What are the laws on statutory and emancipation for pregnant 16-year-old's? Georgia?

As a pregnant 16 year old, you are the poster child for someone who is not responsible enough to be emancipated. And now you want to go off to live with a child molester?

im 16 pregnant and next year im going to a job training school?

Medical Assistant! Sweetie, you have a lot ahead of you. Although there is flexibility in cosmetology, it is not a very lucrative career. Medical assistants have job security and make better money. Althought at 16 you may not know how important they are, benefits (i.e. medical insurance) will be much better for a medical assistant than a cosmetologist (which probably wouldn't get any benefits). That is important because you need health insurance for your child. Also, as a M.A. you are helping people in need so it can be quite rewarding. Good Luck!!

Who do you think has been the worst mother on 16 & pregnant/Teen Mom?

Farrah, she's such a little brat. All she cares about is partying and “finding a man”. She never even takes care of her child - her mother and father do. She frequently complains about how horrible her parents are, yet they do everything for her. Her only concern is having a social life. I don't like Catelynn either (she's the one who gave up her kid, right?). At first I admired her for making such a difficult decision in order for her child to have a better life, then it's revealed she's been having unprotected sex, and might be pregnant again. That's past the point of ignorance into stupidity. Also, I dislike how much Amber swears in front of her child. And her frequent “anxiety”.

How to be on the show 16 and pregnant?

Here is the website for mtv's casting calls. http://www.mtv.com/ontv/castingcall/ they should have something up about being 16 and pregnant. going on there should help you get an idea of how to get on the show.

Why do the girls on 16 & pregnant talk like bad actors?

they probably get told to narrate what they do for the purposes of the show. and also they are disgusting, trashy people. (not teen mothers, just those ones who go on the show, use it to get money).

16 weeks pregnant and lost 4 lbs?

Should the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom shows be removed off of TV?

What songs are played On 16 & Pregnant season 2 episode 9.?


What are the legal rights of a pregnant 16 year old in alabama?

She has the same right as every other 16 year old. She belongs to her parents until they marry her off to some idiot, or till she turns 18. Under 18: Need certified copy of birth certificate, both parents must be present with identification, or if you have a legal guardian they must be present with a court order and identification. If one or both parents are deceased, proper evidence of such must be provided. Good luck with this; you're gonna need it.

How to tell my mom im 16, pregnant and....?

Just tell her. at first she will be upset of course but with time hopefully she'll get over it. and when i mean time i mean like later on when you already had the baby and everything. but its best to jst be straight up with her, and if shes mad jst reason with her. its a motherly thing i guess. i had the same situation and it was hard but i told my mom, it was better than keeping it from her til' it was noticeable

Who thinks the girl from "16 & pregnant" is stupid?

i think all those girls are stupid. they are spoild because they get paid to be on that show somewhere btwn 100k and 200k its messed up paying teens to be on tv because they get pregnant. it shows that getting pg is cool and i have personaly noticed an increase in teen pregnancys. i recently read an artical on yahoo about a school with more than half the girls are pregnant. it said that 90 of the teen girls were expecting or have already had kids. its so sad seeing this happen.

What do you guys think about Samantha on 16 & Pregnant?

So far my favorite girl is Samantha, Chelsea and Nicole from Tuesdays episode. They each seemed to put their child first. I still think the show would be better if they showed moms who were the "statistics".

What is the song at the end,on 16 & pregnant episode 7. Season 2. Nicole and tyler are sitting on the bench?

Songs are listed on MTv.com just go to the 16 and pregnant main page

Im 16 pregnant the father is 22. who can charge him for stagatory?

Don't worry, The only people who arte allowed to charge him are you or your parents. Hospitals only get involved with things if there is a huge concern (E.g he had hurt you). But No. They can't get involved.

What did you think about Valerie on 16 & Pregnant?

I found it refreshing to have a teen mom on this season who didn't go out and party immediately after giving birth. She was hands-on and honest about being a teen mom. She is the only one this season so far who recognizes that her life has changed and that she is not just a normal teen, but a mom too and needs to make sacrifices because of that. In the aftershow, she actually comes off as being very mature with a good head on her shoulders. As for the dad, I too hope he won't drop out of their lives suddenly. He seems to be making an effort with their daughter even if he doesn't want to be with her. Will it last? Only time will tell. However, I do like that Valerie's parents seem very supportive of her and the baby.

Do you think that airing Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant than airing an episode of the Jersey Shore defeats the purpose?

The purpose of Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant is not to teach about teen pregnancy prevention. It's to make money--to do so, a network needs to keep an audience entertained. The same goes for Jersey Shore. I think we can all agree that MTV is not in the business to "teach" anything; they are in business to make money from advertising during their shows.

Im 16 pregnant my boyfriends 20 can he go to jail?

i'm not sure, but i think it is "15 gets you 20", which means that if an 18 year old (or older) has sex with a 15 year old, then they get 20 years in jail. but don't depend on my information.

When does the next season of 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom start?

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 starts in December

Why aren't any of the Black girls on 16 & Pregnant ever with Black guys?


I'm 16,pregnant and the guy lives out of town?

Well, first of all you should never be ashamed of yourself, at least not for creating life. I know this is a tough situation for you, but you need to be strong, because not only do you need to take care of yourself, but there is someone else you need to take care of now as well. As for the boy, you need to get through the next 31 weeks before you worry about him. If he wants to help you through this then good, but you don't need to worry about him. Now, the parent situation is a tough one. You are pregnant, and the longer you wait to tell them the more upset they will be. What you need to do is sit down and talk with your parents and tell them that you know this is a big responsibility, but that you want to keep the baby. Don't cry, don't gt upset, and aproach the situation in a calm and mature way. Keep in mind that this will be a big shock to your parents. But you are going to need their help... and you might be pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Good Luck though, and just remember to take one day at a time.

How can I get on 16 & Pregnant?

Are you for freaking real? If you're this stupid you don't deserve to have a baby. You're obviously very immature if you want to have a kid just to get on an MTV show. A baby is a LOT of work, and guess what? YOULL STILL HAVE IT AFTER THE SHOW IS OVER. If you even GOT on, which you probably wouldn't. I really hope you're not serious about this; if you are, you've got problems bigger than what can be solved on Yahoo answers. If you insist on getting pregnant, think about this: 1. You're 16. You're in high school. With a baby, you WILL NOT be able to graduate on time. You think it looks hard for the girls on 16 and pregnant? Its harder than that. Why ruin your life? 2. You're not old enough to get a job. So who will support the baby? Taking care of a child is VERY expensive. 3. You "like to fight and can be a partier". If you have a baby, your baby comes first. Always. So you will not be going to parties. You can forget about having a social life, at all. You'll be too busy with the baby to "chill with friends." Im 16. Thankfully I have enough common sense to wait to get pregnant. Good luck with whatever you do, I hope you make the right choice for both you and your future child.

What do you think ot the show Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant?

do you think it promotes teen pregnancy or tells teen girls not to get pregnant at a young age? Good question, I've wondered that myself. It seems to really suck to be a teen mom from the show so I think it doesn't promote pregnancy. The only way I could think of a girl wanting to be pregnant from that show is that they want to be on TV, which would be a very stupid reason. what do you think of the girls on the show, do you think they are attention whores and exploit thier children to be on tv, or they trying to send a good message to teens? I think they are all different. Some may be nice, maybe some aren't. I guess they are all on that show for their own reasons. I don't really watch those shows much though. I've only seen them a couple times. Once when I was in school too. The health teacher showed it to us. I think she was trying to show us not to get pregnant at that age. So I guess if they show it in school, the shows don't promote teen pregnancy.

Who are they gonna show on 16 and Pregnant: Where are they now?

I saw Whitney, Valerie, Ebony, and Nikkole for sure... :-)

I am 16 and pregnant with twins cause twin run in family?

Well I am not really certain what your question is, but I am 21 years old and 34 weeks pregnant with a singleton that was not really planned. It is a lot to take in when it is not planned, but I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. So you where suppose to be pregnant with 2 babies. So you will be just fine taking care of them, things will be hard but it is nothing you cannot handle. So just sit back and enjoy the ride and take it one day at a time.

What is your personal opinion about MTV's 16 & Pregnant? Will vote best answer! =)?

Let me put it this way... in my opinion... Teen girls who want to have a baby at their age are going to want them no matter how hard it looks or what MTV shows them. And I don't think this show glamorizes teen pregnancy. I think it makes girl cautious and be more careful when it comes to sex and using protection. Most girls I think almost all of them did not use protection. And they've talked about it on the show too. So hopefully girls watching will take the appropriate steps into not becoming pregnant when they are sexually active.

What do you think about the shows Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant?

Depends who's watching it. I don't think in the long run a tv show is going to affect you. If you're gonna get pregnant, you're gonna get pregnant. Most of us aren't stupid enough to be swayed by television either way. Seriously teen mom is something people ask WAAY too many questions about. Lol several times a day i see 'what do you think of teen mom?' 'did you watch teen mom last night?' 'what do you think of Farrah on teen mom?'

what questions come up when people watch reality tv shows like teen mom and 16 pregnant?

None because I do not watch those shows and nor do I let my children watch them because I think glamorizing pregnant children is down right disgusting.

what labor like and I watch 16&pregnant and I still love it?

watch some on youtube maybe you will change your mind

Are all the complications on 16 & pregnant due to being so young?

First of all, those aren't even complicated pregnancies. Induction and C-sections are very common. Second, it is a REALITY show! Trying to prove a point, being a young mother isn't easy. On the other hand it does make it look like, "the thing" to do. Either way you look at it...Being 16 and pregnant isn't a wonderful thing. Be young, live life, and do you before you have to raise a child. Your age has nothing to do with induction or c- sections. Being young does increase your risk of pre term labor and an unhealthy child in some of those cases. Good luck, maybe talk to your Mom about this. It's better to be educated than to come on here with those kind of questions :)

Does show 16 & Pregnant entourage more teens to get pregnant?

It does NOT encourage me. at all.

16 Pregnant with 17 year old in the military?

I don't think he can get in trouble being as you are both under the age of 18. Even if he is in the military, it isn't sexual assult or sag if you are both under age...just a dumb thing two teens did. If you are really uncertian call legal aide, they should be able to tell you. Yes you can put him on the birth certificate...even if he doesn't want to be there, if he is the father then that means he should be on the birth certificate.

Friend is 16 & Pregnant and her Mom just kicked her out of the house?

I am 16 & pregnant. What would happen in Virginia if I married my boyfriend who is 18?

Just because you got pregnant is not a good reason to get married. Wait to make that important decision until you can use your logic and good sense, not just your emotions.

Do you think 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom is encouraging more teens to actually get pregnant?

I can honestly see both sides, so I think it just depends on the person watching and how that person is going to see it. I think the overall message of the show is suppose to show how hard it is to deal with being pregnant and having a baby at such a young age. Most of these girls you see on the show end up having trouble with the father of their child, trouble staying in school, getting a job, being able to financially support their child, having drama with their families, as well as many other struggles. So I think the general message meant by the show is "hey this is what can happen if you make an irresponsible choice, so don't do it, learn from these girls". I mean they even have the little infomercial thing between commercials for the itsyoursexlife.com. So I mean, I think they do not intend to encourage girls to get pregnant young. But this is where the whole idea that it depends on who is watching it comes is. If a naive, immature 14 or 15 year old girl watches it, not having the maturity to fully understand what she is watching, she may see it as "well if i get pregnant than i can get all this attention, or i can make my boyfriend marry me, or live with me, or gain independence" and things like that. But I think MTV itself tries to pinpoint older teenagers. The show doesn't come on til 10pm, when younger teens should be in bed anyway. And they try to make it a point that being a teen mom is not a desirable thing to be. In my opinion, the kids who are negatively influenced by the show, the parents need to be smacked. If you are letting your 13 or 14 year old CHILD watch this show, they aren't going to necessarily look at all the negatives. They are gunna see a 16 year old pregnant girl who got a TV show out of it and attention. So if they turn up pregnant, the parents is to blame for letting them watch it until they are old enough to fully understand. The girls on the show are trying to get their stories out there so they can show other teenagers how difficult it is being a young parent. I got pregnant with my daughter when my husband and I were 18, and even being 2 years older than the girls on the show, it was still really hard. When I talk to other girls about it, i'm not trying to advertise teen pregnancy as being a positive, I am trying to let them know that, Yes, I did become a young mother, but that it is really hard. So yeah, I think MTV and the shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are not intended to encourage teen pregnancy, but prevent it.

What was your favorite 16 & pregnant episode from either season 1 or 2, and why?

I really liked the one from season two with the blond girl and the 15 y old baby daddy who lived with his grandma ( he had dropped out of school and his mom kicked him out, at the end he had enrolled back in school) I cant remember their names cause I didnt care that much..lol.. But I really liked that one because even though he seemed like he was going to waste his life away, the birth of his daughter ( I think they had a girl..) made him turn around and really give everything another try and it seemed at the finale that they were still doing great. He was one of my least favorite boyfriends in the beginning ( middleschool drop out, smoking, sleeping until noon...) but he really made such a turnaround that I;m sure he made everyone in his life proud. Good for him! :D edit.. the ones I couldnt stand were the ones where the girls ( or guys) were really disrespectful to their parents, or the one where the girls were complete pushovers for their boysfriends ( like that one blondie whose bf would break up with her and cheat on her and she kept saying but i love him, he had a huge fight with her mom at the delivery room) if I ever see him i'll smack him.. lol

What did you all think of 16 & pregnant season finale?

i loved it! great season finale! i cant wait for season 2!

Did you notice all the girls on 16& Pregnant and Teen Mom have a lip piercing?

Yeah, most of them do. Farrah and Amber don't.

Is it just me or is Farrah from 16 & Pregnant and Angel from Tough Love 2, the same person?

No, they are two different people. I can see where you would think there is a resemblence. Angel is 22, and an "exotic dancer." Looks like her myspace has updated her age to 25. She is from Ohio. Farrah is from Iowa. Angel has a 3 year old son. She would have been 19. Farrah was 16 when she had her child. Angel even has a myspace. If she changed her name, someone usually finds out. Especially now with myspace, social networking, and the internet. It's too much stuff to make up. http://www.myspace.com/ferbieferb

What is the song playing in Jenelle's episode of 16 & Pregnant?


I'm 16, pregnant and my boyfriend is 20 years old in the military. Can he get in trouble?

If the age of consent is 16, then no - he can't get into trouble. Perhaps you should both consider marriage so that you and your baby can benefit from housing, health care and other military benefits. Congrats on you baby hon! *Edit Your mom needs to know. Sit with her today and tell her. Let her know you value her opinion and need her now, and would really appreciate her support and benefit of her experience. You'll be fine.

Does anyone else think this MTV show 16 & Pregnant has a negative effect on people?

I do not mean to target your friend but anyone who watches 16 and Pregnant and WANTS a baby has some issues. It's not at all glamourous and I find it heartbreaking. I have said this time and time again to all the people who think it is a bad influence on girls...any girl who would get pregnant on purpose just to be on TV is the kind of girl who would have ended up pregnant anyway. MTV cannot be blamed for people not using common sense.

I'm 16 & pregnant, my boyfriend is 18 can my mom charge him for statuatory rape in the state of florida?

Your aunt is correct. The age of consent in Florida is 18, however there is a "close in age" exemption that applies, where anyone aged 23 or under can have sex with a 16 or 17 year old, and it is not illegal.

Does anyone else think this MTV 16 & Pregnant show has a negative effect on people?

No. Your friend is just as naive as the rest of those girls on the show. Thinking that a baby will bring her boyfriend closer to her and thinking that its just going to be one big happy family with this cute little cuddly thing in the middle. I am just keeping it real. Your friend has a lot of growing to do. I know! Tell her if she wants to take care of something cute everyday of her life, tell her to get a dog. Not an innocent child.

how can i get my sister on 16 and pregnant?

i don't think their casting right now but you can look here http://www.mtv.com/ontv/castingcall/

What do you think of MTV shows like Teen Mom, and 16 & pregnant?

This show is horrible. It defently promotes it. For example, I was in grocery store yesterday. And I saw all the teen moms on a cover of a magazine. What type of ppl are on magazine covers? Stars. And these girls are called stars. Some girls think they can make their situation better than the girls on that show, and it encourages them. Like hey, get pregnant, you could be on the cover of a magazine

How do they pick the teen moms for 16&pregnant?

I honestly think you have to contact them. I know a girl who was suppose to have Leah's spot on season 2 but she didn't agree with the contract so she didn't sign it. How else would producers know a random girl in the middle of Pennsylvania is pregnant with twin boys.

What is the song on this episode of 16&pregnant?

Ben Sollee-I can't http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtHXHxhsq20

Can you get married at 16 without parental consent if you are pregnant living in Florida?

The 2011 Florida Statutes Title XLIII DOMESTIC RELATIONS Chapter 741 MARRIAGE; DOMESTIC VIOLENCE View Entire Chapter 741.0405 When marriage license may be issued to persons under 18 years.— (1) If either of the parties shall be under the age of 18 years but at least 16 years of age, the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court shall issue a license for the marriage of such party only if there is first presented and filed with him or her the written consent of the parents or guardian of such minor to such marriage, acknowledged before some officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments and administer oaths. However, the license shall be issued without parental consent when both parents of such minor are deceased at the time of making application or when such minor has been married previously. (2) The county court judge of any county in the state may, in the exercise of his or her discretion, issue a license to marry to any male or female under the age of 18 years, upon application of both parties sworn under oath that they are the parents of a child. (3) When the fact of pregnancy is verified by the written statement of a licensed physician, the county court judge of any county in the state may, in his or her discretion, issue a license to marry: (a) To any male or female under the age of 18 years upon application of both parties sworn under oath that they are the expectant parents of a child; or (b) To any female under the age of 18 years and male over the age of 18 years upon the female’s application sworn under oath that she is an expectant parent. (4) No license to marry shall be granted to any person under the age of 16 years, with or without the consent of the parents, except as provided in subsections (2) and (3). History.—s. 2, ch. 78-266; s. 1058, ch. 97-102. According to this, with proof from a doctor, you can petition to get married without parental consent.

when will the season 2 of 16 & Pregnant start?

I loved 16 & pregnant. Although, there is no date set.. I hope the do it soon though. :)

What's the difference between Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant?

Teen Mom is after the mom`s have the kids. Like their every day life. 16 and pregnant is when they actually have the baby, or before the baby, LOL.