Kpop VSs !!?Survey!! Take it Right now or...Take it later?

1.SNSD vs MissA - SNSD (listening to Tell me Your Wish at the moment!) 2.F(X) vs MissA - F(X) 3.2NE1 Vs 4minute - 2NE1 4.BEG Vs The Grace - haven't listened to the The Grace so... 5.After School Vs T-ara - T-ara 6.Secret Vs T-ara - T-ara 7.SNSD Vs T-ara - SNSD 8.2NE1 Vs MissA - 2NE1 9.Bom Vs Taeyeon - Taeyeon 10.Minzy Vs Seohyun - Seohyun 11.Dara Vs Jiyeon - Dara 12.Dara Vs Lizzy - Dara 13.Dara Vs Yoona - Yoona ^_^ 14.CL vs Tiffany - Tiffany 15.Yuri Vs Min(MissA) - Yuri 16.Krystal Vs Jessica - Jessica 17.Minzy Vs Lizzy - Lizzy... 18.Eunjung Vs Nana - Nana 19.Jung ah Vs Taeyeon - Taeyeon 20.SUJU Vs 2PM - 2PM!!!!!! 21.Shinee Vs B2ST - ah why such a hard choice! I refuse to choose between them! 22.Mblaq Vs B2st - Beast 23.2AM vs SM the Ballad - uhh 2AM 24.Suju Vs DBSK - SuJu 25.DBSK vs 2PM - 2PM (i'm a hardcore 2PM fan!) 26.Ze:a Vs Infinite - Infinite 27.Block B vs ZE:A - Block B couples that you like better 28.Taeyeon and Leetuek Vs Seohyun and Leetuek ---Taeyeon and Leetuek 29.Dara and G-D or Dara and TOP --- Dara and GD 30.Yoona and Donghae Vs Yoona and Taecyeon --- Yoona and Taecyeon (have you see Family Outing 2? you'll understand then) 31.Yuri and Nichkun or Khuntoria ---- Khuntoria 32.Onew and Jessica Vs Key and Jessica ---Key and Jessica 33.Suzy and Taeceyon VS Suzy and Song Sam Dong (forgot his real name kekeke) ---- Suzy and Sam Dong 34.Min and Kikwang vs kikwang and hyosung -----Kikwang & Hyosung 35.Park Shin Hye and Yonghwa Vs Hongki and Park Shine Hye ----- Shin Hye & Yonghwa

K-pop vs survey?(LONG~)?

1.Yesung Vs Kyuhyun Yesung 2.Yoseob Vs Jonghyun(SHINee) Jonghyun 3.Hongki Vs Daesang Hongki <3 4.Junsu(2PM) Vs Junsu(DBSK) Junsu dbsk 5.JaeJoong Vs Donghae Donghae :D Female: 1.Dara Vs Jiyeon DARA 2.Bom Vs Hyoein BOM 3.Luna Vs Taeyeon TAEYEON 4.Sohee Vs Yoona Vs Hara YOONA 5.Seohyun Vs Tiffany TIFFANY 6.Sooyoung Vs Yuri YURI 7.Jung Ah Vs Kahi JUNG AH 8.Raina Vs Jung Ah RAINA 9.Gyuri Vs Jiyoung GYURI 10.IU Vs Hyorin IU Dancing wise: Female: 1.Minzy Vs Hyoyeon HYOYEON 2.Yuri Vs CL YURI 3.Krystal Vs Luna KRYSTAL 4.Victoria Vs Luna VICTORIA 6.Suzy Vs Jiyeon SUZY 7.Yoona Vs Sooyoung YOONA Male: 1.Donghae Vs Wooyoung DONGHAE 2.EunHyuk Vs Yunho EUNHYUK 3.Changmin Vs Taecyeon TAECYEON 4.Doojoon Vs Kikwang KIKWANG 5.Taemin Vs Kyuhyun KHUHYUN 6.Minho Vs Key KEY Looks wise: Male: 1.Donghae Vs Siwon DONGHAE >.< 2.Nichkun Vs Kikwang NICKHUN 3.Heechul Vs Hongki HONGKI >.< LOL BOTH ARE PRETTY 4.Taecyeon Vs Wooyoung TAECYEON 5.Jaejoong Vs Changmin JAEJOONG 6.Jaejoong vs Nichkun NICKHUN Female: 1.Suzy Vs Krystal KRYSTAL 2.Dara Vs Bom BOM 3.Hyoyeon Vs Minzy HYOYEON 4.Yoona Vs Dara YOONA 5.Tiffany Vs Jessica TIFFANY'S EYE SMILE 6.Jooyeon Vs Tiffany TIFFANY 7.Sunye Vs Yubin YUBIN Better leader: Male: 1.Onew Vs Leetuek LEETEUK <3 2.Doojoon Vs Seungho DOOJOON 3.YunHo Vs G-Dragon GD 4.Leetuek Vs G-Dragon LEETEUK Female: 1.Taeyeon Vs Kahi TAEYEON 2.Cl Vs Hyomin(she's not the leader anymore XD) CL 3.Victoria Vs Sunye VICTORIA 4.Taeyeon Vs Sunye TAEYEON 5.Kahi Vs CL KAHI Maknaes based on talent: Female: 1.Seohyun Vs Minzy SEOHYUN 2.Suzy Vs Jiyeon(she's not the maknae anymore) SUZY 3.Seohyun Vs Krystal SEOHYUN 4.Jiyeon Vs Krystal KRYSTAL 5.Minzy Vs Krystal MINZY 6.E-Young Vs Minzy E-YOUNG 7.Seohyun Vs So Hyun SEOHYUN Male: 1.Kyuhyun Vs Taemin KYUHYUN 2.Changmin Vs Taemin CHANGMIN 3.Changmin Vs Kyuhyun KHUHYUN 4.Seungri Vs Chansung SEUGNRI 5.Jinwoon Vs Seungri SEUNGRI 6.DongWoon Vs Seungri DONGWOON Pick a group 1.DBSK Vs Suju SUJU ,3 2.2NE1 Vs F(x) 2NE1 3.SNSD Vs After School SNSD 4.4minute Vs MissA MISSA 5.MissA Vs Wonder Girls MISSA 6.Kara Vs WG Vs SNSD SNSD 7.SNSD Vs f(x) SNSD 8.B2ST Vs 2PM B2ST 9.Infnite Vs MBLAQ MBLAQ 10.Big Bang Vs DBSK BB Extra: Favorite Drama:YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL OR FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP Favorite variety show:INTIMATE NOTE Funniest Girl Group:SNSD Funniest Boy Group:SUJU what do you think about: 1.DBSK Story:LOL REALLY? was recently revealed that SNSD's Yoona has been adopting an African child since 2008. THATS SWEET, SHES SO CARING 3.Trouble Maker I LOVE THE SONG BUT THE DANCE IS KINDA SLUTTY 4.Heechul going to the army I WAS SAD FOR LIKE A WEEK BECAUSE I MISSED HIM SO MUCH, WHEN I HEARD SNOW WHITE, I WAS GETTING TEARY BECAUSE I SAW HEECHUL'S PICTURE. BUT I REMINDED MYSELF THAT KANGIN IS GOING TO COME BACK SOON