Where did the old myth, wish on 11:11 start?

Wishing is not evil. Even pastors have wished before. Ken has reported the same wors on other things that i've seen. I think because it's a time that comes up a lot people identify with it but 11 is a significant number in numerology and and goes into 1 which is a significant numberin numerology. Look up the practice. Perhaps that will help you. One of my friends identify with 11:11. I personally identify with 4:44

What does 11:11 or just 11 mean i keep on seeing this everywhere?

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For the past few months I keep seeing the number 11:11 every day twice a day on my clock. What gives?

Such is life. Something must die for the lion to eat. Else the lion will die of starvation. Upon who's side are you? Some things are part of life. Cycles, patterns and such are part of nature and life. The sun comes up every day. We open and close our eyes. The numbers on the clock go through cycles. The only significance is being a normal part of life. This is either a joke, or you are worrying too much about nothing.

What is the best place to take a family picture showing a clock at 11/11/2011 11:11?

do it in a family home that way its personal and also someone wont walk in front of the camera at just the wrong time

How can I celebrate 11-11-11 at 11:11 at my high school?

I don't know if there's any special meaning of "11-11-11 at 11:11" in your country, but in mine, "11-11-11 at 11:11" is a time for singles, a time for people who don't have a BF/GF to celebrate their loneliness, kind of sad though.


Probably nothing the number I'm always seeing is 4:44.

11:11 ??????????????

The old myth goes that if you make a wish at any time where it is the same numbers, like 2:22- 3:33, etc. Your wish will come true. 1. Not that I have ever had happen 2. Anywhere 3. Doesn't matter 4. Nope 5. both are the same Like I said though, it is a myth, old wives tale, whatever you want to call it. It's the same sort of thing as throwing a coin in a wishing well.

11:11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hey I would Google something like that, you will get better Information from them . than any one else


It is an "Acension Code" being used by the Angelic Realm, both "Fallen" and "Divine" and is part of a binary code conditioning for a "Conversion"... apparently human hosts on both sides (evil and good) are being prepared (conditioned) to receive a vibratory frequency code that will change their "Junk DNA" and spontaneously trigger the 10% of their DNA that is currently dormant in Human beings. It will allow the Spirit Realm to enter into Human Initiates and interface... for those not of Christ, they will receive 7 demonic "impregnations" and undergo "Transformism" into "Preterhumans" (super + humans), their power not being there own, but being the power of 7 Fallen Seraphim; and just as St. John of Patmos said, "they will work with ONE MIND" and "death will flee from them"... and on the otherhand, those in Christ (a "Remnant") will literally receive an "impregnation of Christ, Himself, and "Transfigure" as he did on the Mount, a precursor to this coming event, and they will become the "Bride", literally the "Great Warrior Bride" for the "Final Battle", possessing the "Power to Curse" and the "Power to Bless"... and the Great Spiritual War shall at that moment come to Earth and the Fallen Seraphim that have been held in reserve since the beginning of time shall be unleashed upon the Earth. The Righteous Warriors will rise as Ezekiel's "exceedingly great army" from the Valley of Dead Bones, being the dead Church, today. Below is information on the demonic 11:11... “11:11 ASCENSION CODE” OF “THE ONE”: ANTICHRIST The dual number 11:11 literally translates into the compound magnification of “disintegration : disintegration”, and has everything to do with the “falling away of the church”, its “disintegration”, and the revealing of the “man of perdition”. 11:11 is a “frequency ascension code”, a recurrent demonic phenomenon that is part of a diabolical agenda orchestrated by Satan and the Nephilim (Fallen Angels and the Demonic Nature). 11:11 is an End Time deception that serves to systematically and methodically “program” the minds of targeted “receivers” with the “ascension binary frequency” and to subsequently “trigger” the code in the future within the mentally programmed “initiates” to willfully surrender and accept the “World Master” (Antichrist). 11:11 has utterly nothing to do with the God of the Bible, Christ Jesus, or the Holy Spirit; it is a satanic apparatus. Seeing this number 11:11 in seemingly coincidental repetition pattern, appearing as a spiritual overture towards you, means that you have been “targeted” by Fallen Angels to be “conditioned” by the frequency ascension code. It is to be immediately rebuked in the Name and Blood of Christ Jesus our Lord, for it is the “delusion” that Christ spoke of that if it were possible God’s elect shall be deceived. The following supportive research is from the “Grailcode” site (THE ANTICHRIST REVEALED 2012… Bible Prophecy & Occult Research - Knights Templar - Holy Grail War Code - Revelation - Prince William…): http://www.grailcode.net/ Following is the Nostradamus quatrain New Agers hinge the celestial attunement of the “One” (Antichrist), which occurred during the total solar eclipse of August 11 (Eleven), 1999: ”In the year 1999 after Seven full months From the sky will come the Great King of Terror who will bring back the Great King of Angolmois Before and after this, shall Mars reign supreme” -Century X Quatrain 72 The 1999 Solar Eclipse, King Arthur, 11:11 and the Antichrist New Age gurus and metaphysical preachers of late have been telling their ignorant sheep to look for and meditate on the numerical phenomena of 11:11. One of these self-inflated sages who goes by the solar name "Solara" informs us that "11:11 has long been our preordained signal that our time of earthly completion is near. There is no turning back as it is our key to unlock the portal of Ascension. As the 11:11 is activated, the seventh star is made manifest and the Dove returns. What we are called to do is quickly take our positions within the Body of the Dove. This must be done in a state of full surrender and total commitment to the One. For we are being called to serve a far greater purpose than any of us could achieve on our own. This is deeper, more vast and more profound than anything we can yet imagine." As you can clearly determine by her own words, something very cult-like and strange is going on in the New Age world. They are fully expecting 'The One' (their coming New Age Messiah figure) to arrive shortly after the year 2012, of whom they are to willingly "surrender" themselves to him, without hesitation, to join him in whatever he does. The code 11:11, in their own words, is to awaken them as it is an Ascension number, his Ascension number, and they already see themselves as joining into his body, which interestingly enough, is represented by the Dove, the symbol of peace, which is exactly what the Scriptures warn of the Antichrist and his main deception at quickly obtaining the entire world under his radical ideas for a global peace initiative. Now, to the Satanist, 11:11 is coded language to convey the 'Age of Aquarius,' another coded term which is to represent the time when the entire world will be under the Antichrist's rule. The Necronomicon refers to the spirit of Antichrist rising up from its ancient abyss to possess the one who would become his Son and reign as a World King. 11:11 therefore represents the coming Antichrist and his ascension. That said, perhaps the actual interpretation of the Quatrain about a King of Terror coming from the sky above, bringing forth the "King of Angolmois" from below was too easily overlooked. While everyone at that time searched for the most obvious thing falling from the sky in July 1999, perhaps it was actually a more subtle event going on with the Sun and its effect on earth which should have been investigated. This "fourth Stargate" opened on the morning of August 11, 1999 at precisely 11:11 am [GMT; London time] in the already blackening skies over England, when a dark shadow from the 'last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium' first cast itself upon earth over Tintagel, Cornwall in England. Now, this would mean very little to anyone if it weren't for a few things. First, the Solar Eclipse itself is a powerfully wrought and ancient occult portent relating directly to the omen of Satan's Antichrist. Second, 11:11 is Satanic numberology relating directly to Antichrist himself. Third, and perhaps most interesting of all is where this shadow of the Eclipse was first cast upon earth that morning of August 11th, at Tintagel, birthplace of King Arthur, at precisely 11:11am GMT. Consider also the Grand Cross Alignment appearing exactly one week later on August 18 1999 in the skies over Britain within the astrological signs of the Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Aquarius/Man. Take careful notice, as those are the same four (1+1+1+1) Holy Beasts of Revelation (see Rev. 4:7), pre-cursors to the four horseman of the Apocalypse, who pour out Hell on earth. The actual Cross shape itself formed was an equal sided 'Celtic Cross,' the Solar Cross of Britain at the time of King Arthur and found everywhere throughout the ancient British isles. Many in the occult attribute this cross to not being a Christian symbol at all, yet a very ancient pagan rune of their Sun God. Others have likened Grand Cross Alignment to an imperfect 'crooked cross' or Solar Swastika, therefore relating it to the Antichrist. The reference to Mars reigning supreme before and after the 1999 event alludes to the fact that in both 1988 and 2003, Mars was closer to earth than ever before in modern history. In the occult, Mars being so near represents a sign of great change about to take place, catastrophe, upheaval, war, and in the ancient world, the Devil himself. Mars being this close is said to signal the time of Satan and his Antichrist King being chosen. Evidence is virtually everywhere, if you know where to look, and all signs point to centuries of British involvement being intertwined with the spirit world, hastening the end of the current age (Christ's Age of Pisces), to be replaced supernaturally by a new age (Satan's Age of Aquarius), and more than any other place in all of Britain, is (Arthur's Avalon) Glastonbury constantly referenced as being that place from which the entire world is to be transformed. This fact, is even seen 'built into' the English countryside itself, a puzzle unlocked by various methods of science, not least of which extends even beyond Britain, beyond earth. Recent research into the 19.5 degree/Mars connection relating to the planet Mars and its area known as Cydonia seems to reflect back to the same areas of Britain, where time and again, history meets the paranormal, as if some strange and otherworldly involvement has its hand in all of this from the very beginning. In summary, we have the 11:11 synchronicity and a Total Solar Eclipse directly relating to King Arthur's birthplace, connected to a celestial Celtic Cross, linked to the Apocalypse of Revelation and a future Antichrist King enigmatically called Angolmois, whose own ominous return is heralded by Mars (the Devil). Occult author and practicing Dianic new age witch, Kathy Doore, has stated "the August 1999 Cross in the heavens will form the Hebraic Tau which is the emblem of the Initiate who has triumphed over death. It also signifies the 22nd and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet denoting the end and perfection of the Kabbalistic Great Work, as well as the rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem, and the return of a Grail King." Another well known occult author, Joseph Mason, has stated: "The Tribes of Israel correspond directly with the Grand Cross Alignment that is cast over a people (the British) who are thought to have the Royal Blood of the Ancient Hebrew Kings." All in all, these celestial events on August 11, 1999 were many and clearly meant to be noticed, leaving no more question as to the meaning behind the now infamous Quatrain above about the 1999 Eclipse 'the Great King of Terror' (Satan) who comes to bring back the spirit of "King Angolmois," other than who or what is the Angolmois? (Note to reader: remember, to the Occult mindset, Satan is the Sun God; Diana is the Moon Goddess, and their union together is represented by the symbol of an Eclipse, which is the symbol for their offspring and magical child, the Antichrist. http://www.grailcode.net/


That's interesting, because everytime I look at the clock it's 9:11. It freaks me out! My best friend says it's always 11:34 everytime she looks at the clock. (that's spelled "hell" upside down) I can't believe there are more people out there that experience this. I wish I knew what it meant, other than it being an annoying coincidence.