phone would u rather have?? what should i get?

Samsung Galxy for sure

Which of the following indicates that the universe is expanding?

1 - The spectra of Cepheid variables, which are found in all galaxies, are red shifted. Cephied variables are *always* the same brightness, and it makes a nice 'standard candle' with which we can measure the distance (and speed) of other galaxies. 2. I think it's 4:1 - Hydrogen is *always* the most abundant element... it takes 4 hydrogens to produce a single helium atom, so the ratio can never be less than that. 3. Well, dark energy is the force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe; it's independent of the Dark Matter theory, so... I'm guessing the first one - it will continue to expand at an accelerated rate.

Why does Counter Strike Condition Zero lag?

Bot's make the games lag pretty bad, each bot has it's own memory preset.. And it constantly adding new things to it's memory and path's it chooses. so when you put 32 bots, you have 32 memory machines running around constantly grabbing data every second... Makes a lot of lag, try playing with about 14-20 bots maximum. Or you can type in net_graph 1,2 or 3 in your console and watch how much lag it generates with the number of bots you choose. You might also be able to type in rate 100000.. This removes all choke, which means lots of lag. There are some extra codes built into the consoles that remove sprite effects and smoke effects, this makes the game run a lot smoother.

astronomical question for the pros?

Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, consists of the Solar System and about a trillion stars. It is about 100,000 lightyears across, and the nearest stars are about 4.5 lightyears away. Thanks to relativistic time dialation, it is possible to imagine a machine that would allow us to visit all the stars in the Milky Way. If you had a rocket that could sustain a comfortable 1 gravity of acceleration indefinitely, the relativistic time dialation effect would allow you to travel across the Milky Way in a human lifetime: 40 years or so. Such a rocket would be nothing like the space shuttle, however. The space shuttle can sustain its acceleration only for a few minutes.

Redshift and Hubble constant, true or false?

We know E is false. Space is expanding, therefore the distance between galaxies keeps increasing. "New space" is created in the space between galaxies, therefore the distance is greater now than it was a minute ago. Since the expansion of space is linear (with respect to distance), the more space you have between two galaxies, the more "new space" is created (in a given time interval). This makes C false. Linear means that it varies directly with the distance (not with the square, the cube, the root or anything else -- it varies directly: double the distance = double the apparent recession speed)

Earthquakes VS L.A. Fallacy 08/03/08?

pretty badly. 4-0. huckerby, lima, and johnson all get one in. the kicker is that salinas will get one too!

Nintendo Wii problem?

the only thing i can think of why this is happening is because Super Mario Galaxy 2 runs on the 4.3 firmware and if you have 4.1, when 4.2 was a game play update with all the anti hack stuff id say you need to update to 4.3 or your just gonna have to run it through ULoader because it will have you update if you get it working, i have a similar problem, i want to play 4.3 games but 4.3 isn't yet hackable so i just use ULoader for the time being

difference between phones?

To add to Joe's reply, neither one of those are land line phones.

Which of the following is largest?

1. the milky way galaxy is 100,000 light years across. even though some arn't that big.

Help me On Astronomy labs galaxies.?

Does host advantage count?

It's not real, it's just all in the players heads. Some players play better when they're in front of their nation being supported by thousands of fans, some don't. Mexico is one of the ones that does. USA is just one in the many other countries that don't. @ Sukka free: Dude most players in the National Team play outside of Mexico, so I'm pretty sure they don't feel "accostumed" to the high altitude, etc. at first. People just like to point that out as an excuse, but truth is that other teams just simply choke when they step into that roaring stadium, el Estadio Azteka.

Android users and champs Attention please?

ANDROID ROM HELP: Someone plzzz helpp (failed installing rom with no backup)?

Does anyone have any old Doctor Who Videos?

See also The actual episodes no longer exist--only fan-produced reconstructions (from stills and brief clips timed to home recordings of the original soundtracks taped from the original BBC broadcasts) are avaliable. Brief clips of these episodes used on other BBC shows,edited out of foreign broadcasts or filmed off TV screens by fans are all that currently survive of most of these episodes (some have no footage at all in existance). Go to the site below and read all about these fan-created "recons" of these missing episodes (avaliable free by sending VHS tapes and postage through its network of distribution sites).

What do you think of the results the MLS has had with European clubs?

Real Salt Lake (which finished in 2nd to last place) also beat Everton 2-0. Although this game and the ones you mentioned were all friendlies that were during the very beginning of the season or during the offseason for these teams, I think they still hold some significance. In my opinion, MLS should be proud of those All-Star wins.

Galaxy nexus or htc one s?tech junkies pls answer?

How much can I get for a used NIntendo Wii with games at GameStop?

130 for the wii, about 5 for wii sports, about 15 bucks each for super mario and SSBB, about 15 for the wiimote, about 5 for the nunchuck, about 1 dollar for link, 3-4 for the zapper, about 10 for re4, not sure about metroid, and gamestop doesn't take the whole rock band bundle but they do take everything separate other then the drum set. So with everything around $200-$230 store credit. If you want cash it is 20% less. There is a promotion right now also if you trade in 3 wii games you get an extra $10 for every set of three games so you might do even better if you take store credit. That being said sell it on ebay if you have the patients and want cash. If you cont mind store credit do it at gamestop, it less of a headache.

Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S III (Verizon)?

Samsung galaxy s4 anyone know how I can root?

ti-83 has a wrong value compared to galaxy 67?

epic 4g galaxy II touch or iphone 4s?

I would say if you can play with both phones first do so. IPhone 4S is just like the iPhone 4 with the exception of a spec bump and siri. So you don't have to wait to see the main features of the iPhone 4S other than siri. Both phones are great and I think at this point it's just a matter of personal taste. I know a lot of people presented with this question that have never used the epic 4g touch always quote older phones as for reasons not to go with the epic 4g touch. I have the epic 4g touch and no other Android phone can compare to it, it's on it's own level and has set a new bar for Android phones to reach. The epic 4g touch also has voice commands built into the phone using vlingo. It does pretty much the same thing as siri, except siri to me has a better voice recognition library, but all in all they do they same. I agree I can't do a 3.5 inch screen on a multimedia device and in the next 2years rich media is going to grow vastly so decide now if you can deal with that on a smaller screen. Sprint dropping wimax will not affect either purchase. You will sign up on a 2year plan which in 2 years sprint will still have wimax. They will continue to sell wimax phones until summer 2012. They will phase out wimax over a few years which by that time your contract will be up and you will be choosing between lte devices. I'm going to put it this way. Don't buy a phone base off people's personal judgement, such as Android phones suck go with iPhone, or the iPhone is so limited and restricted, go with Android Phones. Weight your options, pick which features you want more in the phone and evaluate the cons of choosing that phone. Hopefully the one you pick has more pros than cons. Good luck and both phones are great.

i need an explanation why galaxy lost to puerto ricans>>>?

@best revs ...chill in the super liga final there are 1 mexico team and 1 usa team so well/// and i would like to see the best teams from mexico play mls teams guadalajara america santos laguna monterey toluca etc

Who will be the Superliga champion tonight??? Galaxy or Pachuca?

I think you are dreaming. A three goal difference is stretching it. Galaxy will win. I don't know by how much, but they should win it. 2-1 win sounds ok.

T-Mobile ICS 4.0.3 update on Samsung Galaxy S2?

Ya it probably will get the update some time galaxy nexus and nexus s are first then the rest probably Aug or Sept

How much is the Samsung Galaxy Note (w/o contract) under Sprint?

Will I still be able to update my Galaxy S2 via Kies?

Playstation vita vs nintendo 3ds vs ipod touch 4g vs galaxy player 4.0?

Ignore the spam copied from wikipedia... There is only one answer you need. Get the Sony Playstation Vita.

a galaxy that is four times as far away as another will appear to move XXX times as fast?

Why Apple asked for a ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Here's the deal. Apple, being all superior and junk, says that Samsung was copying their "style" for their devices. Samsung and Google are getting mad. Google could get mad and say that Apple copied their notification bar, but did they do that? No. Google put on their big boy shorts and did the right thing, and now Apple is dogging them out for everything. I have heard that Apple is very scared. They are scared because Samsung sold more Galaxy S3s then they did iPhone 4s's, and Apple feels the need to be in the lead at all times. Now that Apple isn't leading sales anymore, they feel very threatened. They got the Nexus knocked down, now they are heading towards the SGS3. NOW THAT, pisses me off. Apple needs to get over themselves. Android was here with the most innovations FIRST. Android could knock Apple down, and Apple knows it. Now, Apple makes legitimate computers, but besides that, they need to leave Google alone. They are aiming towards Samsung, not HTC or any others. You know why? Because Samsung is the one making a lot of money. Now, Google is thinking about aiming at their iPhone 5 and the notification bar and everything, but if they do, they won't be able to sell the iPhone 5. Google has made a lot of American Jobs, and Apple just makes jobs for the Chinese. But, whatever. Apple gets their way, as normal.

Nexus S Jelly bean Android 4.1 ?

Iphone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s2?

1: GS2 is more responsive. xperia x10 is an old phone lol. 2: GS2 is faster. iphone 4 has a SINGLE core 1ghz. 4s has a dual core .8 ghz. GS2 has a dual core 1.2 ghz. so everything is faster on a GS2 3: the screen on the S2 is AMAZING. samsung is known for their amazing super amoled screens. most screens, including iphone have 1 backlight for the entire screen. meaning black colors still put off light and don't look very dark. every pixel on the GS2 has it's own light. so you get the deepest blacks and brightest colors. the size is also MUCH better. the screen on the iphone takes up barely more than half of the front surface. 4: iphone build quality is crap. watch this: see? the GS2 has shatter proof gorilla glass. for some reason the iphone has glass on the front AND back. stupid idea cause it breaks. 5: overall winner: GALAXY S2!!! :D as you can tell, i like android quite a bit more with good reason. i've owned both phones and done TONS of research on them so there's solid fact backing up my fanboyness. lol hope that helps p.s. the gs2 has hdmi, sd card slot, and removable battery.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 get Android 4.1 ( JellyBean ) ?

Yup but the chances are that they'll only release the update after a week or so after the actually software is launched

Did android 4.1 update come out for galaxy nexus yet?

if a galaxy 4 mpcs away moved 1 mpc how far would a galaxy that is 16 mpcs away move in the same amount of tim?

5 mpcs and 32 mpcs

can i install android 4.1 on samsung galaxy fit?

Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 get Android 4.1?

Android 4.1 Jellybean on samsung galaxy note 1. ?

Honestly, there is no way to be sure of that right now since Samsung didn't really comment about this subject, here's what makes me think it won't: Hours ago Samsung altered the hardware of the Galaxy SIII, changed the RAM from 1Gb to 2Gb, solely for the purpose of it being able to receive the update without any trouble and to keep it "future-proof", which worries me because many millions have a Samsung Galaxy SIII with 1GB of RAM, so they may not get this update. If they do not, then the Note will not get the update either and that's a promise. If the 1Gb RAM model Samsung Galaxy SIII gets the update, then there's a slight possibility the Note gets it but remember, the SIII has still has that quad-core CPU and the Note has a dual-core, so it may still not meet Samsung's hardware requirements. I say Samsung because the Google Nexus S will get the Jelly Bean update with only 512Mb of RAM and a single-core CPU, and if history repeats itself, Samsung will drop support for the Note and the SII just like the Galaxy S. I'm a Note owner and my opinion, I think there's a 60% chance it'll get the update and a 90% chance that, if it does get the update at all, we won't see it until fall or even winter this year. Here's hoping Samsung confirms an update for both the Note and the SII.

How did my friend get Android 4.1 on his Galaxy Nexus? The over-the-air update isn't even out yet?

Does anybody know any way to install android 4.1 on galaxy s plus?

Your best bet is to visit On this site there are very knowledgeable people who do nothing but write custom ROM's and apps for these phones. If someone has successfully done what you're asking, it will be on this site that you will find them. Look for forums that are specific to your device. Try searching first, as there is probably someone else who has already asked this question. If not, register and ask the question. I guarantee someone will give you some good information. I used to have a Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S variant from AT&T) and I installed several different custom ROMS over the time that I used the device. Make sure to follow the directions they give you closely, as it is possible to make your phone inoperable if you mess it up.

Will the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus be getting android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

When is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon?

who knows for sure....Verizon was VERY slow with the 4.0.4 update. the reason for this is because the update had to go through verizon due to the CDMA and LTE technology needed to get this thing to act as a phone....however, the CDMA stuff is now included in the AOSP so it SHOULD technically be a bit quicker this time around. I for one have been on the latest and greatest OS as soon as it drops thanks to the developers for this phone. been running Jelly bean since the day after it was announced. Just flashed my first AOSP build of it last night. it is super smooth and quite a bit faster than ICS. the nexus is a great phone to root and is reversable, and pretty much dummy proof, doesnt void your warranty, and keeps you from asking questions like this because you are already running the latest version of android. check out android central forums for the unlock and root toolkit and check out rootzwiki for the verizon galaxy nexus ROM's and Kernels.

If I have a Galaxy Nexus, is it true that Google will upgrade my OS from Gingerbread 4.0 to Jellybean 4.1?

In a few weeks? No. Eventually, perhaps. ICS hasn't been pushed to SEVERAL devices that should have had it months ago. Jelly Bean source code may be finished but hasn't been released to developers yet (mid July is the word on it's release) so it will be a while. Enjoy your ICS.

How long will it take to get 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for Galaxy Nexus?

It should notify you in "few days". I haven't got mine yet too. Maybe you would be lucky to get OTA earlier if you push the "Check now" under Settings> About phone> System update. Still pushing the "Check now" button for several of hours and it drives me crazy because I want buttery on my Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version now!! Let me know if you got OTA yet.