Do you think that 'Britain should seize the feel-good factor that the 2012 Olympics will bring to strengthen..?

Yes, the Olympics have that potential. It's capitalizing on it and moving forward that's tough.

Should New York host the 2012 Olympics instead of London?

Nah leave it in London because chicago is going to get the 2016 Olympics

Would it be cheaper going to the 2012 or 2014 Olympics.?

Hands down 2014 in Sochi. London is very expensive at all times. Add Olympic inflation and we're talking home mortgage prices.

Why has cricket not been included in 2012 olympics?

Because they are already introducing some new sports in the 2012 Games, and Lords Cricket Ground is being used as an archery venue.

were can you tryout for track and field for 2012 Olympics?

If your good enough you would already know. It will find you be competitive.

what sport should I prepare myself for if i want to get in the olympics of 2012?

I was watching archery the other night. It all happens pretty quickly, no need to be all that fit, they only take about a dozen shots per match,hell I reckon you could have a beer between shots. Might even have a crack at it myself. See you there, I'll be the old guy on the Aussie team.

Do you think Roger Federer will retire in the 2012 Olympics?

I personally don't think it will be a time or age issue but I certainly do not see him being another Agassi or Connors and playing into his late thirties. Roger has some big goals he has yet to achieve: a French Open title, an Olympic Gold, the all-time Slam record, etc. If and when he accomplishes these feats, he will likely have little incentive to play much longer. Equally, if he doesn't reach these goals in the next couple of years and his ranking drops, I don't see him hanging around too long. He is a tennis purist and it would be very hard to imagine him being content to stay on tour when he is no longer a factor at the Majors. I think, like the legendary Pete Sampras before him, he will know when the time is right to make his exit.

Where to buy Olympics 2012 tickets in New York?

You can sign up today at the link below to show your interest in buying Olympic tickets. They don't start accepting ticket applications until March 15th 2011. They will accept ticket applications from March 15th to April 26th 2011

How do i get trails for cycling in the 2012 Olympics?

The short answer is enter events and win a lot. If you are not competing at the PRO level in the next two years you will likely be watching from the sidelines.

when do the 2012 Olympics start ?

A couple of the soccer games start on Wednesday, July 25. But, the opening ceremonies start on Friday, July 27. Then most of the competition starts on Saturday, the 28th.

Is it possible I can make it to the 2012 olympics?

if you qualify..

how to watch 2012 olympics online without cable tv?

Why Iran is not going to participate in 2012 Olympics games?

Pathetic reason - they think that the 2012 logo spells Zion. 1. I can´t see it myself. 2. Why would The UK spread subliminal pro-Israeli propoganda, anyway? Idiots. I feel really sorry for the Iranian athletes whose Olympic dream has been shattered due to such rubbish.

Is the London 2012 Olympics a disaster waiting to happen?

If the Muslims are involved .... yeah! I don't mean to be pointing fingers but considering the rise of Islam and the new name for London (Londonstan) I would say that the 2012 Olympics is a warm and cozy bed for the Islamic terrorists. So yes, when even a simpleton knows that Islam has no Buddhists, Jews, Taoists, nor Christians .... I would have to say that "If the Muslims are involved ....yeah!"

How to get tickets to 2012 Olympics?

All of the UK tickets seem to have been sold. Some people bought from official ticket outlets from other European countries. Closer to the time, the official UK 2012 website will be offering people the opportunity to resell their tickets, so you might find something then. At the moment, there is no information on it, but they do have a website checker. If you find some for sale online, check the website address on the 2012 checker and it will tell you if it is a legitimate reseller or not.

How do I get packages and tickets to the 2012 Olympics?

The tickets have not been released yet, and won't be for a while...

if the elite were to bump off a few thousand people in the London 2012 Olympics using directed energy weapons?

I think you want the Science Fiction section

How can I purchase tickets to the 2012 Olympics?

Do i have a chance to compete in the 2012 olympics?

Here is the website to contact the USA Cycling team

What are the british athletes called participating in the 2012 olympics in the athletics?

No one knows all the names yet,they are still holding qualifying events round the country.

How can I compete for the 2012 Olympics?

Don't listen to Dean Foley and Mark. You don't have to have trained since you were young, it's never too late. Donovan Bailey started sprinting in 1991(he was 24) but didn't start taking the sport seriously till 1994, 2 years before the Olympics. There have been many Olympic athletes who have started in their teens or even later. I'll admit, it's hard to make it to the Olympics. But you are only a freshman, start training now and maybe you can make it to the 2012 Olympics. If not, there is always 2016. It is hard to tell you much more without knowing what sport you plan to compete in. They are each different, some sports require you to be on a national team and some don't. Some you can only make the team depending on your performances over the few years prior to the olympics. It all depends. If you want to compete for another country you have to be a citizen. The Olympics require you to have lived in that country for at least 3 years. You could get dual citizenship if you don't want to lose your American citizenship, but some countries don't allow that. you need will and determination to make it to the Olympics, nothing can stop you if you have that. :)

If I start training now, can I make it into the 2012 Olympics?

To be honest, is a little too late..

How many events are there at the 2012 Olympics in London?

There was 302 in Beijing. Baseball and Softball dropped= -2 3 Womens boxing added, with 1 mens boxing dropped =+2 Mixed Doubles Tennis added= +1 Tornado Sailing event dropped=-1 So basically it will be the same as in Beijing with 302, but with the events being different.

Is it possible to be in the 2012 Olympics?

duuuh michael phelps just graduated from michigan university this year he was training for four yrs. while in college

How to go to the 2012 London olympics?

Some tour groups have their trips on sale now. You can look at to book their trip. As it gets closer to the Olympics many other tour groups will be pushing their tours.

Is David Tennant running with the torch for the 2012 Olympics?

No, he isn't. Matt Smith, the current Doctor, is. David Tennant is currently filming a TV series in Poland so he wouldn't be available anyway. The list of torch-bearers has been announced and he's not on it.

Who can work in the london 2012 olympics?

Most of the people working there are volunteers, but there are job opportunities. I volunteered for the 2010 winter Olympics, and it was the best experience ever. All I did was submit an application on their website, and got accepted.There were several training programs I had to do before the Olympics as well. For those Olympics, you could have volunteered if you weren't a citizen. However you would have to pay for accommodation. I'm not sure how is goes for the 2012 Olympics. Go to their website... I saw a "get involved" tablet, so I suggest you go there to get all the information. :)

What do I have to do to train for the Olympics 2012?

If you don't know the answer to that question in 2010, you should focus on 2016. Athletes train for the Olympics their entire lives. If you'll be 16 in 2012 that means you're 13 or 14 now. Have you been playing on the WTA junior tour? Do you have a ranking or a coach? If you have to ask this question you are most likely not at the level where Olympics can be a reasonable goal. Maybe in 2016 with some more training, but a coach will be the one to lead you through that training.

Is the Russian soccer team going to be in the 2012 olympics?

No, Russia did not qualify. Remember, this is 16 team tournament, and only 3 slots were allocated to UEFA. These were won by Spain, Switzerland and Belarus.

Where can I volunteer to help in the 2012 Olympics?

I want to aswell. i have went on to the london 2012 website and it tells you about volunteering and other information about volunteering for 2012. Hope this helped and Good Luck

How can I rent out my home in London for the 2012 Olympics?

Try website. You can post your home on their website and visitors from all over the world can see it and contact you. There are some other websites too, but this is the cheapest one I've found.

What has Britain qualified for in the 2012 Olympics?

Due to London's successful bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics, a Great Britain team would qualify as of right of being the host nation. The British Olympic Association has stated it will enter a GB team into the 2012 Olympics.[3] The proposal for a GB team was initially supported by the FA in England and the Northern Irish FA, but the Scottish Football Association refused even to attend meetings at which the Home Nations were to discuss the possibility.[16] At those meetings, the Football Association of Wales stressed it was strongly against the proposal. The FAW Council then voted to withdraw from the negotiations.[17] In October 2007 the Northern Irish FA also announced that they would not take part in a unified team either, leaving England as the only Association willing to take part. Despite the opposition of three of the Home Nations, a 2005 opinion poll, published by the British Olympic Association, showed that a majority of Scots supported the creation of a team for the 2012 Olympics.[18] A joint statement issued by the official fan clubs of all four Home Nations voiced their opposition to the plan.[19]

Does anyone know where to find information on the london 2012 olympics?

And they say Christmas comes early every year :) You never know, it might even be finished building by then.

How much would tickets to the 2012 olympics in London cost? Anyone have an idea?

Organizers estimate that some 7.7 million tickets would be available for the Olympic Games, and 1.5 million tickets for the Paralympic Games. They will be going on sale in 2011, with at least 50% of these priced under £20. To reduce traffic, ticket holders would be entitled to free use of London's public transportation network on the day of the event. It is estimated that 82% of available Olympic tickets and 63% of Paralympic tickets will be sold. There will also be free events: for example, the marathon, triathlon and road cycling.

Why are the 2012 Olympics important to London?

Financial gain and international reputation. Personally, I think London 2012 is a massive waste of tax payers money.

Is the Russian soccer team going to play in the 2012 olympics?

Nope. I was wondering the same. Here's the list of qualified nations, courtesy of wikipedia: Qualified nations Four countries have qualified teams to both the men's and the women's tournaments: Brazil, Great Britain (as hosts), Japan and New Zealand. In addition, Belarus, Egypt, Gabon, Honduras, Mexico, Morocco, Senegal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Uruguay qualified for the men's tournament, and Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, France, North Korea, South Africa, Sweden and the United States qualified for the women's tournament. [edit]

How can Nastia Liukin still compete at the 2012 Olympics if she wants to?

Well given that her first competition back would be a month or two before the Olympics, I do not think she could make it. If she does great for her. But the USA has so many great athletes that would have been going at it in this quad for more time than she has. She is really cutting it close. She can't get her jitters out at nationals because she would probably not make Olympic Trials. I think her time has passed and if she wanted this she should have committed to be ready this year.

What Countries are Going to the 2012 Olympics for Football?

They have not finished up all of the qualifiers yet. I don't even think CONCACAF is over yet.

What sport(s) does Canada have a legitimate chance for a gold medal in for the 2012 Olympics?

Canada is one of two countries that does better in the Winter Olympics than we do in the Summer Olympics. We have had 3 gold in each of the last 3 Summer Olympics. In those we tend to have strong rowing and wrestling programs. But predicting which individual class/event within that is a bit more challenging.

What sport to take up to compete in 2012 Olympics?

Try for Shooting, Archery and Table Tennis otherwise your chances are not very good unless your in good physical shape and have been training as an athlete. Gone are the days of an "Eddie the Eagle" everyman getting into the Olympics as even if your the only 1 playing the sport in your country you still need to qualify. Without funding or support from your respective national federation I hope your self made millionaire as you will have to train and travel cutting into how much you can work. Meaning you may have trouble giving up the day job.

How can I get invloved in the 2012 olympics as an athelte ?

The international organization is the Badminton World Federation and different countries have their own affiliates. You would have to qualify through the BWF affiliate in your own country and be selected to compete by your country's national Olympic committee.

How does someone in the USA buy tickets to the 2012 Olympics in London?

I'm in the UK, they've just announced on the news that tickets will go on sale in the spring. Maybe the official website will give more details nearer the time. If another site offers you tickets before then, don't buy them - they'll most likely be fakes.

How can I apply for the 2012 Olympics?

If you are looking to compete it is up to each country to enter their athletes, so you must contact the sports committee for your sport. If you want tickets to watch they usually go on sale about 1 year before the games.

How do you buy tickets for the 2012 London Olympics? will give you all the information you need on the 2012 Olympics. What a great idea for celebration. Hope that helps. Have a good day! :)

How do you get in the tryouts for the 2012 olympics in badminton?

Check with USA badminton at the link below. They organize Olympic trials usually two years before the games.

How far would a explosion spread at the 2012 olympics?

How can I find accommodation for london 2012 olympics games?

Try google. Search for london 2012 accommodation. For me, the first one that comes up is: London 2012 Olympics Rentals:

How does the 2012 Olympics effect you and what are your opinions?

I think the olympics are a good thing for London. If they weren't London wouldn't have put themselves in the bid. I am not a London resident, but they games will have a huge effect on not only me but the world as a whole. The games have been known to unite countries across the globe, and to me thats huge. I think it's good that London is hosting the games.

What are the mascots for the 2012 Olympics actually meant to be?

We deported Izzy after the 1996 games and he was granted asylum in London.He met his wife and the 2012 mascots are the children they conceived.

2012 olympics?

It's in London right? I'm pretty sure London is making it's own new stadium too, I'm not sure if you can buy ticket for that yet.