Will De'Anthony Thomas ever make it to the NFL?

De'Anthony Thomas is a Junior, he will almost certainly get drafted in the NFL @ some point, either in 2014 if he leaves school early or 2015 if he stays for his Senior year @ Oregon. De'Anthony Thomas only weighs 169 pounds though, so in order to be successful in the NFL he'll have to put on some weight, as he only weighs 169 pounds right now, which is very small for an NFL RB

Rank the top 10 worst teams in the NFL for this season in order of the place they pick in the 2015 NFL draft?

2015 nfl draft order?

Tampa Bay and Tennessee tied for worst record, but TB gets #1 pick over Tennessee because the Bucs had a weaker schedule than the Titans. Tennessee is #2, Jacksonville #3, Oakland #4, Washington #5, Jets #6, Chicago #7.